Keenum trade is a win-win-win

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The Broncos have pulled it off. And Washington has pulled it off. And Case Keenum has pulled it off.

Thursday’s needle-threading trade solved a problem for all three parties, putting each in a better position than they would have occupied but for the trade.

Denver dumped Keenum’s $18 million base salary and, more importantly, reduced its 2019 obligation to Keenum from $7 million to $4 million. The Broncos also picked up a sixth-round pick in 2020 from Washington for a seventh-round pick in 2020.

Washington obtained a viable contender for the team’s starting quarterback job for only $3.5 million, with relatively minor draft-pick compensation. Now, Keenum can compete with Colt McCoy, and the better man will win the job. Washington also won’t have to use a high-round draft pick on a quarterback, or trade for Josh Rosen.

Keenum ends up with $500,000 more than he would have gotten if he’d been cut by Denver, given that he wouldn’t have gotten $7 million the open market. He’ll instead get $7.5 million, and he’s landing in one of the only spots where he has a reasonable chance to win the starting job.

And even though Keenum struggled last year in Denver, he had a great 2017 season in Minnesota. Keenum has a knack for escaping the pocket, moving laterally, buying time, and eventually finding wide-open receivers. In a favorable offense like the one that Jay Gruden runs, Keenum could be better than most expect.

28 responses to “Keenum trade is a win-win-win

  1. The Eagles are probably happy about this trade. At least they know that Nick Foles won’t be going to Washington. Also, Case Keenum strikes no fear in their hearts (38-7 in the NFC Championship Game!). Jeff Lurie should send a bottle of the best champagne over to Danny Boy Snyder.

  2. Uh yeah that’s your opinion.. Denver still doesn’t have a QB it can win with

  3. If by a win for Washington you mean a 6-10 record and finally get rid of Gruden, then yes I agree.

  4. Except for Elway who once again proves what an incompetent buffoon he is. Us broncos fans are screwed as long as Elway is free to make blunder after blunder…

  5. Case Keenum is a classic example of a ” One-Hit Wonder ” . He holds every major passing record in major college football , and wasn’t even drafted !!!

  6. I don’t understand how he went from being owed 18 mill to 7 mill by being traded……..

  7. They won’t use their first round pick now probably..but I’d hope they take one and try to develop him in the later rounds. They had some success in the fourth round though..

  8. That’s putting a lot of lipstick on a pig.

    The only reason Washington wanted him was because of the 3.5 mill price tag and that was the only option Denver had besides outright release.

    It’s still amazing that Elway brought in Flacco who actually has had worse stats over the last 4 years than the guy he couldn’t wait to get rid of.

  9. domedudecolorado says:
    March 7, 2019 at 9:22 pm
    Except for Elway who once again proves what an incompetent buffoon he is. Us broncos fans are screwed as long as Elway is free to make blunder after blunder…

    Yeah, he’s only the winingest GM through his first five years in history.

  10. Case will do well in Washington and find his groove along with Crowder, Doctson, Reed,Davis,Chris Thompson, Lets GO !!!!!

  11. PrincePaul says:
    March 7, 2019 at 9:50 pm
    I don’t understand how he went from being owed 18 mill to 7 mill by being traded……..
    Don’t expect reporting here. You have to click on his name and read the Rotoworld news. They used to show salary info in the basic profile but removed it for some reason. However, there is a news story that explains he only had $7 million guaranteed out of $18 and he agreed to a restructuring waiving the $11 million in exchange for a $500,000 bonus. Then Denver agreed to pay part of it to get Washington to trade for him. The $7 million guarantee had offets wich would mean if he signed as a free agent for less than $7 million, that’s all he could get total. That’s how they arrive at the explanation, without explaining it, that he is getting $500,000 more than if they cut him and Denver is paying $4 million and Washington $3.5.

  12. Someone please tell me why Keenum reworked his contract for $500,000 more than he was guaranteed for just for breathing by Denver for the opportunity to move to the DC Metro where it will cost him more than $500,000 to live and pay taxes on the $7.5 million.

  13. I’m not mad at this. For the price, he’s a solid option. Hopefully he plays like he did the year before last and if he doesn’t we’ll draft a better qb next year with better options. And now we have our draft picks to spice up our receiving core, o-line and secondary. We just need to learn how to draft better. Don’t forget that in 2016 we drafted Doctson in the first round 22nd overall while michael thomas got selected 47th and tyreek hill went 165th in the 5th round!

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