Report: Jets expected to come away with Le’Veon Bell or Tevin Coleman

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The Jets might or might not be the favorites for Le'Veon Bell‘s landing spot, but they definitely are interested and will come out of free agency with a running back.

Connor Hughes of reports that the Jets have competition for Bell’s services from the Eagles and the Buccaneers. One agent well versed in the running back market told Hughes the Jets are “undeniably the favorite.”

If the Jets fail to land Bell, they will turn to Falcons running back Tevin Coleman, according to Hughes. The writer wrote that the Jets intend to land one of the big-name running backs when the dust settles.

Bell, who turned 27 last month, has more career touches with 1,541, though he did sit out the 2018 season. He also will cost more than Coleman. Coleman, who turns 26 next month, has 620 touches in his four seasons.

21 responses to “Report: Jets expected to come away with Le’Veon Bell or Tevin Coleman

  1. if the jets are smart go for COLEMAN
    CHEAPER, less injury prone and will not disappear when needed and has a chip on his shoulder

  2. A reporter who works for B/R named Connor Rogers who is actually very well connected with the Jets also said the Jets and other teams in on him are not going to be offering him what has been reported hence the Tevin Coleman pivot. It would be hilarious if the Jets stole Bell with a lower contract.

  3. I’m surprised the Eagles are in play. You would have thought they have learned after the Demarco Murray fiasco.

  4. I think the only offers Bell will be getting will be nowhere near what the Steelers had offered. And of course, as we know…he’d need to sign for a lot more than what they offered to ever make up for what he lost last year.

  5. Just say no to high priced, and high drafted running backs. I love Bell, love Gurley, love Barkley, but you can consistently get 80% of their production for 20% of the cost.

  6. I never thought the Bell would recoup the money he lost be sitting out last year. After all, who would open the vault for an oft injured, 2-time drug suspended RB? Only the Jets. They’ll probably bid against themselves and drive up the price.

  7. Bell at this point is not going to get anywhere close to where he wants to be the question is now will he sit out another season if he doesn’t get “the value” he deserves?

  8. The thing that worries me is Bell will probably begin to decline. He performed well with a good Oline, good receivers, and good QB. His production is boosted by that.

    Does he expect a 3 year fully guaranteed contract?
    Will he be elite when he’s almost 30?

    I can see overpaying for 2 years, but not a 3 year 45MM fully guaranteed contract.

  9. Something went wrong in Pittsburgh and I think it could start with Big Ben. Somehow, the team is loaded with selfish players that are more concerned about themselves than the team. There is a culture problem in the Pitt locker room. Me me me me me is all I see.

  10. Bell’s signing with Indianapolis, they can afford him and he fits they’re scheme, the Jets have to know this guy is a headache makes no sense to pay him 14mil with no expectations of winning.

  11. I would sign Coleman as soon as possible. Less baggage and he cost less. He’s just a running back anyway.

  12. Whoever ends up with this Diva will overpay for little production. Another locker room cancer, who will spend more time in the trainers room then on the field!! So,done will end up in CAP HELL !!!

  13. Well, he said he wanted green, not sure what kind of green, Jets Green, Kelly green, midnight green, or just paid Green green.

  14. Please sign Telvin Coleman, please. Supplement him with someone if you want, but I’d take Coleman and using the money saved on Bell, on an actual NFL Caliber O-Line, because it has been brutal since Mangold and D’Brick left.

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