Report: Duke Johnson drawing trade interest

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After the Browns signed running back Kareem Hunt last month, General Manager John Dorsey was asked if the team would be looking to trade Duke Johnson to clear some space in a suddenly crowded running back group.

Dorsey said that Johnson was not “expendable yet,” but it appears that answer has not caused other teams to shy away from letting the Browns know of their interest. Mary Kay Cabot of reports that at least three teams spoke to the Browns at the Scouting Combine about a potential deal for Johnson.

Moving from interest to action might require more certainty about when Hunt will be able to play in a game for Cleveland. A suspension is expected to be handed down by the league office, but a league spokesman told Cabot that there is currently no timeline for a decision about how long a ban Hunt will face for the violent incidents that led to his release from the Chiefs and placement on the Commissioner Exempt list last year.

Johnson ran 40 times for 201 yards and caught 47 passes for 429 yards last year. He’s set to make $1.8 million in base salary in 2019.

8 responses to “Report: Duke Johnson drawing trade interest

  1. I don’t understand why Cleveland would move him. Hunt’s going to miss half the season at a minimum. Chubb is a studd, but he’s had knee injuries in his past. Even if Hunt was around, it’s not difficult to imagine an injury to Chubb or Hunt and then being down to 2 solid backs.

    Why hurt the team’s depth to save a few bucks when it could be the difference in fielding a quality run game or not.

  2. He’s not expendable yet because the Browns don’t use him as a running back. As you see with the stats he’s one of the best slot receivers in the league and as of right now the only returning receivers they have besides him are Landry and Calloway.

  3. When Hunt comes back… and he will, they will dump Duke for a 3rd rounder. Too many mouths to feed and he’s already shown he’ll complain if he doesn’t get the ball.

  4. Would like to see him in Minnesota. We really missed what McKinnon could do on 3rd downs and just as a change of pace in general, but he got PAID. 1.7 for Duke sounds like a bargain if they don’t have to cough up much draft capital.

  5. Duke has lost the fire a little.For years he was one of the few upset about losing (who else?…I can’t think of anyone). Last year,I can’t remember what game,he was running with the ball and pretty much let someone strip the ball from him (Higgins recovered it right way). For whatever reason he’s taken his foot off the gas.

  6. Only way to see any sense is trading would getting a 3rd round & then replacing him with Hurd from Baylor with a lower pick. Similar skill set but one is proven

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