Report: Cowboys in talks to play Rams in Hawaii preseason game

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The Rams announced last November that they planned to play a preseason game in Honolulu this summer and more details of that game are coming into place. reports that the Cowboys are in talks to play the Rams in that game and that the target date for the matchup is August 17.

Given the logistics of the trip, it would make sense for the two teams to travel ahead of time and practice together leading up to the game. Per the report, there is “some reluctance” to do that because they will be playing in Dallas during the regular season but it’s not expected to get in the way of setting up the game.

The game would be held at Aloha Stadium, which was regularly the host of the Pro Bowl before moving to Orlando after the 2015 contest and last hosted a preseason game in 1976.

6 responses to “Report: Cowboys in talks to play Rams in Hawaii preseason game

  1. Nothing like interrupting valuable training camp practice to travel to play an exhibition game. And somehow this coupled with the news that soon to be 37 year old Witten has been signed off of the retirement list and Dlaw’s contract is nowhere near finished, is going to convince Cowboys fans that Jerry is going all in for the superbowl? I’m not convinced.

  2. They won’t leave the beaches in SoCal to watch either L.A. team during the regular season. Who in the heck would leave a beach in Hawaii to watch a preseason game? Sheesh…..

  3. For the record, the Cowboys have made offers to D. Lawrence and D. Prescott this offseason. Both players have elected not to sign and continue negotiations, bargaining for more dollars. So don’t place the blame fully on Dallas for not having a deal with Lawrence yet. It takes two.

  4. I don’t understand…I thought the NFL was concerned about the Alhoa structure?…it’s rusting out and that was one of the reasons they moved the PRO BOWL to Orlando? If the stadium is in fact usable, than the NFL should at least move the all-star game back there.

  5. I lived on Oahu for three years. I figured they would all be fans of Cali teams but it was totally Cowboys country.

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