“Country boy” Ed Oliver is used working against larger animals

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In a football context, Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver has long been described as a stud.

But in the world he grew up in, that takes on a whole different meaning, one he was happy to discuss at the Scouting Combine.

Via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Oliver described himself as a “country boy” and talked at length about growing up around animals, which he said served him well when he started playing football.

“[That’s] why I’m able to go up [against] 6-5 and 300-pound guys,” Oliver said. “It’s a walk in the park. You fight with a 1,000-pound animal, I ain’t worrying about no 300 pounds.”

Oliver grew up in Houston, and said he fell in love with horses when he saw a man riding one down the street. So being around large animals never fazed him.

“I said, ‘Hey daddy, I want a horse,’” Oliver said. “Him growing up in the country, horses are not foreign to him. Probably about a month passed, and I had a horse. The first horse was named Caledonia and I loved that horse, and he got me another horse named Oreo. I got into riding Oreo, and I swear, that horse tried to kill me a couple of times.”

Now that he’s on the cusp of making life-changing money as a high first-round pick, Oliver said he hopes to turn his lifelong love of livestock into a future business.

“I don’t think I’m getting into like horse racing or nothing like that,” he said. “But I will have a barn with some horses in there with some stock there. Maybe some cows, you never know. I’ve never been a cow guy, but they got bulls that you can sell their semen and make a lot of money like that.

“No, for real. Get you a Wagyu bull, you make a little money.”

We now return you to your previously scheduled breakfast.

9 responses to ““Country boy” Ed Oliver is used working against larger animals

  1. Did he just say “bull semen”? I understand what he’s talking about but that’s definitely one of those things I never thought I’d hear someone say at the Combine

  2. Oliver rules, if someone snags Quinnen Williams before the Raiders at #4, I hope they grab Ed.

  3. I hate that the dumb “character concern” narrative dropped on this guy due to Major Applewhite who was fired by Houston at the end of the year. Anybody who has played football knows if your coach told you that you had to sit in freezing weather without a jacket because you got injured, and it’s your fault that you got injured you’re going to be pretty mad, livid in fact. This kid is a generational talent go watch the tape, if I am the Jets I am trading back for Ed Oliver.

  4. I really really like DT Ed Oliver and am high on this kids potential. Oliver could be an absolute beast of an interior pass rusher playing 3 technique up the middle n can rush from the nose position to. People make a big deal over his size saying he is to small, he is very similar in size and stature as Aaron Donald is actually a little bigger with a lot of the same explosive traits that Donald has as Oliver with his elite speed/quickness and explosion off the snaps gets under guys pads and it is over and at Olivers size with his quickness he is hard for these big boys to stay in front of and get there hands on.
    I would not be surprised at all to see Oliver become a dominant force in the NFL averaging 7-10 sacks per season. With AZ almost guaranteed to take DE Nick Bosa pairing him up w/ Chandler Jones even with the other needs my Cardinals have I cannot say i’d be mad if DT Ed Oliver started sliding toward the bottom of RD1 and AZ’s GM ended up moving up 2-3-4 spots to ensure they land him. Ed Oliver I believe is going to be a beast in the NFL and will make whomever ends up drafting him very glad that they did. There is only 1 Aaron Donald but Oliver has a lot of similarities to him and while I dont expect Oliver to be Donald level dominant I think Oliver will be a Pro-Bowl caliber DT.

  5. He also faced weaker competition. May not look as dominant in NFL.

  6. Meh, the Pats also face weaker competition during the regular season when they play the AFC Least. They usually turn out okay.

  7. Big men that move that fast are usually explosive players. I don’t follow college football so I’ve never seen him play but 40 times for DTs aren’t completely meaningless.

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