Kliff Kingsbury insists Cardinals haven’t decided on top pick

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The Cardinals might draft Kyler Murray No. 1 overall, but they might not. New coach Kliff Kingsbury insisted Tuesday the team has not made a decision yet despite reports they have.

“But it’s fun to hear how I’ve said I do [know] and that it is a done deal and all those things,” Kingsbury said on the Kingsbury Chronicle podcast, via the team website. “So you just roll with it. Enjoy this process.”

A report said Kingsbury told people at the Scouting Combine that drafting Murray was a “done deal.”

The Cardinals very well may draft Murray with the top choice, but the report makes no sense. First, it is unknown who the “people” are. Second, why would Kingsbury reveal who the Cardinals were taking? Third, the draft is six weeks from now.

“Yeah, just rolling around Indy saying, ‘It’s a done deal,'” Kingsbury said. “I would have to adamantly deny that.”

Murray and Ohio State edge rusher Nick Bosa have the best odds to go first overall. The Cardinals, of course, also could trade the choice.

Kingsbury unwittingly created some of the intrigue about the top choice when he said last fall, before Texas Tech’s game against Oklahoma, that he would “take [Murray] with the first pick of the draft if I could.”

Maybe the Cardinals haven’t made a decision, but maybe they have.

“It makes it fun having the first pick because nobody knows if you are trying to throw smokescreens or telling the truth or what,” Kingsbury said. “There are a thousand different ways you can go with this, and we are still 50 days away.”

31 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury insists Cardinals haven’t decided on top pick

  1. When the best “denial” is only saying we haven’t decided instead of “Josh is our QB” or “ we aren’t selecting a QB this year”…. yeah they’re drafting Murray!

  2. I went from thinking this Murray pick is actually happening an being horrified, to now it’s blindingly obvious it isn’t. Cards are drumming up interest for the pick, they’re building around Rosen.

  3. Arizona drafting another QB makes no no sense at all given how AZ is on Josh Rosen. AZ trying to make the world believe they “could” take one of the QB’s in order to raise the trade value & interest surrounding the #1 overall pick makes all the sense in the world though, and seems to be a much more logical route for the Cardinals to take. Given Murray’s terrible combine interview process where he fell on his face when put on the big board the chance AZ takes him now have to be close to zero, which they were likely all along given the negative ramifications drafting Murray brings including costing the Cardinals an elite possible generational defensive prospect which AZ definitely will not pass on.

    Come week 1 the Cardinals will draft DE Nick Bosa pairing him up with Chandler Jones long term which immediately gives the Cardinals one of the best pass rushing duo’s in the entire NFL. With the rest of their draft picks and cap space they will build up there offense around QB Josh Rosen putting a good solid OL in front of him which will allow him to really take off in his 2nd year.

  4. I think it’d be a mistake to draft murray w the 1st pick. This team has way too many holes 1st of all. By the time they would be able to fill them hes gonna be onto his 2nd contract or playing mlb bc he coukdnt cut it. I know theres been some small guys who have been successful …brees…wilson…and most recently Mayfield..but those guys are exceptions imo. And like i said the cards have holes..esp on the oline. Id go defense w bosa or whomever they like best. Or trade the #1 to get extra picks. Try to build around Rosen. I know ppl dont like him for whatever reason but you can not deny the kids arm talent and iq. Worst case is he doesnt pan out..you pick top 10 for a couple more years and move on from rosen after his rookie contract. Maybe picking another qb during those rough years w rosen. A qb who is more of a sure thing so to say. Hell if klingsbury really feels the need to take a qb then pick one who is gonna be there late and i personally think can be sucessful in the right situation. Hes athletic and has a chip and fire like Mayfield…that being trace mcsorley. The only way id go w murray is if i could get something in the way of picks for rosen..which i dont think they can. I cant wait to see how it all pans out

  5. One good way to find a rat amongst your inner circle is to tell your possible rat something that may not be necessarily true and see if what you told them gets leaked out.

    Looks like Kliff may have found his rat.

  6. They would be foolish to have decided at this point. I understand that one site is hyping Kyler Murray so much that the Cardinals think a team may give them all of their draft picks for 2019 & 2020 to move up to # 1. They will probably listen to all offers before making a final decision.

  7. I wouldn’t believe a word Kliff says. He should be selling used cars for a living. The Cardinals are a huge mess.

  8. I’ve gone full circle on Murphy. First I thought he was too small and too risky for Miami to select at 13. Then I wanted him and wanted Miami to trade up to get him. Now I don’t want him at all. Oy.

  9. I think the Cards are talking way too much and therefore looking disorganized and amateurish.

  10. From the super bowl to the draft is longer than MLB and NBA’s entire offseason.

    NFL needs to get it right. Have the draft in March, one week after the combine so teams can set their roster and see where they’re weak at, before overspending in free agency to fill holes.

    The Draft should come before Free Agency. Maybe a team like Houston would have to franchise Jadaveon if they could draft a Rashan Gary or Ed Oliver, for an example.

  11. douce54 says:
    March 6, 2019 at 6:20 am
    I think the Cards are talking way too much and therefore looking disorganized and amateurish.
    Not “looking” disorganized and amateurish…they ARE disorganized and amateurish.

  12. any team that takes murray with a high pick are fools. this guy will be a big bust. Reports coming out of the combine bring up lots of red flags about work ethic study ethic. i wouldnt touch this guy with a 10 ft pole in the first 2 or 3 rounds

  13. No one is trying to trade up to #1 people. Who? Surely not for Bosa because of the crazy, ridiculous riches available at defensive end and tackle in this draft. For Murray? The only team in love with him is Arizona. No one is coughing up picks to move up to #1 this year. It’s actually a terrible situation for AZ because they are desperate for offensive players and this isn’t the draft for them. Safest bet is to take the best player available which will be a defensive guy relegating that 32nd ranked offense to another year of futility. Expect Arizona to have the #1 pick next year as well.

  14. douce54 says:
    March 6, 2019 at 6:20 am
    I think the Cards are talking way too much and therefore looking disorganized and amateurish.

    The only thing that is amateurish is your take on the situation. Arizona has not said ANYTHING at all, sit and think about it for a minute. The Murray narrative started out as basically entirely media created & over the last Month or so the media has taken this Murray narrative to a whole nother level blasting it 24/7. When the Cardinals came out and said “Josh is our guy”, “Josh is the QB of the future in AZ”, the owner saying AZ isnt drafting another QB & are going to build around Josh Rosen the media either ignored their statements entirely or spun them to fit their narratives and fit their own confirmation bias’s.
    The Cardinals have been entirely silent on the subject though not saying who they’re going to draft only saying basically they’re considering every player worthy of the spot & that they’re open for business willing to trade the pick if someone wants to come up and get. Behind the scenes privately AZ has came up w/ a complex draft strategy willing to make teams “THINK” AZ is open to drafting one of the top 2 QB’s in either Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins because they’d like to work out a trade that nets AZ a few more premium draft picks and it seems to be working as 70% or the NFL Fanbase is now convinced suddenly AZ really might draft a QB and some teams are starting to believe it as well as AZ is fielding calls from teams interested in trading up for the #1 overall draft pick.

  15. Kingsbury just showed he isn’t ready for a head coaching position. The GM and organization are the people making the decision at the proper time. In the first week of March isn’t the proper time. No wonder why the Cardinals are a train wreck.

  16. Here’s the GM raving endorsement.

    “Is Josh Rosen our quarterback? Yeah, he is, right now, for sure,” Keim said.

  17. “Cards are drumming up interest for the pick, they’re building around Rosen.”

    A very sad day when that is the better of your two options. But at least they have a proven winner at coach to make sure things turn out well. Oh, wait…

  18. Fellow Red Raider advice to Kliff. Go with the choice of your former coach Mike Leach and go with Gardner Minshew. Can’t go wrong with that pick!!!

  19. The smart thing to do would be for the Cards to trade the #1 and acquire a boat load of picks that would help the fill obvious holes on that team all over the place.

    The Cards thing to do would be to draft Murray.

    We’ll see which way they decide to go.

  20. Best plan would beto say Nothing! Nothing about the pick, nothing about Rosen! Feel bad for Josh, this whole Murray situation is compromising any confidence he had left. Give the kid another year to prove himself and trade your pick.

  21. I hope Murray can scramble because the Cards O-line is awful and Fitz isn’t getting any faster. It would have have been nice not wasting the 3rd and 5th rounds picks on Rosen along with the 1st. Could have really used a #1 receiver, and any linemen D or O and or linebackers. If they take Murray, Keim really screwed this team for at least the next 3 to 4 years by wasting 3 picks on Rosen and not being to trade down with Murray’s #1 pick. The best move seems to be trade the #1 to the Raiders for two of their number ones and build a team around Rosen, because any QB on the current Cards team is going to look awful.

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