Kyler Murray’s agent unloads on Charley Casserly


On Tuesday, former NFL G.M. Charley Casserly appeared on the NFL’s in-house TV network and strayed from his analyst role by reporting on anonymously-provided opinions regarding the Scouting Combine interviews of Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray. PFT previously has addressed the comments, analyzed them, and suggested a possible motive for Casserly’s one-two punch regarding the knock on Murray and the notion that the Cardinals were shopping current quarterback Josh Rosen in Indianapolis.

On Wednesday morning, Murray’s college coach responded strongly to Casserly’s criticism of the 2018 Heisman Trophy winner, and Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley told Dan Patrick that “I’ve personally spoken with the majority of teams that he met with [at the Combine] and everyone was glowing about their conversations with Kyler . . . basically the complete opposite of what Charley said.”

Now, agent Erik Burkhardt has added his voice to the defense of Murray. Burkhardt gave the following quotes on Wednesday afternoon to PFT.

“My initial reaction was to laugh because I knew the ‘old guard’ would inevitably try to come up with the usual pre-draft nonsense,” Burkhardt said. “But when I later watched this man say what he did, it was over-the-top and definitely felt personal, and that’s when I got pissed off.”

How pissed off did Burkhardt get? Pretty pissed off.

“First and foremost, Kyler is an exemplary person,” Burkhardt said. “He is everything you hope your own son grows up to become. We’re talking about a young man who has done everything right and worked relentlessly his entire life to achieve and push for greatness. We’re talking about the first human ever drafted in the top 10 in two major sports leagues, and who just completed the greatest single season in football history. You will not find even one former teammate or coach at any level in any sport who’s played with Kyler Murray who has anything remotely negative to say about him, his leadership, or his work ethic.”

Burkhardt then shifted from defending Murray to attacking Casserly.

“So what do I think about an agenda-driven ‘analyst’ who’s never once even talked to Kyler or any of his coaches or teammates?” Burkhardt said. “I think it’s disgusting and embarrassing and Casserly should be ashamed of himself.

“Further, my business partners and I personally represent coaches and executives who sat in on eight of Kyler’s 10 formal combine interviews. I spoke directly to each of them, as well as executives from the other two teams and many others who I don’t represent but were present, and all of them were extremely positive about his entire interviews, with each citing specific examples as to why.”

Burkhardt brought it home with a dash of snark directed at Casserly.

“The bottom line here is that it calls into question the motives of a man to get on national television and cite anonymous sources on things such as ‘leadership’ and ‘study habits’ about somebody he’s never met,” Burkhardt said. “Look, If you don’t like Kyler’s game, it’s cool. If you don’t like his size and want to talk about that, that’s fine, too. If you’re into a Heath Shuler-type looking guy, then hype those guys and say why. But when you slander the character and work ethic of a young man who’s worked his ass off his entire life and done everything right to put himself in his current position, you’d better cite your sources and come with a better record than 18-46 as a G.M. of the Texans, and whose own leadership and accountability has been questioned by his old bosses and colleagues, as well as the greatest coach on the planet.”

That last reference was to Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who said in 2010, “Who’s been wrong more than Charley Casserly since he left the Redskins? His percentage is like a meteorologist.”

Right or wrong, Casserly has reminded everyone over the past 24 hours that he’s still around. And Casserly will be forever connected to Murray, with Casserly’s take either refuted or vindicated by whatever Murray does at the next level.

Regardless, Burkhardt’s point is that Casserly’s take is based on information that easily could be tainted by bias and swayed by agenda. The reporting is incomplete, with sweeping conclusions based on indeterminate bits and pieces that lack the kind of clarity and reliability that would make them suitable for publication or discussion on TV, or anywhere else.

And, yes, Burkhardt has a bias, too. But his is obvious; he represents Murray. Casserly’s comments may be infected by a bias that isn’t apparent, and/or by a vetting procedure that isn’t nearly as exacting as the one that applies to the NFL’s actual in-house reporters.

95 responses to “Kyler Murray’s agent unloads on Charley Casserly

  1. I’m not a fan of Murray’s style or game but I have to respect the agent for coming out molten hot…reminds me of Ari Gold…

    Shot’s Fired! “coming for you Davies”

  2. Good Lord this is turning into a ridiculous soap opera…

    This would only be news if someone of the interviewers told Burkhardt that his client sucked. But since that was never going to happen, no news here.

  3. Good Lord this is turning into a ridiculous soap opera…

    This would only be news if one of the interviewers told Burkhardt that his client sucked. But since that was never going to happen, no news here.

  4. So Erik said what Erik is getting paid to say because if he doesn’t Erik’s pay won’t be as much as Erik was hoping for? Gotcha.

  5. My guess is there is probably something to the comments made by Casserly. Instead of searching for all the reasons why Casserly may have lied, why don’t you look into seeing if any of the statements are true. You all knew who he talked to. Instead of speculating do some actual journalistic investigation and report back.

  6. I’m doubling down on my support for Casserly and his statements. He’s forgotten more about football than Burkhardt will ever know. This love affair for Murray continues to be confusing. The guy is a 4th round draft pick, 3rd round at best if you want to reach for him and turn him into a slot receiver!

  7. Of course his agent is going to defend him it’s his job. Casserly is well respected but this time he is wrong. Btw the cards only made contact with 1 team about Rosen there intent was too create an illusion that they are into Murray to get a nice draft haul. Rosen will stay

  8. Look, Casserly was a disaster as a GM. But this isn’t a case of him giving an opinion. He’s telling us what others have told him. Of course he’s not going to cite his sources and no one will admit to telling him those things. He’d only end up with a bunch of unemployed sources and no one would ever tell him anything again. The draft isn’t exciting for me now since the team I’ve cheered for my entire life usually picks at the end of the draft. 6 times #32 and 3 times #31 over this millennium. But why would Charlie lie?

  9. Casserly has to name his sources, otherwise, he made the whole thing up at the behest of the team that hopes Murray slides down the draft.

  10. Casserly should be ashamed. He went way over the top with his comments. He even doubled down today.

    It’s one thing to say, I heard it wasn’t the best interview – but to say he has no leadership, work ethic or is a dumbo on the whiteboard is just going way too far. It did sound personal.

  11. “We’re talking about the first human ever drafted in the top 10 in two major sports leagues.” What league other than baseball did he get drafted in the top 10? I think he’s jumping the gun a bit.

    I also wouldn’t say backing out on his signed baseball contract is doing everything right.

  12. When a college football player goes to the NFL combine and does nothing other than get measured for height and weight, there are bound to be skeptics. You want people to talk about how good you are? Go out against your competition and show them who’s the best. Murray screwed himself by skipping combine work.

  13. Yeah, because agents are so honest and truthful.

  14. “We’re talking about the first human ever drafted in the top 10 in two major sports leagues”

    Not sure who he is referring to here. Kyler Murray certainly hasn’t been drafted in the top 10 of two sports leagues.

  15. Wow, Charlie Casserly has really struck a major nerve. It’s hilarious. Burkhardt is going to have to do a major PR campaign for Kyler.

  16. second or third round choice being worked by agent in conjunction with gms who are hoping that better qbs will slide to them. Not brain surgery.

  17. We know Burkhardt has reasons to be biased. That doesn’t mean he is, but it’s…likely. But what if Casserly is NOT being biased. What if this is indeed what he has heard, from legit front office people? All this talk of potential biases and agendas for Casserly is pretty presumptive – maybe he’s just being straight and that’s all there is to it?

  18. I’m sure the agents compensation for representing a number one overall pick is sizable . Thus, agent is doing his job. But whoever advised Murray not to participate at the combine did him a disservice. It’s like saying,” I am great you are just going to have to take my word on it”.

  19. “We’re talking about the first human ever drafted in the top 10 in two major sports leagues.”

    Not only is he an agent. He is a soothsayer.
    And probably as reliable as Miss Cleo.

  20. Funny I don’t remember Casserly ever saying that Murray was a bad kid , that he did not work his butt off or that he was not talented , the things his agent says we’re not relevant .

    Murray can be all the things his agent says he is and still not be viable candidate as an NFL QB , the things Casserly reported were about Murrays Brain, Football IQ, not having an understanding to breaking down plays and reading defenses , never heard Casserly question Murray’s character. I also never heard his agent say Murray was actually good at anything Casserly said he was bad at…that’s a fact

    Why would Casserly lie about what was said to him ? He said what he was told , wrong , right or indifferent ….The heat Casserly is facing is nonsense

  21. Who guaranteed to his agent he was getting drafted top 10 in the NFL draft?

  22. Nobody came to Josh Rosen or Baker Mayfield defense last year! There’s a reason for this outcry for this Young Man. Stephan A Smith and Max Kellerman killed Casserly today! Last year they let far worse criticism of Rosen just pass on by! Please!!!!!

  23. Wondering why the agent hasn’t had some former player like Romo do some board work with KM, a light interview and then release it?

    Probably because he know it would have to be exceptionally scripted to reverse the narrative and it would be obvious.

    We’ve seen his ad hoc interviews and they aren’t inconsistent with Charley’s report. Local station had draft guru on radio and he wouldn’t refute Casserly’s report either. He talks to the same people.

  24. So the agent blasts the guy about garbage information and then trots out garbage information….His client, by any measure, did not have the greatest season ever in any category. He did not even have the greatest season by a QB at his own school. Maybe he will be a good QB in the NFL but his character is already on display with what he did with the As. His initial display of integrity does not bode well for his success in the NFL. Beyond that, Casserly, who I have no love for, merely said what he heard about the interviews. It is one thing to have an agenda and drop hints toward it and another to be firm about things he heard. How many times do we have to hear an agent say what a great guy his client is only to find out they were animals?

  25. I don’t understand what all the fear is all about. Andrew Luck’s agent wasn’t afraid of negative criticism. John Elway’s agent didn’t care. Charley Casserly has been around a long time. By now, most people already have an opinion of Charley. I would also think most big decision makers are confident in their own ability to evaluate QB’s. To me, this just totally makes Murray’s agent look bad, and sounding like he has something to hide. Just my opinion. I think if he would have ignored Casserly, he’d make his client look better. By trying to eliminate freedom of speech, I think he looks like a bad representative. Wow. Could you imagine his client and the NY media? OMG! I think someone needs a new agent.

  26. Very good points by both parties, however in the past past have done much worst for whatever reason….ie Doug Williams was not mentally capable of playing NFL Football. Now, he owns a Super Bowl ring… problem attacking a players game, but should never attack the character or work habits, if you are not willing to but you’re name on it.

  27. This Casserly guy is worse than Kiper. If you never spoke to a player or his reps then why 3rd party a “story.” He said, she said nonsense

  28. lobstasandmobstas says:
    March 6, 2019 at 4:54 pm
    I’m not a fan of Murray’s style or game but I have to respect the agent for coming out molten hot…reminds me of Ari Gold…

    What is there to respect? Agents are slime, and use the athletes to make money for themselves. Of course the Agent is going to come out firing, in hopes of preventing Murray from sliding on draft day. The higher he gets picked, the more money the slimeball agent makes

  29. charlie is a living legend the guy built super bowl winning teams and he is right more then he is wrong. this murray kid thinks he is already a hall of famer. the kids head is so big right now he looks like a pop figure. i wouldnt draft this kid.of course his agent is going to yell liar liar because he wants his five percent of the number one pick.All before the interviews reporters were reporting rosen was on the trade block but today they say he isnt. I think arizona interviewed this diva and decided he wasnt worth the risk and took rosen off the block.

  30. So many people want Casserly to be correct and Kyle to fail. It’s a shame honestly.

    You’ve got a dude that’s worked his tail off his entire life. Won 3 state championships in Texas(!) in the toughest division and the toughest state. Played 2 sports. Started in both and got drafted in 1. Won the Heisman in the other and is about to get drafted in that one as well.

    This is literally something you tell your grand-kids you saw. This sort of thing doesn’t happen. But now-a-days its not about that. It’s about who can make the snarkiest comment and get the most likes. Shameful mate..

  31. Shock, agent worried about going 1 or 10 and losing a ton of money.
    I believe Casserly in that he said several people, unnamed of course, told the same story. It wasnt one disgruntled interviewer it was several who pretty much gave the same criticism.

    But of course the agent met with all the interviewers and none admitted to this. Gee what a shock. He knows how this game is played. So does Casserly.

  32. Josh Rosen was criticized for being a poor leader, soft, not loving football, etc. So why is it some kind of crime to just report criticism of Murray?

  33. I love how all these guys in the media just blindly defend Murray like the possibility of him bombing interviews and being unprepared just isnt possible. Did you see Murray on radio row? It was painful. Dodging questions, one word answers, looking over to dad after almost every question… and that’s softball radio row questions. Why is it so hard to believe he bombed interviews at the combine, which are much harder than anything he saw on radio row, which he bombed and knew was coming. It almost seems logical based off what Murray has shown from that side that he bombed combine interviews.

  34. Anyone else kind of thrown off by the comment that Murray is the only “human” to be drafted in the top 10 of 2 different professional sports? Strange wording

  35. Bottom line is, Murray could end up being a great NFL QB, a total flop, or something in between. He is certainly going to be good enough to go as a high draft pick and get his chance. The NFL Combine is the sort of event where some guys shine, and others maybe don’t feel relaxed and have their best day. This sort of controversy surrounding a player is actually a good thing; it piques the fans interest; you really want to see the guy play.

  36. And the agent completely failed to refute anything Casserly said. leadership qualities? Give us a couple of examples. Study habits? Show us Murray knows his playbook by diagraming some old plays. Work habits? Show us his training schedule. Yet he did none of these things, which leads us to believe the criticisms are TRUE.

  37. “I spoke directly to each of them, as well as executives from the other two teams and many others who I don’t represent but were present…”

    “The bottom line here is that it calls into question the motives of a man to get on national television and cite anonymous sources…”

    I understand that an agents gotta do what he’s gotta do to defend his client, but it’s pretty hypocritical to criticize Casserly for citing anonymous sources by- wait for it- citing anonymous sources.

  38. He’s reporting what he was told by at least 3 team officials. The only opinion, was that the feedback was the worst he’s ever heard. He could have provided specifics, but chose not to, probably to avoid piling on.

    Either you think he is lying, or the agenda is your own as his agent because he’s looked like a complete buffoon in every interview he’s had prior to the Combine and that fault goes directly towards yourself for putting him in that position NUMEROUS TIMES.

    I believe Casserly. Now whether his sources have an agenda, who knows, but nothing Casserly has done in 30 years suggests he would be diabolical enough to make this up for no good reason.

  39. JPOH33 says:
    March 6, 2019 at 6:40 pm

    Josh Rosen was criticized for being a poor leader, soft, not loving football, etc. So why is it some kind of crime to just report criticism of Murray?


    Whitlock and Wiley on Kyler Murray criticism: It goes with being the No. 1 pick in the draft

  40. Again, Murray is being compared to Wilson and Brees because of his height. But, go look at Murray’s college career to Wilson and Brees college career. They both started for 4 years. He started 1 year. One of the biggest unsung predeterminates of a successful pro career is starts in college.

  41. The odds are against Murray. They truly are against any 1-5 overall pick. Most of the time they just don’t end up being worthy of the selection. I truly have not seen any of the QB’s play. Don’t have to.. The odds are against them. For every Payton Manning or Elway.. Their are a dozen Ken Obrien’s, Drunkenmiller’s, Russells, Akili Smith’s, Marinovich’s, Lineart’s, etc etc etc. ad nauseum. Time will tell who was right.

  42. Charley should know in this day and age of a hypocritical media, that you can not level any criticism at a minority, no matter how deserved it is. Remember last year all the teeth gnashing over someone having the gall to ask lamar Jackson to switch positions? None of that this year with trace mcsorley.

  43. this kid already has shown us he is a idiot because he is playing football over baseball. baseball pays better.benefits are so much better for MLB. retirement benefits are much easier to come by and pay much more. like i said not to bright.

  44. “We’re talking about the first human ever drafted in the top 10 in two major sports leagues…”

    Not yet.

  45. it’s also possible that Casserly’s information source was true, but unknown is that Kyler was deciding which teams he DIDN’T want to draft him, and ‘blowing’ interviews and chalkboard lessons and other non-field activities, he could very well accomplish it.

    Seems easier then doing it the John Elway “I’m playing for the Yankees” way… but here’s another player that could threaten a ‘flip’ if he doesn’t get the team he wants.

  46. We’ll know on draft day what the real truth is. Until then everything said is suspect.

  47. A lot of people want this guy to fail for some reason. Every draft there’s a player, for no valid sense, that gets piled on. No idea as to why Casserly singled him out. He should do that to every player in the draft then. He’d blow a gasket if someone said this about one of his grandkids.

  48. Casserly was paid a lot of money to come to the decision that Todd Bowles would be an excellent coach. How does anyone even listen to what this guy thinks anymore ?

  49. Casserly knows more about the NFL, personnel, and evaluating college players than Riley, Murray, or his agent. OF COURSE the people Riley talked with gave glowing reviews! They don’t know him and they aren’t going to play their hand.

    Murray might be the next Manziel: $50 million talent with a $0.50 head on his shoulders. Or not. But he’s far from a sure thing.

  50. For everyone saying Casserly doesnt know anything,or was a disaster as a gm,the guy won 3 Super-Bowls as a G.M.,soooo maybe he knows a little bit about football

  51. I mean, step back and think about this.

    Colin Cowherd did this kind of crap to Baker Mayfield (albeit to his face) and Chuck Casserly did this on his own, not in front of Murray.

    Now, Baker Mayfield is out here flipping off Cowherd every chance he gets, but gets Cowherd’s name out of his mouth constantly. Cowherd isn’t here for up votes and doesn’t lose money for down votes, he just gets paid because you voted.

    The average NFL fan didn’t even know who Casserly was until this week.

  52. When I was in high school I was a huge fan of pro wrestling. There was a character that used to make goofy philosophical points that deep down after you laughed at them made a ton of sense. My favorite was “How many times does the car tip over before Fred Flintstone realizes the Brontosaurus rib is too big?”

    In this case how many straight years of “draft insiders” being completely wrong about the status of players and teams opinions of them before sports fans realize that NFL teams don’t tell analysts, reporters or anyone else about their draft boards or opinions of players. Casserly does what every other analyst does this time of year. He gives HIS opinion of the player but tries to make it official by attributing his opinion to anonymous sources. Since he is a former NFL GM he believes all GM’s think like he does.

    Or maybe I’m wrong and Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen were the two highest picked QB’s in last years draft and Baker Mayfield went in a later round because of his size and the fact that he wasn’t NFL ready and had character issues. You know like the Analysts were saying this time last year.

    There is a possibility that Casserly is right about Murray but it will have been a lucky guess and not because someone in an NFL front office actually ran to him and bashed this kid.

  53. kemp13 says:
    March 7, 2019 at 7:50 am
    Casserly knows more about the NFL, personnel, and evaluating college players than Riley, Murray, or his agent. OF COURSE the people Riley talked with gave glowing reviews! They don’t know him and they aren’t going to play their hand.

    Casserly’s talent evaluation skills demonstrate a very long record of being wrong. He may know a lot, but he forgot it a long time ago. His record of advice and evaluations over the last decade is horrible and that’s being kind.

    His report is little more than repeating anonymous gossip. Murray may stink, but Casserly has no idea. And Casserly saying Murray stinks should actually increase Murray’s draft stock. There isn’t a GM out there that would do more than try to very quickly forget anything Casserly said.

    The comments about Murray not being a first rounder, stinking, etc. may be 100% correct, but the real core of this discussion is Casserly and his unfounded gossip with no back up. It’s all he said she said, someone said but I can’t tell you who. Casserly is too stupid to realize he is being used as a pawn by some team or teams who doesn’t want to have to trade up to get Murray. Casserly who is dying to be relevant in any way he can has once again made a fool of himself.

  54. Hard to criticize Burkhardt here. He the agent of the year. He got Kliff Kingsbury a head job in the NFL 2 months after being fired my a mediocre college program.

    Now hes got a 5’10 QB going #1.

    Ypu can question a lot about Murray but his agent is on fire.

  55. He was probably paid by a team to say that and therefore will never, ever give up his source.

  56. Last year at this time you would have been lead to believe Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson (supposed to be a WR, remember?) were the two worst loads of crap every to play QB.

  57. Murray is nothing but a white Johnny Manziel without the baggage, he wont last in the NFL very long.

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