John Kuhn announces his retirement

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Fullback John Kuhn was out of the NFL in 2018, but he didn’t announce his retirement as an active player as the year played out.

That announcement came on Wednesday. The Packers released the news about a player who spent nine of his 12 seasons in Green Bay.

“John was a terrific football player and tremendous teammate who contributed to many years of success for the Packers,” Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst said in a statement. “He was a true professional whose work ethic and leadership set a great example both on the field and in the locker room. We want to thank John and his family for all they did for the Packers and in the community as well as wish them nothing but the best.”

Kuhn entered the league as an undrafted free agent with the Steelers and saw his first action in nine 2006 games for the team. He moved on to the Packers the next year and played in 139 games for the team over the next nine years. He won a Super Bowl, went to three Pro Bowls and closed out his career by playing two years with the Saints.

Kuhn ran 217 times for 658 yards and 19 touchdowns and caught 98 passes for 642 yards and nine touchdowns over his entire career.

14 responses to “John Kuhn announces his retirement

  1. Probably one of the last fullbacks to ever retire from the NFL after a full career. Happy retirement, John.


  2. I think Brian Gutekunst covered it all.
    John was a true professional and an obvious fan favorite for his work ethic and fierce tenacity.
    And let us not forget, a two time Super Bowl Champion.
    I really have enjoyed watching him play over the years.

  3. Like so many great Packer players before him, he retires with the legacy of a World Champion, and has the rings to prove it.

    In a world where a half century of perpetual participant ribbons is acceptable to so many millennial snowflakes, these former Packer greats stand out for their ability and tenacity to have actually accomplished something meaningful.

    His legacy was earned. His legacy is secure.

    Well done John!

  4. Solid player, but geez I probably got as tired of hearing those Kuuuuhhhnnnn chants as Packers’ fans tire of hearing the gjallarhorn.

  5. Normally I don’t wear player jersey’s of someone once they leave the team.

    Kuhn and Nelson are my exceptions to that.

    Congratulations on a great career John.

    Now for some speculation, anybody that caught John on the Clubhouse broadcasts knows he is a natural in front of a microphone. His football knowledge is also as good as any coach. MNF by chance? He would be way better than Witten……

  6. A guy who plays at a position that seemed to be getting phased out for the last several years, for him to keep making 53 man rosters shows, how really good he was.

  7. Randy Gerbschmidt, Esq. says:
    March 6, 2019 at 4:28 pm
    I find it disgusting that Packer fans are saying all these nice things about John Kuhn now that he’s retired, but when he was playing they booed him every time he got the ball


    Now that’s funny

  8. Retired as a Packer. Fitting end to a fine career.

    Thanks for the memories John👏


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