Washington adding so many former coordinators “by design”

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Not only did Washington make Greg Manusky sit in on interviews for his possible replacement, they then filled their defensive coordinator’s staff with plenty of guys with experience in his role once they decided to let him keep it.

While that may not speak well for Manusky’s job security, head coach Jay Gruden said it was a positive for the team.

I think part of it was by design, for sure,” Gruden said, via Les Carpenter of the Washington Post. “I think defensively I wanted to add some experience there to help coach Manusky without a doubt — somebody who has actually called defenses.”

They already had former 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula coaching the defensive line, and this offseason, they hired longtime NFL coordinators Ray Horton (secondary) and Rob Ryan (inside linebackers) to coach position groups.

Gruden said he thought the additions would be “a big benefit” for Manusky. He didn’t apply the same consideration to the other side of the ball, where he hired former 49ers quarterback Tim Rattay to be his quarterbacks coach despite Rattay having exactly no NFL coaching experience.

While Gruden can spin it however he wants, Manusky’s status was tenuous to begin with, and having so many guys ready to be interim coordinators if things go wrong only adds to the awkwardness of an already weird situation.

14 responses to “Washington adding so many former coordinators “by design”

  1. Just fire the guy already. You already let him know he’s gone at the first sign of trouble. I guarantee you these guys know they are auditioning for the coordinator position and they will be in Gruden’s ear undermining Manusky.

  2. I think part of it… I think defensively I wanted to…
    You think? Don’t you know? Doesn’t sound like he had any say in this if the best he can say afterwards is that he THINKS he wanted this or that.

  3. Smart by Gruden. He doesn’t want to have to make huge changes every time a coach leaves. He’s also hiring guys that have already been head coaches, and probably won’t get another opportunity. That’s good for continuity. He’ doesn’t really need experienced offensive assistants because he’s the mastermind on that side of the ball.

  4. Jay Gruden has screwed up the defensive coordinator position from day one of his tenure in Washington. It has been a display of gross incompetence. I mean who would hire a defensive coordinator whose only DC experience was a year as the coordinator of an 0-16 team? And who did Jay reject in favor of that guy: Wade Phillips.

    It is one of several reasons I would never consider Jay Gruden for a head coaching position if I was with an NFL team.

  5. r8rsfan says:
    March 7, 2019 at 9:30 am
    Rob Ryan – think about that.
    Rob Ryan as a glorified ball boy– think about that. Hiring this guy as a DC is ludicrous, but hiring him as the inside linebacker coach is a big get.

  6. Should have kept d.j. swearinger and got rid of munusky. Skins would be much better off. Skins are being dumb af.

  7. Seems like Jay only wants guys that are clearly not a threat to his job, which makes him look weak

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