Report: Dolphins want Minkah Fitzpatrick to play safety long-term

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Dolphins defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick said late last year that he’d like to know whether the team is going to be playing him at cornerback or safety after seeing time at both spots during his rookie season.

Fitzpatrick said that his offseason preparations would be different based on the answer to that question. He said he’d play at a lighter weight as a cornerback than a safety, but the team’s ultimate answer reportedly isn’t based solely on what they want to get from Fitzpatrick.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that the team sees Fitzpatrick as a safety over the long term, but the contracts of Reshad Jones and T.J. McDonald complicate the short-term plans in the secondary. Releasing either player as a pre-June 1 cut would not create any additional cap space while leaving dead money on the cap and designating them as post-June 1 cuts doesn’t create much space either.

That may not preclude a move this offseason as the Dolphins are widely believed to be using 2019 as the start to a rebuilding process that would include moving on from one or both of the veteran safeties at some point anyway. At this point, though, it’s uncertain how they’ll be proceeding.

6 responses to “Report: Dolphins want Minkah Fitzpatrick to play safety long-term

  1. I still find it amazing Miami could not utilize all 3 players at safety at once last year. McDonald has the skills to play a nickel LB, especially since Miami hasn’t had much talent in LB. I’m excited to see how Flores’ crew uses McDonald, Jones and Fitzpatrick…

  2. Hopefully, one of the CBs we do have will step up because we probably have too many holes to get a good CB from the draft. Hello, Tankersley, where have U been? GEEZE!! What happened to that guy?? Z e r o confidence…Lippett, somebody – put McCain in the Slot where he belongs! Add me to the club to move McDonald to LB…

  3. I got great feeling this is going to be good no matter what. I feel that Brian Flores has a great mind on how to use his players on both sides of the ball.He learned and studied Bill. He knows how to get the best out his players.The defense is going to be on point no matter who Flores put out there. Like he said for his system to work, he has to have intelligent players. He has to keep Rashad Jones, he’s not washed up. With Jones and Minkah Fitzpatrick and Xavien Howard in together because they had a year to play together that solidify the secondary. The next starting corner has to be a rookie that will fit Xavien Howard aggressive style of play, with his own sharp instinct,and speed being able to cover ground just in case he gets caught in man coverage by getting beat,but being able to recover.The foucus should mainly be on the defensive line and offense of line and linebackers. To me thats what the Dolphins should do. At wide out we got some,we just got to make sure they are healthy. All the patriots receivers are small, we got them, but ours are way faster and can take it to distance as soon as they touch the ball. All we need at Quarterback is a smart one with a stong arm and great mobility,no matter the complexion. If Bill can make Brady look good, then I know Brian Flores can make his QB look greater than Brady. So we don’t really need that much, just some good quality players on offense and some good ass backups.We have to be able to reload, if a situation happens to the starter. Well until then, lets see who they draft in the first round.

  4. He should have been free safety the whole time with Jones as SS and McCain as the slot corner. I never understood why that wasn’t the norm. When the dolphins sustain an injury they typically yank a person from another position to fill in and then fill in his position also. I guess the reasoning was the player was the best option but that means that two players are out of position and not gaining the experience in their primary role. That may be fine for older players short term but Fitz was a rookie, Get him experience in his main job before dumping him in other roles.

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