Matt Rhule: Really cool interviewing with Jets, but no regrets about staying put

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Baylor head coach Matt Rhule was close to becoming Jets head coach Matt Rhule earlier this year, but talks with the team never got over the finish line because of a disagreement about the makeup of Rhule’s coaching staff.

Rhule spoke with Peter King last week and said that the experience of interviewing will make him a better coach because it “refines your own philosophy when you go back to your job.” He also said that he wasn’t left with any regrets about how things wound up.

“No, not at all,” Rhule said, via Football Morning in America. “I’m great. I have a great job. That’s been the one thing … I wasn’t out trying to get a job. We’re building a football program that was in a bad place. I’ll look back someday and say, ‘Hey, we did something good from a human perspective. We’ve made a change in the world for the better.’ And we have a chance to win. I’m in a great place for football. It was really cool being a guy who spent his childhood in New York, huge sports fan, used to go to Knicks and Mets games all the time, to go through that process with the Jets. Good people. Very cool experience.”

Rhule’s name came up in conjunction with the Colts job in 2018, so there’s a good chance he’ll get other looks if he can win at Baylor. Even if he doesn’t, Kliff Kingsbury showed this year that failing to win in college isn’t guaranteed to disqualify you from taking the next step up the coaching ladder.

5 responses to “Matt Rhule: Really cool interviewing with Jets, but no regrets about staying put

  1. Good never wanted this guy. Not sure what the fuss is about his programs still suck. He made bad teams into ahh okay teams still with bad records. Plus no staff that would work in nfl. He would have been fired halfway through the season

  2. Rhule is smart, and he can be very picky. He’s one of the best coaches out there, if not the best. The best coaching jobs aren’t necessarily NFL jobs either. I also wouldn’t mind seeing him stay at Baylor, if the money’s right, and putting them on the map. Clemson wasn’t a great team just a short while ago.

  3. @jets2469

    Rhule doesn’t “suck” necessarily I just don’t believe he is ready yet. I don’t see how his leadership style at Temple/Baylor would work in an NFL locker room it would be like Pete Carroll’s first go around, but he has plenty of time.

    Can someone tell me why the major outlets believed the Jets were trying to force this guy with assistant coaches? he disproves it in this article and goes out of his way to praise the Jets front office.

  4. Rhule was doing — and saying — all the right things at Temple. And he was building a perennially losing program into a strong one. Had he stayed for about four / five years and continued that work, Temple would have doubtless been a force to be reckoned with each and every year. They were on their way up under him. He could have written his own ticket to the NFL, because there are few things a college coach could do that would be more impressive than staying loyal to a weak sister program like that, with no recruitment attractions except the coach, and turning it around.

    But he got greedy, was wowed by Baylor’s high-profile big name. There, the expectations are different; even though it was a mess when he got there, the road was paved for a turnaround. Sanctions were light. And Baylor is supposed to win; they should be in the market for top recruits. It’ll be less impressive if he turns around a team with a high-profile tradition like Baylor’s. And yet, he’s not winning games there.

    If he really has NFL ambition, he’ll have to do more than what he has done so far, which is place more emphasis on the climb to the nfl than the actual coaching part.

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