Cardinals might not get much back if they trade Josh Rosen

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If the Cardinals decide to use the first pick in the 2019 NFL Draft on Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, then they clearly have a surplus first-round quarterback on their hands.

But if they decide to move 2018 first-rounder Josh Rosen, they probably won’t recoup anything resembling value for him.

Via Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America, the sense was that Arizona might not be floored by the offers for last year’s 10th overall pick.

“Probably a three,” one General Manager told King. “Not what the Cardinals would think his value is.”

Kurt Warner, who lives in Arizona and saw Rosen play last year, also said a third-round pick would be what he’d give for the former UCLA quarterback.

That would be a tough pill for the Cardinals to swallow, after giving up a third-rounder and a fifth-rounder (79th and 152nd overall) to move up from 15th to 10th to take Rosen less than a year ago.

Of course, there are a load of variables in there, including that the Cardinals may not want to sell low, keeping Rosen for just-in-case reasons (or simply to not tip their hand about their interest in taking Murray first overall). And there could be a team desperate for an answer at the position who may give more for a guy with 13 starts in a disastrous situation on the back of his football card. It only takes one team to make a desperate plunge, like the one the Cardinals made last year.

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  1. this would be such a Cardinals move… they have so many needs at so many positions so the idea of having 2 QBs and nothing else is pretty sad.

  2. Wasn’t he going to make all the teams who didn’t draft him pay for their mistake? Good times … good times.

  3. It will end up being a 2nd because there are too many teams and too few quarterbacks out there.

    Teams drafting or needing quarterbacks: (6) Arizona, NY Giants, Denver, Washington, Jacksonville, Miami

    Starters available in Draft / Free Agency: (5) Foles, Murray, Haskins, Lock, Jones

    Maybe you believe Washington on Colt McCoy, but that seems laughable. New England could be in on Rosen for the last pick in the 2nd round, but there is no pressing need. They’re better of waiting until next year when there will be fewer teams with absolute needs there. You’re looking at Tampa Bay who must be looking at Herbert.

  4. Watch out for the Patriots on this one. They park him for 2-3 years to study behind Brady. Would not shock me at all. Especially for a 3rd.

  5. There should never again be a mention of a “disastrous season on the back of his football card” for a rookie QB on a terrible team. We saw one that was worse in almost every statistical way by Jared Goff, and as we’ve seen since that meant all of jack squat.

  6. You been watching these Keim drafts? Furthermore, what’s the rush. Murray would be a huge mistake imo (fitting in with all of the others, but I digress), but having 2 young QBs and letting one rise to the top isn’t going to change this team’s trajectory. It worked out pretty well for San Diego just 12 years ago (even though they obviously picked the wrong guy). Who knows? Maybe Rosen comes in and plays well this year in some starts and you have a team desperate like Minnesota was two years ago to trade for Bradford after the Bridgewater injury.

  7. I’ll take the word of a HOFer. Rosen is nothing special. The thing that hurts Arizona is that Murray isn’t the top overall player in this draft. Kingsbury is in love with the kid though and will pass on some legit stud defensive players to take him. The Cardinals are the new Browns. Expect Murray to be back in baseball in 3 years because that franchise is self destructive. I just don’t see how he survives behind the worst offensive line in the NFL.

  8. Rosen is owed $6.5 million on his rookie contract and because of his top ten draft status his 5th year option will cost you about $23 million. With what they know now I can’t see anyone picking up his 5th year at that price.

    What’s a three year rental on Josh Rosen worth in terms of draft picks?

  9. If teh Cards draft a QB (Murray) will he be ready to play from day 1?
    Wouldn’t it be better to start with Rosen and see how he does?
    If he’s bad, then switch to Murray at the half way point.
    If Rosen plays well, you can get more for him in a trade.

    How does Steve Keim (Cards GM) keep his job?

  10. padraighansen says:
    March 4, 2019 at 10:00 am

    GB trades it’s 2 first rounders plus Kizer to AZ for the #1 overall & Rosen. Let him sit behind Rodgers, GB grabs Bosa, AZ gets more picks


    The Cardinals GM Keim would be fired on the spot if he made that trade. They could even keep Rosen in your trade scenario and Keim would still be fired…

  11. So what? As a Browns fan, I’ll tell you that I’d have been willing to sacrifice every draft for 4 consecutive years if it meant finally finding that franchise guy — like we finally did with Baker. Don’t make a bad move and stick with a QB who isn’t your future just because you put a lot of draft stock into him. Look at Carolina as a good model. They made the smart move to give up on Clausen after only one year. Basically sacrificed the #33 pick. I’m betting they are happy about that move today.

  12. Dumpster fire franchise only has 3 assets, they should trade them all. Draft Murray, trade Rosen, Peterson and Jones for whatever picks they can get. Maybe they can be a 500 team in 5 years or so.

  13. @SwaggyD. except your logic is wrong. The Browns are not better because of just Baker. Because they’ve been bad for so long, they’ve had some of the highest draft picks and hauled in so many fantastic players through the draft including Myles Garrett, Denzel Ward, Emmanuel Ogbah, Larry Ogunjobi, etc. The Browns did not “trade away everyone” to get Baker.

  14. I would not put it past Belichick to give up a one and a three plus a player for Rosen if he believes Rosen is his next QB.

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