Report: ESPN scraps BoogerMobile

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ESPN hasn’t announced who will replace Jason Witten on the Monday Night Football crew with play-by-play announcer Joe Tessitore and sideline reporter Lisa Salters. But the sports network has decided to scrap the BoogerMobile, the sideline crane Booger McFarland sat atop most of last season, Michael McCarthy of The Sporting News reports.

McFarland could remain a part of the Monday Night broadcast.

McFarland’s sideline high chair went away at the end of last season, with the former defensive tackle spending the last four games in the broadcast booth with Witten and Tessitore.

ESPN announced in a statement last week it would determine its MNF team in the “coming weeks.”

The sports network could move McFarland into the booth, going back to a two-man announcing team. Or it could hire Greg Olsen, Louis Riddick, Matt Hasselbeck, Rex Ryan or someone else to continue with a three-man team. Or it could hire somebody new and move on from McFarland.

The only certainty today is the BoogerMobile is no more.

33 responses to “Report: ESPN scraps BoogerMobile

  1. I dont blame Booger…I blame ESPN for trying to re-invent the wheel. Too many shenanigans in the modern day NFL broadcast. What’s wrong with the good old-fashioned
    2-man booth? No sideline reporters, no endzone reporters, no guys riding around in go-karts, just a Madden/Summerall type game.

    All of the other stuff takes away from seeing the actual game.

  2. Good, I never like the Booger chair nor the Booger comments on the chair.
    And his booth stuff was worse than Witten !!

  3. Back to the basics!! When ur impeding the view of fans trying to watch the game live, all to have a guy make irrelevant, dumbfounded comments…you need to go back to what works! Good call

  4. Whoever the ESPN head honcho was that decided to hire Witten as a broadcaster should be fired immediately. He was THAT terrible.

    In fact when I heard Witten was going back to the Cowboys my first thought was that he got fired from Monday Night Football first.

  5. Good it was stupid to begin with. ESPN at some point will have to understand that NOBODY is tuning into MNF for these ridiculous gimmicks. The games sell themselves.

  6. Booger favors SEC players and his opinion comes across as the end all be all………he annoyed the heck out of me when on the college set. Nothing has changed with him in the NFL playcalling circle.

  7. You might actually get to watch part of the game if they keep cutting back on the various hosts and countless related gimmicks. Can’t have that! Time to find somebody known for their crazy hats.

  8. Thank you, ESPN!

    Boogers was horrible – he was so arrogant – and it sounded like if Boogers said something, there was no reason to ever discuss it again. He has a voice made for a bank vault and to never be heard from again. His insight was rarely appropriate. And he was a distraction. If he is so valuable, put him in the booth, but never ever have someone like that again offering his two cents worth when we should have been paid $2k to listen to his nauseating voice and opinion.

  9. MNF Viewers in 2017: Nothing can be worse than listening to Jon Gruden for 3 hours

    Jason Witten and Booger McFarland: Hold our beers!

  10. Well, they have half the job done. Now finish the job. There may be hope for the volume control next season after all.

  11. Fun gimmick, but it was never meant to last and, well, Boog agreed to it. In the end it was a stupid idea…not every stadium is set up to do what he did effectively. And what he did from there wasn’t much different from what he could do in a booth. There will be a season where it works, but 2018 was not it.

    Again, it’s not the announcers’ fault. They’re put at the games they call with the people they call them, because the company (ESPN) says so. Boog deserves better, and I hope he gets it.

  12. Get Rid of Tessitore as well, the guys tries to over hype any big moment instead of letting the moment speak for themselves and adding to it, (see Rams Vs Chiefs) where he yelled almost the entire game.

  13. Oh God, no Peyton please! 15 years of listening to his ridiculous cornpone in 50,000 30 second commercials – I can’t imagine having to listen for 3 hours! Enough is enough.

  14. I can only say that I’m incredibly happy. I never want to see someone lose a job but… Booger is better suited in the studio where he has scripted comments. Moving him to the booth will not help, it will likely be worse. I don’t care for his commentary during the game. In fact, I turn the sound completely off if there is any chance that I will have to listen to him speak. Just can’t listen to him at all.. It’s like someone raking their fingernails across a chalkboard to me. Sorry Boog, I do like his draft insight though. Maybe he would be better in studio.

  15. You mean there are actual people who don’t mute MNF?

    Hey ESPN – want to shake things up? Give us the skycam with no commentating. Just “sounds of the game”. Enjoy!

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