Chris Simms Unbuttoned debuts today

Getty Images

When Chris Simms first joined PFT Live, I was leery of his laissez-faire ways. In the 18 months since then, Simms has become a key member of the family and a good friend (most of the time). And so he has said farewell to Bleacher Report and hello to NBC Sports on a full-time basis.

Today is the day that Simms officially joins NBC Sports exclusively. Which means, among other things, that he’ll have four co-hosting stints per week on PFT Live. He’ll also have his own digital show, ironically dubbed Chris Simms Unbuttoned. (I actually found a photo of Simms without his top button buttoned. It must have popped off.)

New episodes will appear two or three times per week, with Simms joined by a rotating cast of co-hosts, including our good friend Paul Burmeister and new NBC Sports arrival Ahmed Fareed. (From time to time, you may see or hear me, if Chris ever invites me on the show.)

The debut comes later today, with Chris and Ahmed. Included will be last week’s sit-down between 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan and Simms.

Check it out here, and add it to your rotation of NFL offerings from  PFT Live and #PFTPM.