Raiders, Colts expected to pursue Tyrell Williams

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Tyrell Williams is only 26 and the best outside receiver on the free agent market. The former Chargers receiver is expected to find a lot of interest.

The Raiders are poised to make a “serious run” at signing Williams, Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports added the Colts to the list of pursuers, along with Oakland.

La Canfora expects Williams’ yearly average to top $12 million.

Williams caught 41 passes for 653 yards and five touchdowns in 16 games last season. In the past three seasons with the Chargers, he played all 48 games and made 153 catches for 2,440 yards and 16 touchdowns. He played only four games in 2015.

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  1. TW will be an excellent reliever. He is young, and consistently improving. Tall and fast. He went over 1000 yards as the #1 when KA13 was out. This years #s were down, as he was the #3 receiver. 12 mil a year sounds high, but good for him if he can get it. He will be a top 15 receiver if used properly

  2. “La Canfora expects Williams’ yearly average to top $12 million.”Good for him if he can get $12M. However those numbers don’t indicate he’s worth that much. His YPC are pretty intriguing though.

  3. Just 2 years ago the Raiders looked like an up-and-coming young team and a player like Williams would’ve seriously considered them for a market-value deal. At this point however, I doubt that Williams would seriously consider the Raiders unless they grossly overpay and even in such a case there’s still a high level of doubt about whether he’d consider coming to play for someone like Gruden.

  4. It’s nice to see the Faiders are interested in all these players but do you really think these guy’s want to play with that terrible team in that terrible stadium?

  5. The reason Tyrell Williams isn’t high on the Chargers’ depth chart – is because despite subbing when Keenan Allen went down – his hands and route running have never been consistent. He’s fast and will catch balls when he’s wide open – but sometimes he has trouble catching balls in tight coverage, something with which #1 receiver Keenan Allen excels.

    Meanwhile, first round draft choice Mike Williams – who was always a super tall beast with big hands and great leaping ability – was #3 on the depth chart in 2018 – after spending his rookie year rehabbing from a back injury. After his break out season last year catching clutch passes and rushing jet sweeps for chunk yardage in big games – it was obvious he would rise higher than Tyrell on the depth chart.

    If Tyrell gets better at route running and “chasing the ball” – instead of letting the ball arrive – he will be a good addition on any team. But right now, his biggest skill is speed. Defenses know they have to keep Tyrell in front of them – because he has more difficulty on mid-range routes in tight coverage. He tends to catch long balls only if he’s wide open in busted coverage. His first couple of years he frustrated fans with his drops and there’s always this gut feeling that at clutch time, you can’t throw reliably to him and expect him to go after the ball and reel it down. There are too many talented receivers on the Charger roster. It would be nice to keep him, but not for the money he wants.

  6. Where the heck are these players getting these salary demands from, 12 million is way high. He is pricing himself as elite, which he has not achieved. If a team pays that they deserve the fallout which will ensue. At some point, performance based salaries need to be implemented. ( standard rate plus multiple incentives thus, the higher the performance the greater the salary). Makes more sense! Williams was a #3 on a very talented Chargers WR group. Perform as an elite receiver and then you will paid as one!

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