Sean Payton: Trace McSorley could be the next Julian Edelman

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Penn State quarterback Trace McSorley is adamant that he’s going to be a quarterback in the NFL, and he does not want to change positions. Perhaps hearing a Super Bowl-winning coach compare him to a Super Bowl MVP could make him reconsider.

Saints coach Sean Payton told Peter King for Football Morning in America that McSorley reminds him of Julian Edelman, a three-year starting quarterback at Kent State who became a seventh-round pick of the Patriots in 2009 and is now the reigning Super Bowl MVP.

“When I looked at him, my first thought was, ‘I wonder if he can be Edelman?’ I wondered if he could be a versatile kind of guy,” Payton said.

Dozens of college quarterbacks have moved to other positions in the NFL. Some, like Edelman, have had long and successful careers. Others, like former first-round draft pick Matt Jones, became huge disappointments. But it certainly can be done, and it won’t be surprising if McSorley does it, even if right now he wants teams to think of him as a quarterback.

15 responses to “Sean Payton: Trace McSorley could be the next Julian Edelman

  1. While he could be the “next”, odds are he won’t be the next. More likely, teams are much better off just drafting someone like Andy Isabella out of UMASS, who already has that hybrid slot / WR role down pat.

  2. Edelman was a college QB who couldn’t throw. He switched positions, made some nice cash, and won some Super Bowls. Tebow was a college QB who couldn’t throw. However, his ego prevented him from switching positions. Now he’s languishing in baseball’s minor leagues. McSorely is a college QB who can’t throw… What choice will he make?

  3. Edelman wasn’t even drafted as WR in 2009, let alone QB, but merely special team utility, then became a returner. He also learned slot behind Welker, and 2011 rotated as a DB. It wasn’t until 2013 that he was fully the guy we see today. And he averaged just $500k those 4yrs. Belichick believed in him as he likes smart, versatile gamers. McSorley isn’t smart, versatile, or a gamer.

  4. funny when some people suggested the Lamar Jackson try out at
    WR it was an insult. Now it’s cool lot’s of QB’s change position

  5. Edelman wasn’t in the Heisman Trophy conversation as a QB in the power 5 conference. The suggestions that he switches position are an insult.

  6. Edelman learned a lot from Welker. He took what he learned and made it better. His ability to run precise routes is what makes him great…the phrase ‘he can cut on a dime’ applies here. Another driving force in Edelman is having a QB like Brady that really knows his speed and where and when to throw to him as he makes his cut.
    Trace’s success will depend on who and if he play’s with a QB that he can mind mesh with.Drew Brees could be a potential but Brady would hone his skills.
    Being a QB has many advantages in terms of knowing defense overages and their weaknesses.

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