Taking a closer look at Charley Casserly’s “report” regarding Kyler Murray

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Former NFL General Manager Charley Casserly is taking a beating in some circles for his comments about quarterback Kyler Murray. And rightfully so.

Casserly would be entitled to his opinions about Murray if they were indeed his own opinions. But Casserly peddled on the NFL-owned and NFL-operated broadcast network earlier today not his own opinions but opinions that were shared with him by someone who supposedly witnessed (or who heard about) Murray’s performances during Scouting Combine interviews.

Murray reportedly sat for 10 interviews at the Scouting Combine. How many of those teams did Casserly talk to in crafting his report? The quotes being distributed by NFL Network indicate that Casserly talked to “more than two teams, I’ll leave it at that.” But he shouldn’t leave it at that; he should provide the specific number of teams. It could be as few as three or as many as all of them, and that’s a critically important piece of information.

“He better hope [Kliff] Kingbury takes him No. 1 because this was not good,” Casserly said in the initial quote posted on the NFL Media Twitter account. “These were the worst comments I ever got on a top-rated quarterback and I’ve been doing this a long time. . . . Leadership — not good. Study habits — not good. The board work — below not good. Not good at all in any of those areas, raising major concerns about what this guy is going to do. Now, people will say we’re going to compare him to [Patrick] Mahomes, we’re going to run an offense like Mahomes, we’re going to run an offense like Baker Mayfield. . . . But those guys are much different. Those guys, you never questioned them about their ability on the board, you never questioned their leadership ability, their work habits. They were outstanding in those areas. This guy is not outstanding in those areas and it showed up in the interview.”

NFL Media posted on its Twitter account more verbatim quotes from Casserly’s report on Murray, which include a back-door body slam of Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt.

“In the interviews . . . I got exactly the same stories,” Casserly said. “They were not impressed with his leadership skills or potential for the interview. They weren’t impressed with his study habits, and I can’t give you the quotes but they’re pretty bad. And they were not impressed with his board work and understanding football concepts that was quizzed on, and that wasn’t good. I can’t give you the quotes. It was the worst report I’ve ever heard on a top-ranked quarterback from the interview part of it. One thing that stuck out to me: this guy was never trained for the interview. Whoever trained him did a poor job; guys do get trained for interviews now.”

In processing these remarks, it’s important to remember one key fact. Casserly isn’t a reporter. He’s an analyst. But he has provided under the cloak of his many years of experience what amounts to a report, not an analysis.

Remember when NFL Network had to remind Warren Sapp that he isn’t a reporter, after he outed Jeremy Shockey as the Saints’ bounty snitch? What Casserly did today is the same thing. Instead of chastising Casserly, however, the NFL is reveling in his reporting.

But who vetted Casserly’s report? Who are his sources for this report? Did NFL Network require Casserly to name them before allowing him to spread such strongly negative information about a player around whom NFL Network surely will be focusing much of its pre-draft hype?

As to the unspecified number of teams to which Casserly spoke, did he talk to someone in the room? Did he talk to someone who talked to someone in the room? From how many of these interviews did he receive first- or second- or third-hand information?

Even if Casserly were a reporter, trafficking in anonymous rumor regarding draft prospects without some specific sense of context or precision is inherently untrustworthy, from the perspective of the audience. Everyone with every team lies when it comes to opinions about players in the draft pool, and those who aren’t lying are going about it wrong. The draft has become the NFL’s ultimate cloak-and-dagger exercise, where teams that love a player say bad things about him in the hopes that he’ll slide to that team and where teams that hate a player talk him up so that some sucker drafting higher in the pecking order will waste a pick on him. Anonymous scouts and coaches and executives who whisper about prospects almost always have an agenda; in this case, the potential universe of Casserly’s sources consists of franchises that have enough interest in Murray to take the time to meet with him, during a week when teams are strictly limited regarding the number of 15-minute interviews they can conduct.

In the early years of PFT, when I knew even less than I know now (if that’s possible), I often passed along anonymously-sourced opinion. Over time, I realized that, while anonymously-sourced fact (e.g., Casserly’s report that the Cardinals were shopping Josh Rosen at the Combine, something else that technically doesn’t fall under Casserly’s analyst umbrella) makes the football and non-football reporting world go ’round, anonymous opinion, especially prior to the draft, has become the fuel for those who would manipulate members of the media to push a narrative and/or to advance an agenda

Casserly’s reporting is flawed, it’s incomplete, and it likely wasn’t subjected to the standards that presumably apply to NFL Network’s small army of actual reporters. Casserly was able to pull it off because of his many years in the business, but he passed along information that may not be accurate, may not be complete, and could ultimately take millions of dollars out of Murray’s pockets, if anyone with any of the teams considering Murray actually regard Casserly’s remarks with anything more than a grain of salt.

Then again, maybe no one will. As Patriots coach Bill Belichick said about Casserly more than nine years ago, Who’s been wrong more than Charley Casserly since he left the Redskins? His percentage is like a meteorologist.”

99 responses to “Taking a closer look at Charley Casserly’s “report” regarding Kyler Murray

  1. This author reported the Jets were going after Harbaugh.. that was false and he hasn’t mentioned it since.. he can’t throw shots at anybody trying to report

  2. Remember when the Raiders gave JaMarcus a DVD with the game plan to take home and study. The next day they asked him about the DVD, he said he watched it and was ready. The DVD was blank. Is this kid really cray enough to be compared to Russell?

  3. It helps to remember that pretty much everything said between now and the draft is a smokescreen by one or more teams trying to disguise their interest and/or manipulate a player’s draft stock. But at least there’s only like 7 more weeks of this, what fun.

  4. so then… quote us the sources that say Charlie is completely wrong. I’ll guess that he is right. Originally, Murray was projected as a reach in the middle of the 1st round and now we’ve got stories that he’s the for sure no. 1 pick overall. Unlikely…

  5. Does the title of “reporter” somehow make his reports more legitimate?? I presume Adam Schefter is a reporter? He floats crap out there all the time that isnt substantiated, i.e. the “bigger name”.

  6. Casserly is a complete joke. Just look at his draft history in Washington. He was the pits as a general manager. He once traded an early second round pick and a first to move up five places in the draft to select tackle Andre Johnson, who was cut and out of the league 10 months later. Many more examples abound. I had my doubts about Casserly but not anymore.

  7. There are rumors and false truths dropped everyday from a myriad of sources and this where you draw the line? I applaud Casserly for not spewing out the normal BS and actually giving some real info based on interaction with contacts he’s developed for many decades. His info actually makes some sense considering this kid was a one year starter in a spread offense and was focused on baseball with the rest of his time. Who cares who says it; the point is to say it. It was weird that almost every talking head was reporting Murray was a shoo in for the first overall pick. He may be who knows, but it was another example of people jumping on the hot take of the day instead of actually talking to people who were in the interview room.

  8. Sounds like there’s a lot of truth to it, his interviews at the Super Bowl were the laughing stock of radio row and let’s be honest, Lincoln Riley isn’t exactly developing men of character, nor is Oklahoma.

  9. We are talking about a guy who has been wrong or lied in 99% of the stories he puts out. Just ignore everything he says and dont pst about it at all.

  10. If you are a NFL GM, you should surround yourself with the best people you can and make your own decisions. What someone says on TV shouldn’t matter. If you like the guy, take him. I have watched the ” experts for years say things like ” short term Peyton Manning will be better, but long term Ryan Leaf will be the better QB”
    ” Jerry Rice went to a small school, he hasn’t played against top talent and probably won’t make it in the NFL”
    ” Terrel Suggs 40 time is to slow, he won’t make it” Can you imagine what they would have said if someone had made Tom Brady a Top 5 pick ? GMs are paid for their thoughts, not what they hear from TV.

  11. I’ll bet somebody else wants Murray and that is why they put all of that stuff out about him hoping he drops in the draft.

  12. Didn’t we hear this about Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson? But Blake Bortles, Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch, and others were the next BIG THING!

    What’s the common denominator? Black QBs NEVER get their just due, especially from old school white dudes like Casserly and Bill Polian. They will never change. Even when the players prove them wrong, they still can’t admit it.

    So, they’re telling us don’t believe our eyes from what we saw Murray do to win the Heisman. Let these geezards tell it, dude won’t even get drafted! They’ve lost major credibility. It’s time for Casserly and Polian to retire.

  13. Wow, why doesn’t this football genius have Super Bowl champion rings on all of his fingers and toes?

    “I can’t name anybody; I can’t give you quotes; I can’t cite Murray’s results; I can’t say how many teams that I’m not saying said things, but I can absolutely assure you it was bad. The worstest ever!

    “I can’t get KingSbury’s name straight, but I can say that some unnamed number of the quarterback-hungry teams who are interested, don’t want their competition to think too highly of him.”

    Seriously, is this one of those disastrous botches where the person missed their plane; or relied on Jerry, Elaine, four alarm clocks and an offended wake-up caller, and he just rolled the dice and bluffed the entire thing?

  14. Good for Casserley. Not his job to hop on the hype bandwagon. Nor should what he learned come as shock to any NFL team doing their due diligence.

  15. LOL. Bill Belicheck summed up this report for all of us perfectly with his old quote. nothing to see here. move on.

  16. The kid is a 5-10 shrimp qb. That’s the only scouting report u need. And don’t tell me about Brees- he’s one in a million.

  17. I mean this is a guy that flipped flopped from playing baseball to football after threatening the A’s that if they didn’t pay him a major league salary in the minors he would play football. So why wouldn’t it be hard to believe that he flunked in his interviews?

  18. The Casserly report was pretty brutal. Why not connect the dots to see any possible connections Casserly has to the 10 teams Murray has met with?

    So Murray met with the Cardinals, Raiders, Giants, Jaguars, Redskins, Chargers, Seahawks, Lions, Dolphins and one other unnamed team. We know Casserly worked for the Redskins quite awhile back for over two decades (and Houston later). Casserly was an assistant to Bobby Bethard for two years there. So there are possibly Bethard’s older Chargers connections. Casserly was an intern under George Allen there. So Bruce Allen is in Washington. Mike Mayock of the Raiders was a Casserly colleague at the NFL Network. That’s 3 possibilities off the top of my head.

    Someone else can do the actual research to find more possible Casserly connections to the teams listed above…

  19. I get it when it’s some never been there (ahem) journalist but Charley Casserly is a front office lifer. He’s either carrying some team’s water on this one or he’s a willing dupe, neither is a good look.

  20. dolphins4 says:
    March 5, 2019 at 6:23 pm
    I’ll bet somebody else wants Murray and that is why they put all of that stuff out about him hoping he drops in the draft.

    This isn’t folks making stuff up. Did you see any of his interview with Dan Patrick?

    This is like Ricky Williams 2.0. Except this is a quarterback, you know — like you build your franchise around?

    The Saints gave up every pick in one draft for Williams and then by all accounts, coach Mike Ditka went and took photos with Williams and then played golf. True or not, if Arizona takes Murray at number 1, Kliff Kingsbury’s future is tied with him.

  21. Casserly isn’t a reporter. He’s an analyst. But he has provided under the cloak of his many years of experience what amounts to a report, not an analysis.

    But most “reporters” today are analysts. Or commentators.

  22. So many haters….I wonder how many of you doubters actually watched Murray play. His tape is sick…he can flat ball. I say good luck to him and wish him well.

  23. We’ve seen enough evidence in the political sphere of Reporters fabricating quotes or saying they saw documents that do not exist.

    Reports WITHOUT NAMED sources, in this case, should be dismissed UNTIL proven otherwise.

  24. In processing these remarks, it’s important to remember one key fact. Casserly isn’t a reporter. He’s an analyst.

    And this site supposedly reports but does plenty of analyzing. Double standard much?

  25. The media and the NFL so badly want Murray to be the next Patrick Mahomes. Newsflash for you fellas there’s only one Patrick Mahomes and he is a legitimate freak when it comes to the QB position, a once in a generational talent that only comes along every 20 or 30 years. That won’t stop the media hype machine from saturating the TV with weak comparisons to Mahomes. If Murray does turn out to be the number 1 overall pick I hope the media gives the kid a fair chance to prove himself without going all Johnny Manziel in news coverage of him.

  26. Not a Murray fan but this “report” does seem strange. If as many NFL insiders thought
    Murray was this awful why did they all go only to Casserly? If so many teams felt this way this same thing would have been reported by the dozens of reporters getting the same things from all the “insiders”. Why is this only being said by one guy if it truly the opinions of many people who have talked to Murray? I don’t think Casserly is that well connected to be the only one in on this story if it was true.

  27. Bigugly says:
    March 5, 2019 at 6:50 pm
    So many haters….I wonder how many of you doubters actually watched Murray play. His tape is sick…he can flat ball. I say good luck to him and wish him well.
    I live in Texas, with no Big 12 tie, and I have watched him play — like every game he played this season. His numbers are great. But I also saw him manhandled. Did you see the game against Alabama? Anfernee Jennings grabbed him BY THE JERSEY and threw him down. What do you think NFL defenders will do?

    Don’t tell me they won’t get their hands on him, because that’s stupid and unrealistic.

  28. C’mon, PFT. You and I and everyone knows everyone talks about everyone behind their backs and guys like Murray the K are being scrutinized inside, outside, up, and down by everyone. And you and I know guys from different teams will share things they heard about him with friends on other teams, just like they do with other guys.
    So why is this big news that a guy like Casserly says he heard negative things about Murray? I’ve heard negative reports from guys like Casserly about future draftees ever since I started following the NFL. Remember the rumors about Dan Marino and Warren Sapp which caused some teams to back off them?
    Charlie Casserly is one guy who says he heard negative things about Murray from more than two teams. Okay. So if I am a GM, what do I do? I meet with the kid and watch tons of tape on him and talk to his college coaches. Then I sit with my staff and see what they think about him. And then I make up my own mind and put his name on my draft board — or not.
    This isn’t rocket science here. It’s, do we think this kid has what it takes to play well in the NFL?
    If the kid wasn’t schooled on what to say during these interviews, that’s on the people representing him. Because there are plenty of guys available who could have helped him do that.

  29. Considering how good he was at football, this report seems to indicate that he has a lot of upside if properly trained, educated, etc. He uncovered a significant upside!

  30. I don’t believe Charley would tell an elaborate lie and debase Kyler Murray on purpose. My take is, there’s more than likely some validity to what Casserly is reporting. I watched Kyler Murray’s interview with Dan Patrick. It was uncomfortable to watch.

  31. “Interesting smack you talk in an area self titled “Rumors”.”

    It’s clearly labeled, isn’t it? So… You thought you clever, but it turns out your brain doesn’t work so well.

  32. Did he tell them he wasn’t a leader and never wanted to be? Was he disrespectful to the interviewers? Because it’d basically take that to truly bomb at the level described. Even being totally disingenuous you could avoid totally bombing an interview just by telling them what you knew they wanted to hear.

  33. I can’t believe no one has said this already, but to quote Bill Belichick:

    “Who’s wrong more than Charlie Casserly?”

  34. In processing these remarks, it’s important to remember one key fact. Casserly isn’t a reporter. He’s an analyst. But he has provided under the cloak of his many years of experience what amounts to a report, not an analysis.

    An analyst acting like a reporter. A reporter acting like an activist. A reporter being a schill for a political party. What’s the difference?

  35. hahaaints says:
    March 5, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    He has Michael Vick written all over him.


    No,He has Drew Henson written all over him!!

  36. foodiefoodnerd says:
    March 5, 2019 at 6:29 pm
    Wow, why doesn’t this football genius have Super Bowl champion rings on all of his fingers and toes?
    He doesn’t, but he has three with the Redskins including a SB loss to the Raiders.
    He also drafted Brian Mitchell in the 5th round in 1990
    Convinced then GM Bobby Beathard to get “Hogs” Joe Jacoby and Jeff Bostic in the draft
    Drafted Stephen Davis in the 4th round in ’96
    Drafted Keenan McCardell in the 12th round in ’91
    In ’99, traded 5th pick to the Saints (Ricky Williams) for their entire draft that year, plus their 1st and 3rd the next year to move back to 12th and select Champ Bailey

  37. Nobody was belly-aching when someone reported Rosen was only worth a third round pick. Maybe Warner was on the record on that one, but the report said also an unnamed NFL exec.

    Casserly isn’t a great reporter and he’s dealing essentially in rumors here–but so is just about everyone covering the NFL this time of year. Plus they are dealing with the usual disinformation campaigns by various front offices.

    If the story is false, Murray has nothing to worry about because the teams interested in him will know it by draft day.

  38. If the report is true, I want to know. If it is not true, I want to know and I want to know why people are lying. Telling us we should never have heard the report in the first place is not satisfying and, frankly, a surprising position for a person who is supposed to get to the bottom of these questions for us.

  39. If you are a fanboy of Murray good for you. Going into the Combine some evaluated the top of last year’s QB draft class being better than this year’s. The knock on a couple QBs from this draft class is they only started 1 year. That was a concern with Akili Smith years ago. I do find it hilarious how so many are already marking their territory and not letting the process play out.

  40. The “reporters” might not like Casserly “reporting” but your average fan doesn’t care where the info comes from. Give us more Charlie we’re All ears.

  41. I have no problem at all with anything Casserly is doing or saying. I love hearing unvarnished stuff. That’s exactly why many of us tune into PFT multiple times a day. We want to hear what’s going on. I read things on PFT all the time that turned out to be completely bogus. Lots of things get printed without a second source. I don’t have a problem with that either. Hey, everyone loved RG3. Everyone loved Jamarcus Russell. I think Casserly is just saying you might want to pump the brakes on this runaway freight train. Murray might end up being the biggest bust in history. If we all knew everything, Tom Brady wouldn’t have been passed up in the draft 5 times by all 32 teams, including the Patriots.

  42. So, what is the difference when you go on WEEI and state Gronk is retiring or acting like a NE Pats expert?

  43. I’ve never been a fan of Casserly or guys like Polian, Mike Lombardi, etc., in their media roles. But this just illustrates the issue with sports (and all) journalism these days thanks to social media– if you repeat something someone else said, it just legitimizes it and quickly turns a pebble into a boulder.

    Example: The Wickersham piece just over a year ago which described supposed chaos and dysfunction in Foxoborough (based on comments from unnamed “sources”). The rest of the media ran with the story adding their own conjecture along the way, to the point where it was just assumed the whole thing was 100% factual rather than just a minor blip in a successful relationship.

    Good journalism is invaluable. Lazy journalism is inexcusable.

  44. I’m not a huge Murray fan but I am much less a Casserly fan. As a Texans backer, I saw his “expertise” first hand. He was a horrible judge of talent, especially QBs. Even though he claims to be regurgitating what he “heard”, the simple fact the he said it makes me think it less likely to he a correct assessment. This is the man that drafted David Carr over Julius Peppers and Heath Schuler over anyone drafted afterwards. That and his voice is the most annoying, hes like the Fran Drescher of the NFL network.

  45. I don’t think his words were bad at all. It’s no different then the rest of the reporters (author included Florio) spewing off about something random. Most your stories are opinions anyways. I believe in Casserly and Polian and Joe Banner because they have skills and knowledge. Facts are facts and he’s going to be a bust.

  46. Seriously….why is Florio so personally invested in this kid and where he gets drafted?? why Murray and nobody else?

    why can’t somebody hold a differing opinion on this Prospect? Even if it’s the wrong one ultimately, why can’t he be allowed to hold that opinion?

  47. Why can Nobody Hold the opinion about Kyler Murray that he may not be the best quarterback prospect in the history of the world? Why is that not okay?

    Media here seems bothered beyond reason if anyone holds the opinion that he isn’t the Undisputed number one pick of this draft. I seriously don’t get it.

  48. Strange dynamic in the responses to Casserly’s rumor “reporting”.Casserly – a former NFL GM who has both successes and failures recounts what he was told by other teams’ insiders triggering venom in some readers and defense in others. Few of the responses contradict the fundamental underpinnings of Casserly’s statements. Murray did not interview as well as many of the other QB participants. No one disputes that Murray is a brilliant runner and has an exceptional arm. At Oklahoma he was not asked to change plays or protections at the line; he was asked to follow plays called by the sideline and improvise – and he did that well. He concentrated on baseball for the vast majority of his university experience so he did not have the year round “education” in the QB position enjoyed by the other QB combine participants so his reported struggles with the white board should be expected. Murray is now being asked to compete with players who have studied and focused solely on football for their entire lives. It’s unreasonable to expect him to have the intellectual background and memory of a lifetime student of the position like Brady or Baker Mayfield. No one knows if Murray will successfully embrace the cerebral part of playing QB in the NFL – and that frightens general managers who will focus on his athletic gifts. I believe that the QB position is played above the shoulders and only time will tell if Murray can excel intellectually like Patrick Mahomes or Drew Brees or Baker Mayfield.

  49. Doesn’t Florio everyday spew off with opinions that maybe fact-based true or not? How is this any different? We’ve heard non-stop for close to two years his opinions and embellishments around Colin Kaepernick and other players in situations. And Charley Casserly has the audacity to come out with an opinion that doesn’t match his florio’s about his most prized favorite Prospect in the history of the draft Kyler Murray? I mean how dare we have an opinion about a guy who’s barely 5:10 and isnt a prototypical drop-back passer? Why is it asinine to Dare have an opinion that differs than florio’s on this kid? If I had the number one pick I certainly wouldn’t take them.

  50. Suppose Casserly is “reporting” the facts, incomplete or not. Either teams are using Casserly in misdirection, as some believe, or teams are telling it like it is. Why would teams use Casserly to tell it like it is? I will offer a reason.

    There is no doubt that Murray is a talented college quarterback, the best college player of last year according to the Heisman voters. So why put out some dirt if it is not misdirection?

    There are teams, maybe a few, maybe allot, who have their doubts about whether Murray’s obvious skills will translate to the NFL. Teams who are in a position to draft him may want an out if they pass and Murray turns out to be the next Tom Brady. That is not to say that they have decided to pass on Murray. Quite the contrary. They haven’t made up their collective mind. With all the media abuzz about Murray as a sure number 1, the NFL may be doing teams a favor by giving the media a “legitimate” reason why some teams might pass on Murray, especially if Murray does turn out to be better than TB. It gives those teams some cover.

    My take: it is quite possible that Casserly is an insurance agent for the NFL, just in case the great Murray falls below pick 10. Nothing as nefarious as Casserly is a stooge for misdirection. Nothing as stupid as Casserly got the whole thing wrong.

  51. Shouldn’t it be disclosed that Charley Casserly is paid by some agents to do “interview prep” for their players? Sounds like Kyler Murray’s agent hasn’t paid Charley to do that!!

  52. I’m sure any team interested in drafting Murray has already or will be interviewing him. So they will form their own opinion. But if Casserly is correct watch Murray drop way down in the draft order.

  53. “Didn’t we hear this about Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson? ”

    Dak is good with a solid Oline and top run game in front of him, Lamar is a poor QB that can run and Deshaun has had some great games and some poor games. Of the 3 I think Deshaun will continue to develop and be really good, the other two are probably already at or near their ceiling.
    So what is your point?

  54. I’d like to hear more about how the players grade out in the interview process. This is probably the bottom line when it comes to picking the players so close in talent.

  55. After watching Mahomes in ’18 and hearing comparisons with Murray, I was very interested in his game against ‘Bama. I came away very unimpressed. He was illusive but seemed small and oumatched. Didn’t look like a top pro prospect and no where close to Pat.

  56. All reporters are mouthpieces. If someone wants them to report something, they give them the scoop…for whatever purposes. Casserly has his resources. If the network didn’t want these reports directly attributed to him, they would have given someone else a crack at it.

  57. The Greatest (Bill Belichick) once said from the podium at Gillette Stadium: No one has been wrong more than Charlie Casserly.

  58. He could be in someone’s back-pocket, like another GM who wants the kid and doesn’t want to see Arizona taking him, putting out misinformation for $$$. Not exactly science to do it in this ‘internet lies’ era.

  59. If you watch his highlight tape, 99% of his throws are a single look and throw. He has his receiver in mind and he watches him all the way. No progressions, ever.

    He’s got a nice arm and legs and had good receivers.

    But what happens when he’s in the NFL and that first receiver isn’t open and the pocket is collapsing?

    His college highlight tape never shows that and maybe it never happened, but that would seem to be concerning if he is your #1 pick in the draft.

  60. I just watched Murray’s “highlights” from the Orange Bowl vs Alabama. The Tide are the closest thing to the NFL that he faced in college. And he looked very pedestrian. Someone earlier mentioned the sack where the Alabama defender threw him down rather easily with one arm. That’s asking alot to put your franchise in the hands of a guy who can be tackled so easily.

    I’m just not a believer. I guess I’m old school. I want my QB to look the part. At least 6′ 3″ and 225lbs minimum. Someone who can take a hit. Brady, Elway, Marino, Big Ben, and Bledsoe to name a few. They look the part. And no one is sacking these guys with one arm.

  61. Not sure why there is so much pumping of the little fella.

    I don’t think he throws a good ball (there is a lot of wobble). I think he benefitted from having good WR’s, a quick pace offense and poor Big 12 defenses. Reminds me of Johnny football.

  62. The question is why are you getting up in arms about this. Scott McCloughan said a lot of the same stuff about his leadership and personality would scare him. If he’s a moron on the white board, that is something that would come out in interviews. Don’t exactly get what you’re protesting here.

  63. None of these articles talk about what would happen when Kyler Murray is crunched by a guy twice his size.

    It’s simple physics, you know the answer.

  64. Why would anyone believe anything this time of the year. I bet teams are trying their hardest to help out other teams with these comments right. Whoever is saying this is trying to serve their own best interests. Why would any team say this to help out other teams.

  65. Casserly is just trying to irritate Kyler or his agent enough to make a comment about returning to baseball. Then his true colors will come out…..

  66. I am often times amazed at how well some of the college athletes handle themselves in interviews…….and then I saw the Dan Patrick interview with Murray and it was the complete opposite. Really bizarre

  67. Yeah, the media has hyped this kid to the top of the draft prematurely. He likely needs to go somewhere where he could sit a year to absorb a pro offense, but now he’ll be expected to start early in the season and will struggle. Media setting him up to fail.

    Also, anyone that watched the Dan Patrick interview knows this kid will not be a great spokesperson for any team. That’d be a red flag and I’m sure every GM at the top of the draft has reviewed it.

  68. hahaaints says:
    March 5, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    He has Michael Vick written all over him.

    Yeah except Vick was 6′ foot tall, had a cannon for an arm, and 4.2 speed. Murray has none of that….

  69. Warren Sapp left out Gregg Williams himself told on the Saints in Bounty gate case.

  70. Kyler Murray is a great college QB and his Heisman is well deserved. But, taking a 5-10 QB as the #1 pick in the NFL draft is extremely risky. Will a GM tie his career to an undersized QB when he can take a great edge defender like Bosa? I remember another great 5-10 college QB that won the Heisman. He was a great passer, fast and mobile and his name is Doug Flutie. Great NFL QB’s are great passers, not great runners. Great running QB’s have short careers. Murray is a solid passer but he will always be pursued by defenders ranging from 6-3 to 6-7. I will be extremely surprised is Murray is the #1 pick in the draft or even a top 10 pick. Seattle took a chance on a guy like Murray, Russell Wilson (5-11), in the 2nd round.

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