Texans franchise Jadeveon Clowney

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The Texans and Jadeveon Clowney haven’t found agreement on a long-term deal with a little more than 24 hours to go before the deadline to use the franchise tag and that means the team will be taking advantage of that option.

General Manager Brian Gaine announced that the Texans were using the tag on Monday afternoon. It’s the non-exclusive version of the tag, which means that other teams can sign Clowney to an offer sheet which the Texans would have the right to match. If not, they’d get two first-round picks.

“Today, we have placed the franchise tag on Jadeveon Clowney, but our goal is to continue to work with his representation on a long-term contract. This gives us both an opportunity to continue to do so,” Gaine said in a statement.

The Texans list Clowney as a defensive end/outside linebacker in their announcement, which will likely set off a debate about what salary Clowney would be line for if he plays under the tag.

The franchise tag for linebackers comes with a salary of $15.443 million and defensive ends get $17.128 million. There was  a question about whether he should be paid as a defensive end when the Texans picked up the fifth-year option on his rookie deal and the Texans bumped his salary by a little over $1 million more than linebackers were set to make.

27 responses to “Texans franchise Jadeveon Clowney

  1. this news came outta nowhere…had no idea

    sarcasm of course

    dallas will be franchising tank law in the next coming hours as well

  2. We have got to get rid of the franchise tags and restricted free agency system. These players get locked into a rookie deal that eats up all of their prime years. Let them sign shorter deals after being drafted and do away with anything that impedes free-market labor movement.

  3. This league would be a lot better without franchise tags. Long-term negotiations rarely materialize into extensions because teams know they have that tag in their back pocket. It also leads to hold outs and, most recently, star players sitting out entire seasons. Nobody wins.

  4. I like this move. If the team keeps him for a year, they give him another season to continue to prove himself and that he can stay healthy and motivated. If someone else signs him, then our team gets two 1st round picks, which I would take for Clowney at this point.

  5. Let some desperate team sign him to a Mario Williams type deal like the Bills did, putting their team in cap hell. Texans should take the two first rounders and run. He disrupts offenses, but hasn’t performed even close to 1st round draft pick expectations or to deserve the K.Mack type deal that he wants and THINKS he should get. He knows he isn’t Watt good and wants to get paid. It won’t happen with the Texans unless he takes less money than he wants.

  6. Agree with above, any team that would give up 2 firsts deserves to fail and experience cap hell! Franchise tags are the “can’t touch me now” labels. Clown eye wants Watt money but he is no where near as productive as JJ. I wouldn’t pay him the 17 million. Not sure if team caps are keeping up with these pre determined positional salaries. Some how they need to use some semblance of performance based salaries. What is wrong with this system where 75% of your cap goes toward covering approx. 10 % (6 players) on a team?

  7. With approximately $70 million in cap room, Houston will look cheep if the try tag him as an OLB, and according to Houston sports radio that is there plan. Players already aren’t fans of the franchise tag, and that would make signing him to a contract significantly harder.

  8. As a Texans fan, I want Clowney to remain with the team. Without having his stat totals in front of me, I know his production was solid. That said, one thing that I think gets overlooked in these discussions is penalties. I can recall 4 or 5 really untimely penalties against Clowney this season including one where he wasn’t even on the field and got an unsportsmanlike penalty. If I’m remembering correctly that penalty extended a drive in a game that the Texans went on to lose. In my view paying top tier money to players is contingent on more than just production. You have to be a good team mate and avoid doing things to hurt the team.

  9. I’d give the Raiders’s two draft picks in the 20’s for Clowney, wouldn’t include #4 though.

  10. No problem paying the guy. Just have financial penalty clause for every offsides flag.. Seriously I’ve lost count of just the lining up offsides…

  11. Even after tagging him the Texans have the option to trade him without the other team having to give up the first round picks. It would be well worth it if they could leverage it into OL help.

  12. It’s not fair!!! It’s not fair!!!!

    If the players want it so bad (and I doubt a majority cares) what do they give up to the owners? Unless you have a system where player votes are based on player salary this is a non-issue for the average player. And there’s more average players than stars. And everyone gets just 1 vote. There’s nothing in it for the guys whos names are velcroed instead of sewn onto their jerseys. That’s why the union always gets the short-end.

  13. silvernblackpa says:
    March 4, 2019 at 4:03 pm
    I’d give the Raiders’s two draft picks in the 20’s for Clowney, wouldn’t include #4 though.

    As a fellow Raider fan I’m glad that you aren’t our GM. With the contract he is looking for he isn’t worth more than a 2nd or maybe 3rd.

  14. He is mostly a pass rusher, and therefore mostly a DE. A couple million is not that big a deal.


    I agree with the DE statement, but I think he’s a better run defender.

    Disagree with the money statement. I would love to have a couple million in my account right now.

  15. For those that don’t know, they tagged him as an LB instead of a DE because they settled his grievance already. He was paid the difference.

  16. I would like the rookie contract to be shortened from a 4 year contract to a 3 year contract. Teams are exploiting the prime years of players with franchise tag or multiple franchise tags and they can be paying a player less than market value for 5, 6, or even 7 years and by that time a player will be close to 30 year old and other teams will use that against them on their second contract. Some positions like running backs flame out when they reach 30. I think 2 years are enough to evaluate if a player is a bust or not and then sign them on their third year for an extension.

  17. BB has proven it. Paying high $$$ only gets teams in trouble. Find hungry, athletic and smart players who can and will do what is necessary. Then pay them well but not enough to destroy your CAP and ability to add other players. These teams that slap down $$$$ end up with holes in other parts of the team. It’s 53 players plus a bunch of coaches and a system that is needed. Not one player who sells tshirts.

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