Adam Jones threatened to kill officer during casino arrest

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Longtime NFL cornerback Adam Jones wasn’t going down easily.

Jones was arrested last week at an Indiana casino, and the details of the arrest fit in with one of the league’s volatile personalities.

According to TMZ Sports, Jones was verbally abusive to the police during his Feb. 27 arrest, telling one he was going to kill him and suggesting to another that he should perform a sex act on him.

Agents from the Indiana Gaming Commission Enforcement approached Jones after he was suspected of cheating at a table game, specifically of adding chips to his bet after the result of the game was clear. He apparently did not appreciate the allegation, telling multiple agents “F— You,” and giving them the middle finger. (He was drafted by the Titans in 2005, so perhaps it was a Bud Adams salute.)

He told another IGCE agent: “I will kill you, . . . I will whoop your ass.”

Other expletives flowed from Jones during his handcuffing and detention, telling officers: “You ain’t s—” and “You ain’t nothing but a b—-.” At one point, he allegedly tried to escape custody, but was subdued again by officers, at which point he said they could: “Suck my d—” while calling them “a bunch of crackers.”

Alcohol was believed to be a factor in the incident, as you might have suspected.

Court documents cited by TMZ showed Jones has been charged with eight crimes, including felony intimidation and felony battery against an officer, along with misdemeanor counts of cheating at gambling, resisting law enforcement and public intoxication.

The 35-year-old Jones was cut in midseason by the Broncos last year, which seemed to be the end of a 14-year NFL career with the Titans, Cowboys, and Bengals which was scattered with suspensions and fines.