Cowboys franchising DeMarcus Lawrence

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In what comes as no surprise, the Cowboys have informed defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence they are using the franchise tag on him, via multiple reports.

The team is “not close” on a new deal for Lawrence, so the $20.56 million tag buys them time to negotiate and keeps him from becoming a free agent. They have until July 15 to get a long-term deal completed.

Lawrence has said he will not play a second consecutive season under the franchise tag. In fact, he is delaying shoulder surgery until getting a long-term deal.

Coach Jason Garrett confirmed last week Lawrence has not undergone surgery.

The Cowboys have a history of getting deals done they want to get done, although Dez Bryant’s came down to the 11th hour in 2015.

31 responses to “Cowboys franchising DeMarcus Lawrence

  1. The question is “What does the player want” vs “What does the team want to pay”

    We don’t know the details so it’s hard to take sides. DL is an excellent player and should be well paid. Should he be paid like Aaron Donald or Khalil Mack? I don’t know about that.

  2. Stop being cheap Jerry, open up your purse and pay the man Aaron Donald money or else he won’t have the shoulder surgery he needs. $20 million is alot of money to pay somebody on IR once the season starts! Drama in the big Dallas!!

  3. ericn42000 says:
    March 4, 2019 at 4:31 pm
    Pay tank what he deserves he’s been a beast on the field last few years


    So you are okay with paying him 2 million per sack and 500K per tackle. And he’s refusing to have needed shoulder surgery.

  4. Lawrence will start the negotiations at $45 million guaranteed, so I would think his agent will be looking for something in the 5 year, $90 million range, with a $20 million signing bonus, $5 million roster bonus this year and next, plus a base salary off about $6 million for year 1 and 9 million in year 2, all of that will be guaranteed ($45 million). He’ll have $14 million in year 3, $15 million in year 4 and $16 million in year 5. The cap hits will be year 1 $15 million, year 2 $18 million, year 3 $18 million, year 4 $19 million and year 5 $20 million. There regret will set in somewhere around the middle of year 2!!!

  5. It’s certainly his right to seek as much money as he can possibly get, but I hope also keeps in mind that the team stuck with him through some pretty meager times on his end, and probably showed more patience with him than most teams would. He might be just another guy out of football today if the Cowboys hadn’t taken multiple leaps of faith with him along the way.

    I don’t say that out of sympathy for Jerry Jones, rather, Lawrence may want to think about how a max contract could prevent the team from giving the kind of chances he got to another player coming up after him.

    “Not my problem”, say the selfish players and fans. But too much of that is going to turn this into a league that everyone’s disgusted with and has no motivation to follow.

  6. Lawrence should learn from Kirk Cousins.

    Run and sign the 20 M one-year deal. It will guarantee true competitive bidding next season, and is a nice piece of change to put it mildly.

    Also, even if his needed surgery is minor, it could jeopardize a free agent deal this year.

  7. The Cowboys want to pay him Oliver Vernon/Von Miller money (16-18 mil) per year. He and his agent want Aaron Donald/ Kalil Mack money (23+ mil) a year. My thinking is the Cowboys are closer to the right side of this and he signs for 20 mill for five years. About 60 guaranteed.

  8. Nearly every team with an elite rusher tagged the player today. They are all waiting for someone else to set the market. No agent wants to be first to have his player signed because that contract will become the starting point for everyone else’s negotiation.

  9. Remember back when you had favorite players and their cards and you watched every Sunday and cheered for your favorite team? I miss that football.

  10. He lost me when he said he was not going to physically prepare himself to play the game until he personally gets a new deal. Cut him.

  11. He should sign his 2nd franchise tag then tell Jerry he wants $25 million a year for 4 years and $100 million fully guaranteed, he either walks next year or gets the 3rd tag at like $25 to $30 mill. Similar to Cousins and Bell nothing good happens for the team after repeated tags, probably could have signed for about $18 to $19 last year but Jerry wants to low ball him.

  12. iwilltellyounow says:
    March 4, 2019 at 7:12 pm
    Trade him for the highest draft pick they can get and draft his replacement
    I agree, but considering how many swings and misses Dallas has had recently with pass rushers, I don’t blame them for holding on to him.

  13. Teams should be barred from franchising the same player two years in a row. It stinks.

  14. @ iwilltellyounow says:

    “I agree, but considering how many swings and misses Dallas has had recently with pass rushers, I don’t blame them for holding on to him.”

    The Cowboys were thought to have reached on Lawrence as an early 2nd rd pick – haters conveniently forget that fact. Charlton hasn’t really shown either way if he is going to fail or succeed as of yet. Gregory and David Irving dug their own graves. Crawford has been solid, but not spectacular (he has played above his 3rd rd pick status), and Dorance Armstrong has the potential to be a very good player, and I think he starts to show it this season.

    With all of that said, this is a D-lime heavy draft, and Dallas could really get good value in rd 2, 3, and maybe even rd 4 on an edge rusher. They could also pick up a solid FA DE and save themselves a lot of money with production that likely won’t be that far off. Besides, they have Elliott, Prescott, and Cooper that all need to have new contracts in the near future.

    I feel like Dallas will trade Lawrence if they can’t get a long-term deal done with him. $20 million for anywhere from 10-15 sacks is just a bit too expensive, don’t you think? He can defend against the run as well, but an edge rusher getting paid $20 + million is too rich for this Cowboys fan. I like him as a player, but not at that price.

    I see the Cowboys trading him (if they can’t work out a reasonable long-term deal) and drafting a DE and DT, as well as acquiring a FA DE is the better option financially.
    3 D-line players for much less than the cost of Lawrence under the 1 year tag is worth it, IMO. Dallas should field all trade offers for Lawrence and pull the trigger if it makes sense.

  15. @ russrpm says:

    “Nearly every team with an elite rusher tagged the player today. They are all waiting for someone else to set the market. No agent wants to be first to have his player signed because that contract will become the starting point for everyone else’s negotiation.”

    Khalil Mack already set the market at 6 years, $141 million, $90 million guaranteed. Dallas knows what they are in for with Lawrence, but he isn’t the player Mack is, IMO. He isn’t far off, but he still isn’t worth $20 + million a year under the tag, and Dallas will likely have to come close to Mack’s contract to keep Lawrence. I say trade him, draft a DE, DT, and also bring in a solid FA DE to take his place.

  16. I don’t understand why players hate the tag so much. Fully guaranteed from the moment you sign, and you get to hit free agency, or get another year of big money also fully guaranteed.

  17. There should be a sort of “soft cap” so teams can pay players that they draft and develop money they deserve. Why punish a team for drafting well?

  18. Not getting shoulder surgery until he gets a new contract is VERY selfish on his part & they should not give in to his crazy demands. He is a good player and a leader but if you give him big bucks then how are you going to sign all those other dudes like Dak, Zeke, Amari, Byron Jones etc.

  19. For the folks unaware, applying the franchise tag allows the Cowboys to ‘keep’ Lawrence for another year, allowing them to continue to negotiate a long term deal. Otherwise, Lawrence would become an unrestricted free agent. The Cowboys would lose a key player just like that. If Lawrence wants a contract, he should sign what they’ve offered. Otherwise, take the guaranteed money the franchise tag offers. Kirk Cousins was happy to do this, and because so, may be one of the highest compensated quarterbacks in the past decade.
    Both sides should be motivated to strike a deal, as it allows the Cowboys to secure the player, and spread his compensation over the life of the contract. For the player, they get the guaranteed money they seek, and “security” they desire. Otherwise, its a one year deal, it is a tremendous cap hit, no security, no future guarantees.

  20. Trade D-Law. The money saved you can draft a FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK (or at the very least sign Nick Foles) then steal Sean Payton from the Saints……this will get Cowboy Nation closer to a Super Bowl.
    Dak aint takin ya to a Super Bowl.

  21. I get that players want “their” money, but how many $12m+ players can a single team have? With Dak, Zeke, Cooper, and that O-line all needing to re-sign in the next year or 2, is Dallas really going to pay all of these people? If so, the rest of the team will be made up of high school players…good luck with that.

  22. I like Lawrence, but at what cost? Right now he the best and most reliable DE the Cowboys have. I’m not sure what that says about the Cowboys DL. Lawrence is not an Donald, Mack, Miller, etc. who can take over a game. Lawrence is a valuable piece in what Dallas has. This is probably headed to money versus team value thing. Both Lawrence and the Cowboys may have to give a little to work out something.

    If something can’t be worked out, then Dallas need to trade Lawrence for a high draft pick, or a package of players. There are some really good DL in this draft. Crawford could be moved back to DE. There are a lot of possibilities. The Cowboys have options if they can’t sign Lawrence.

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