Jon Gruden: Don’t expand replay, eliminate it

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All these years after the Tuck Rule, Jon Gruden still hates instant replay.

Gruden, the Raiders coach for the Tuck Rule game that launched the Patriots dynasty and the Raiders coach again now, said he still doesn’t like replay and would rather get rid of it than expand it to include pass interference and other plays it currently doesn’t cover.

“I don’t have any interest in expanding replay. I have a strong interest in eliminating replay,” Gruden said, via Peter King in Football Morning in America.

Gruden will never get his wish of the NFL getting rid of replay entirely, but he may get his wish of not expanding it. There currently does not seem to be 24 teams willing to change the replay rules.

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  1. Actually, eliminating it would be better than the status quo. It’s got to be one or the other: Expand it to fix obvious errors we all see with our own two eyes, or get rid of it. The middle ground is purgatory.

  2. They don’t want to expand it until there team is affected in a big game. I’d actually rather just give the teams the ability to challenge any two calls in the game. Use your two challenges poorly, oh well.

  3. Nope. Seen some huge calls rectified by replay. It’s not always perfect but nothing is. Officials are not perfect, neither are all of us armchair fans. I doubt I could get half the calls correct in real time at game speed.

  4. Ah, yes. Eliminate replay, so that the refs can single-handedly butcher games all the more without the extra insight of replay video. Ask the 1979 Houston Oilers how they feel about no replay video.

  5. Yeah that makes perfect sense, let’s ignore that replay exists and everyone watching the game sees it. Maybe we could go back to black & white CRT TV and leather helmets while we’re at it.

  6. I agree with him. It’s a joke now. Refs are part of the game. Gamblers and the media control things.

  7. All instant replay does is cause long delays during games. Look at how long some of the replay reviews took last year. And they sometimes STILL got the calls wrong, even after looking at the replay! I would be very happy if it was eliminated from the game.

  8. The problem is you can’t eliminate the millions of dvrs that people have at home to do their own replays so bad calls will not go away

  9. “Use your two challenges poorly, oh well.”

    This has always been the logical answer. Give the coaches a few challenges (debate among yourselves how many would be fair) and THEY decide when to use them and on what. Keeping the automatic reviews in the final couple minutes would also be fine but the coaches should have the right to challenge anything at any time as long as they haven’t ran out of challenges. If they don’t feel like throwing the red flag it doesn’t matter if the call was right or wrong–it was their choice to let it go.

  10. I like how the AAF is doing replay. Have the replay official LIVE on TV analyzing the play for all to see and hear. Accountability like that will reduce errors and at least give the viewers less to gripe about because we’ll at least understand the reasoning.

  11. I love this train of thought. I enjoy the human error aspect of the game, even though as a Lions fan it generally never goes in our favor. Gameflow with replay is utter garbage. I’d be fine with reviewing scoring plays only and leaving the rest up to the refs.

  12. Loving these comments today and I am inclined to agree. 15 minutes of play in 3 hours…sorry just because we have HDTV and 4K which means we can question everything down to an actor’s skin quality doesn’t mean we should. Good with the idea of 2 per game, no matter what. Seems like a good compromise.

    But Gruden’s opinion, matters less to me than, well, anyone in the NFL.

  13. Try watching some of the games from the non-replay era (they’re are some out on YouTube). They are bursting with blown calls, and are borderline un-watchable. Replay in all it’s flaws, is saving the game.

  14. Whatever changes are made, rules are modified or current process is scrapped, the Patriots will benefit from a call under the new rules in the upcoming season and everyone here will be apoplectic.

  15. Replay only works if it’s consistent. Aside from the human factor there is also the “big game” factor. Regional broadcasts don’t have as many cameras as Sunday night football which makes replay in those “lesser” games less effective.

    The 1st thing the NFL needs to do is either mandate the number of cameras and location of the cameras that can be used for review so the system uniform across all games OR install their own replay cameras.

    The 2nd thing they need is a hard stop after 2 minutes which can be easily accomplished by eliminating frame by frame and digitally enhanced replay. If you can’t change the call after seeing it at 1/2 or maybe even 1/4 speed then the call stands.

    The REAL problem is necessarily replay, but the RULES.

  16. Yep. Blown calls are annoying, but they tend to balance themselves out.

    Replay causes an unnecessary delay where you can’t celebrate or lament a play until 5 minutes later. That is worse than the blown call

  17. In this age of legalized sports gambling, you cannot eliminate replay for fear that someone on the field might be intentionally calling the game in a desired direction. Refs are not paid like coaches or players, and, as we learned with the NBA, they can be swayed. Replay may never be perfect, but it is needed to keep the game of football as fair as possible.

  18. Should get unlimited & expanded replay calls until you lose 2. NFL should have 2-3 refs sitting in NY office every Sunday in front of monitors on speed dial. No reason can’t make ruling in under 1 minute.

  19. for one of the few times in my life, I agree with Gruden…expand review and the inevitable 4 hour game is on our horizon and the losing team and its fans will still find something to whine about…more advertising dollars for the NFL…enjoy…

  20. Actually the best option may be to go down to 1 replay per team each game.

    Each team gets one replay (not connected to your timeouts). Challenge anything you want, no limitations. If you only have one , coaches are going to save it for plays that will actually make a difference in the game.

  21. It’s never been perfect and it never will. Nothing is perfect. Just like auto safety. Seat belts, air bags, better tires, better suspension, etc. Cars are way, way safer than they used to be, but people still lose lives. I’ll take today’s cars and the current NFL replay system over what we had 20 years ago. I guess we could all stop driving cars. I guess we could stop every play and examine it for 15 minutes. Nothing else in the world is perfect. Why does football need to be? I mean, if you’re just looking to bash the NFL, go for it.

  22. harrisonhits2 says: “The problem is you can’t eliminate the millions of dvrs that people have at home to do their own replays so bad calls will not go away”

    Ban tv networks from using zoomed-up, instant replay that go frame-by-frame from 5 different angles.

    In fact, any replay should be at game speed only. And seriously, most fans are too lazy to check a particular play on their DVRs.

  23. The only way that works is if replay is eliminated completely. for everyone. You can’t have a game where things happen frequently that make no sense when seen on replay as compared to the call on the field. Eliminating replay would be the death knell.

  24. If replay corrects 1 wrong it’s worth it. There’s no need to expand it. The Saint’s suffered a blown human error call along with many other teams over the decades. Replay touchdowns, turnovers, inbounds, out of bounds and line of scrimmage. No need to regress now!!

  25. So if the League eliminates replay, are they also going to prevent broadcasters and stadiums from re-showing plays? No, they can’t do that and that’s why this could never, ever work. Just imagine a stadium full of fans and millions watching on TV who can see an obvious blown call that can’t be overturned. It would never fly because fans would complain and the NFL would be afraid of losing $$$. And don’t forget gambling, which is now legal in some places and expanding. If there’s no replay there would be great suspicion about whether refs might be purposely throwing games–and who knows, it might even happen.

  26. That makes 2 of us Jon. Yes, the calls on the field are unfair but so are the review decisions, not to mention what can and can’t be reviewed and when you can and cannot challenge.

    I’d rather live with the mistakes

  27. Eliminate it or move to a college type system where obviously bad calls are reviewed in the booth and changed rather than this BS red flag stupidity, the consultation on the sidelines with the ref and coach, then they all run to the other end of the stadium, go into a little tent and come back 6 minutes later and still screw it up.

    I am for elimination.

  28. Replay isn’t the problem, the delay caused by the replay system and the rules about what is and isn’t challengable are the problem. He’re the fix, for free even!
    1) Put the head ref in a both with a couple of assistants (I’m sure the NFL can find the spare change to afford this) and let him change anything and/or throw flags that were missed on the field. Every single person on this site can see missed calls or bad calls in seconds. There is no reason why someone in the booth can’t review every play before the ball is set. If there is something that needs more time then you pause for TV timeouts and come back with the result of the play. If he sees a missed hold or a wrongly called hold it will be changed when we come back from commercial. The game wouldn’t be longer because they have to run the commercials anyway, now you can run them strategically.
    2) Coaches can call for a review on anything they want providing they have one timeout left. If they are wrong on the challenge they lose the timeout and cannot challenge again. This should also include missed or non-calls.
    3) Anyone who argues that human error is part of the game or you can’t have an eye in the sky because it might hurt the on-field ref’s confidence can go pound it.

  29. Full transparency or nothing.

    Tuck Rule, Immaculate Deception, yada, yada, yada…

    The Raiders have been hosed, more often than not.

  30. Coaches get one challenge per half – use it or lose it. Booth review for anything in the final two minutes of each half.

  31. Interesting he wants to do this as they are moving to Las Vegas. Easier to fix the outcomes of a game when there is no replay…

  32. You guys have better DVRs than mine…Mine cant even Slow – mo, properly. Give each coach two replay challenges per half for any type of play…Refs miss lots of plays, all the time, no matter whats called or reviewed

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