Dwayne Allen already has four visits for this week

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The Patriots want to re-sign tight end Dwayne Allen to a lower salary, but they may never get that chance.

Not long after the Patriots made the release of Allen official, four teams lined up visits with Allen for later this week, a source told PFT.

Allen, 29, played 13 games, with eight starts, and made only three catches for 27 yards in 2018 while being used primarily as a blocker. In two seasons with New England, Allen made 13 catches for 113 yards and a touchdown.

In 2018, Allen played 365 snaps on offense — 32.6 percent — and 80 snaps on special teams.

He was a salary-cap casualty, with his release saving the Patriots $7.3 million on their 2019 cap.

13 responses to “Dwayne Allen already has four visits for this week

  1. Oh now, how will they replace those 3 catches?

    If they put a big OL in there he could have blocked just as well or better and probably also pulled in 3 catches.

  2. Signing a 2nd teamer who can`t catch discard from Patriots won`t win a Superbowl. But there are always sucker GM`s.

  3. I think he already took a pay cut once. Good for him if he gets more money. I think other teams are salivating to get players the Pats can’t afford. It will be fun to see how much other teams will lavish on these players.

  4. AWESOME BLOCKER….. that was his job & he did it very well…. he just didn’t seem to be close to on the same page as Brady in the passing game……
    Pats already have his replacement on the team if he goes elsewhere in Ryan Izzo….. he’s supposed to be a great blocker but can also catch too, just not like an all around TE like Gronkowski is…..

  5. We are doomed at TE unless we get one or both of the Iowa guys. Gronk is done, just a name guy. Allen was our best TE and the biggest reason the power run game worked. Brady doesn’t have it any more and we need to focus on the power game to survive.

  6. The guy was instrumental in turning the Patriots from a finesse team into the league’s best smashmouth team.

    Of course they’d want to keep him – but at a level commensurate with a blocking TE. What’s that – 2 mil a year max? Why would any team pay him more than that?

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