It sounds like someone wants the Cardinals to pass on Kyler Murray

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More significant than Charley Casserly’s report regarding the assessment of quarterback Kyler Murray’s Combine interviews was Casserly’s report that the Cardinals were “shopping” quarterback Josh Rosen last week in Indianapolis.

Setting aside the question of whether Casserly, who isn’t a reporter, was accurately describing what the Cardinals were doing (they may have been merely gauging interest in a potential trade, in order to make the most informed decision regarding their plans for the No. 1 overall pick), the fact that someone regards Rosen as available means that someone believes the Cardinals plan to take Murray with the first overall pick in the draft.

Which means that someone apparently wants to make the Cardinals sufficiently weak in the knees to pass on Murray.

With the universe of teams that interviewed Murray last week at 10 and with (supposedly) as few as three and as many as 10 of those teams whispering a negative review to Casserly about Murray’s performance, it’s hardly beyond plausibility to think that one or more of those teams: (1) want Murray; and (2) realize that they can’t get Murray if the Cardinals take him.

It’s unclear which teams want Murray to fall past No. 1, and it’s possible that the team that wants Murray to fall doesn’t want to draft Murray. It’s possible that one or more teams want him to fall not to draft him but to trade to someone else the ability to draft him.

Case in point: The Jets. They currently hold the third overall pick, and they currently don’t need a young franchise quarterback. And their current G.M. got the job as a result of a search process in which Casserly served as a consultant.

Is it crazy to think that Casserly may be trying to help a protégé maximize the haul that the Jets could get for Murray if both the Cardinals and 49ers pass on him? Mike Maccagnan already has said that he’s willing to deal the pick, and the Jets surely would like to recoup some of the picks they gave up last year in moving up from No. 6 to No. 3 in order to get quarterback Sam Darnold.

Regardless, the one-two punch from Casserly regarding the Cardinals “shopping” Rosen and unnamed scouts crapping on Murray suggests that other teams are thinking that Murray is going to be the No. 1 pick, and that they’re doing everything they can to get the Cardinals to think twice (or thrice) before going through with it.

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  1. Casserly should be taken off the NFL network. He is not a reporter. If he is using his positoon as a consultant to do stuff like this, he needs to go

  2. Sounds like he is being used. Media manipulation 101. If you want Murray to fall you send out bad info to a straight shooter like Casserly. If you want sensationalism about Tom Brady destroying his phone you leak it to a dramatic media guy like Stephen A Smith.

  3. The Cards should trade Rosen.
    The Cards should draft Murray.

    Then when Murray is a bust –
    The Cards should fire their GM.
    It will be after the 2020 season.
    With some good drafting, the team can be good again by 2024.

  4. Everybody knows this is the season of misinformation especially a seasoned vet like Charley. It’s unprofessional and self serving to get his names mentioned this much for the first time in years to report what teams who ALL have their own self serving interests told him in a way like it was all true and these opinions are facts

    Say the Raiders who have the #4 pick w Gruden supposedly in love w Kyler really do like Kyler and want him to fall in the draft this is exactly the kind of story a team in that situation would want put out there.

    Dude isn’t a reporter so should stop trying to report news and if this is his opinion he should’ve put it out there as his opinion not as if it was the general consensus coming out of the combine.

    If he wants to be a real reporter he should go thru journalism school. He should’ve went and talked to all the teams that interviewed Kyler especially in the season of lies. He should’ve went to not just his college head coach but all the coaches he could on the Oklahoma staff. Also reach out to any teammates from last year or even while he was at A&M and finally reached out to Kyler himself.

  5. If Kiem is involved it will be a bad decision and hurt the Cards even more. Bradford, Wilks, trading up for Rosen, etc

  6. I don’t see it. There were those who didn’t think RG3 was going to make it because running QB’s usually don’t. There was no conspiracy involved. Just probably some scouts that have been through it a time or two. Now here we are again. Murray would have to make a ton of changes to be successful at the next level. Those are projections. They don’t happen automatically. Usually you take those kinds of risks later in the draft, not #1.

  7. I use to think the Hand size was joke, that QB’s need bigger than 10in hands, until Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson broke the fumble record in a limited amount of games, Baker still had 7 fumbles, both guys have under 10in hands. Kyler has smaller hands then both of them. just saying.

  8. Maybe the Cardinals realize they made a mistake selecting Rosen and want to fix the mistake as soon as possible.

    Here are the other quarterbacks taken as the fourth quarterback selected in their drafts.

    2018 (1st round) Josh Rosen, 2017 DeShone Kizer, 2016 Christian Hackenberg, 2015 Sean Mannion, 2014 Derek Carr, 2013 Matt Barkley, 2012 (1st round) Brandon Weeden, 2011 (1st round) Christian Ponder, 2010 Colt McCoy, 2009 Pat White, 2008 Chad Henne, 2007 John Beck, 2006 Kellen Clemens, 2005 Charlie Frye, 2004 (1st round) J.P. Losman, 2003 (1st round) Rex Grossman, 2002 Josh McCown

  9. I’ll just go by the eye test: Rosen is hot trash. Sure their line stunk but so do a lot of o lines in the league but no one was as bad as “The Rosen One.” Arizona needs a better quarterback. Kingsbury is on the record as loving Murray BEFORE he was even in the NFL. Murray is a better fit for Kingsbury’s air raid offense and his mobility is far superior to Rosen’s as he’ll have to deal with a turnstile in front of him. You think Kingsbury wants to stake his career on a guy he didn’t draft when he can scoop up the guy he loves? They need to appear to really like Rosen to increase his trade value or they’re going to get stuck taking a 3rd rounder or worse for him.

  10. I don’t think there is some master plan out there. The dude just didn’t interview well and word leaked. Stuff leaks all the time from these interviews. Players have leaked about weird questions they have been asked and teams have leaked responses from players to questions. Stop with the conspiracy business.

  11. Trading away Rosen sets them back 5 years. They would have wasted a top 10 pick and a couple other draft picks only to receive a 3 Rd pick back? Then you run the risk of Murray being a bust (odds are 50/50 on QBs in round 1 hitting to start with) I’m not a Rosen fan by any means and I don’t believe he will ever be a top QB in this league. I do however think he can be effective and can win games. I’m not sold on the Murray hype train. I think he’s a bust.

  12. I think everyone is scheming one way or another to get the guy they want. I don’t think the cards are interested in drafting him at #1. They will lose about 8 million if they trade him away. I watched every Cards game last year unfortunately, and Rosen showed enough to give him another year. He was absolutely plastered by opposing defenses, and didn’t receive any help from the O-LINE and WRs. If he doesn’t put out this year, then we will be in similar drafting position next year. Murray isn’t that great of a QB prospect. He is nowhere as good as Mahomes or Wilson, despite what some are saying.

  13. Rosen can become a solid QB if given a good OL. Keep Rosen and try to trade down and if not offered anything decent keep the pick and draft best available player( many holes to fill). Building the O line is top priority

  14. If the cards were smart which they are not, they would trade the first pick so they have two first round picks. No team is going to be dumb enough to draft murray in the first round except the cards.

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