Report: Teams approached Bears about Jordan Howard trade

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The Bears were mentioned as a potential landing spot for Kareem Hunt before Hunt signed with the Browns, but their failure to land him may not stop them from making moves in their offensive backfield.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that teams approached the Bears about trading for Jordan Howard at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis last week. Per the report, the Bears were receptive enough to the overtures that discussions are “ongoing” with the start of the new league year less than a week away.

Howard is set to make $2.025 million in 2019 after accruing enough playing time to qualify for the proven performance escalators included in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. It is the final year of the rookie deal he signed after being drafted in the fifth round of the 2016 draft.

Howard ran for at least 1,122 yards in each of his first two seasons, but finished with 950 yards while splitting time with Tarik Cohen during the 2018 campaign. Howard has not shown much as a receiver over his three NFL seasons, so a time share is likely to be in his future whether he’s in Chicago or not.

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  1. Howard is a nice back, but he’s nothing special. If the Bears can get something of value for him, why not trade him? Running backs are a dime a dozen these days anyway.

  2. He’s a good back when used the right way. When the Bears would line him and Cohen in the backfield and keep the defense guessing, they were pretty effective. I’m a little surprised the Bears would want to trade a player with that low of a cap number.

  3. Why do i get the impression that every one of these reports about teams “being approached” come from the teams trying to get rid of the player?

  4. Howard would be an awesome backup or power back in the right system. Unfortunately Nagy’s offense isn’t the right system where the backs need to be pass catching threats. If they can get a third rounder for him and replace him with either Tevin Coleman or through the draft, that’s a win.

  5. Howard is absolutely a special back. But the right spot needs to bring that out. He ran toe to toe with the best 2 years in a row. Unfortunately Willy Wonka doesnt use that so he saw a decline.

  6. Bears shouldn’t let Howard go unless they’re sure there’s an upgrade available. He’s a good compliment to Cohen, and his cap # is fairly low. This team is good enough to win now, and Howard can help them do that.

  7. Howard’s on the last year of his contract and most likely will be looking for a big pay day going forward. He doesn’t fit the Bears offense. We need picks. Would like a 2nd rounder for him.

  8. He has been a decent back but no where near “special”.
    He rarely breaks off big runs. He improved as a pass catcher and as a blocker but he doesn’t fit Nagy’s system.
    Da Bears will be lucky to get a fourth rounder for him.

  9. The one great thing about fantasy football is YOU really do TRACK a players production. I had him all season. Nagy definitly did’nt play him and I saw no reason why. Howard is a good back….great when given the ball 15- 20 times. The Bears don’t play that type of football under Nagy so let him walk and go to a team with a run 1st, run often mentality!

  10. Am I the only Bears fan that wants him to stay around? Yes Cohens great but 2 heads are better than one. Especially when they are so cheap. Granted his $ will go up but lets keep him around Pace.

  11. I think trading him is all about the lack of draft picks that they have from the Mack trade. Pace drafted Howard in the 5th rd and Cohen in the 4th so he is more than capable of finding running backs VIA the draft. As a Bears fan I’d rather they just kept Howard for another year. Maybe he signs a big deal somewhere and you get a compensatory pick for him and get him for another year at a low salary. But I hear they have been scouting the RB’s heavy this year so expect them to find the next Kareem Hunt hopefully with a better head on his shoulders.

  12. maxdaisy says:
    March 7, 2019 at 2:28 pm
    Howard’s on the last year of his contract and most likely will be looking for a big pay day going forward. He doesn’t fit the Bears offense. We need picks. Would like a 2nd rounder for him.

    I’m sure you would.

    Most teams won’t even spend that kind of capital on a RB in the draft these days. Why would they give it up for a good but not great RB ‘on the last year of his contract and most likely looking for a big payday?’

  13. He’d be PERFECT in Pittsburgs offense (and they need 2 RBs runni g so much; and they WILL need to run w/out Brown next year…

    So maybe by offering a draft pick they DO have (3rd) Chicago could offer Howard and the pick.. for Antonio Brown?

    (It’d be worth the 3rd rd pick to get Brown; the Bears could pickup a complimentary power back in the 4th.)

  14. 20-25 years ago, Howard would’ve been Barry Foster or Natrone Means. 350 carries and 1400-1800 yds. Hes a downhill load.

    But that aint the offense Nagy is running. I wish it was, but it ain’t. So probably time to move him.

  15. Given the Vikings are unlikely to pay Murray, picking up Howard to compliment Cook would make sense. His salary is less than Murray and would help with short yardage, a huge issue last year.

  16. Why on earth would a team trade a good RB that they have under contract for peanuts? I’d let it ride with him this season, give him a ton of carries and let the next team be the sucker on the hook for his 2nd contract.

  17. Howard is a proven talent in the right fit offense. Now is the time to trade for him if you’re interested. You have his 3 years of experience plus 1 additional year to determine if he is worthy of big money. Maybe a 2nd round pick is too rich…..but I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than an early 3rd round pick.

  18. Nagy spent all summer teaching him to catch. He came out in the first week or two and made several catches. Then they stopped throwing to him and got goofy and inconsistent in their offensive game plan. They have a mediocre QB on his best days, and a very good defense. Trying to run the KC-style offense when you have Trubisky and not Mahomes is not going to end well for the Bears, I’m afraid. My point is they should not only keep Howard but they should use him as a focal point of their offense.

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