Chiefs propose major changes to overtime

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Last week, Kansas City G.M. Brett Veach hinted that the Chiefs would be proposing a significant change to the overtime rules, one that would have given the Chiefs an opportunity to possess the ball after New England scored a touchdown on the first drive of overtime in the AFC Championship. As it turns out, the Chiefs are proposing much more than that.

The NFL has unveiled the rules changes proposed by the clubs, and the Chiefs have suggested three changes to overtime.

First, both teams would have an opportunity to possess the ball at least once in overtime, even if the first team to possess the ball in overtime scores a touchdown.

Second, overtime would be eliminated for the preseason.

Third, the overtime coin toss would be eliminated, and the team that wins the initial coin toss would have the option to kick or receive, or to select which goal to defend.

The fact that the Chiefs have proposed these rule changes means that the Competition Committee has decided not to do so, which will make it harder as a practical matter to muster the 24 necessary votes from the 32 teams. But each of these changes make plenty of sense.

The first proposal could lead to more regular-season ties, but it would definitely provide a more equitable approach to postseason overtime. Perhaps the better approach would be to keep the current rules in place for regular-season games, or perhaps revert to sudden death. For the postseason, it’s definitely more fair to give both teams a chance to possess the ball.

The issue first emerged nine years ago, when a first-drive field goal gave the Saints a berth in the Super Bowl, over the Vikings. After adopting in March 2010 a rule that guarantees a possession for the team that kicked off to start overtime if the receiving team scores a field goal in postseason games, the league extended the rule in May of that year to the regular season.

Super Bowl LI ended with the Patriots winning the coin toss to start overtime and scoring a first-drive touchdown. That didn’t prompt any push to change the rules, however. Two years later, New England’s ability to drive the length of the field and to score a touchdown while keeping the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes from getting a chance to match or beat the touchdown raised questions about the fairness of the approach.

The questions emerged for good reasons; the current rule isn’t fair to the team that loses the toss of a coin. And those who would shout “play defense!” are essentially the same who consistently complain about rules changes that have made it easier for offenses to move the ball. Given that the playing field is indeed tilted toward the offense, a touchdown drive to open overtime shouldn’t end the game — especially in the playoffs.

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  1. Once a team knows it must score a touchdown to extend the game it changes the game. It could be 4th and goal from your own one and you would go for it. This game is about three downs and punt on your side of the 50. Until you can fix that forget it.

  2. Waaaaaaahhhhh. We lost to the Patriots let’s change the rules. Waaaaaaahhhhh

    Let’s implement rule changes that would have benefited us in that game.


  3. I like both teams get a chance to possess the ball. You are relying on a coin flip going your way with the way the rules are skewed in favor of the offense today.

  4. Instead of giving the team who won the initial coin toss to start the game they should give the team the ball with the least amount of penalties.

  5. What the Chiefs should have done was put a helmet and some shoulder pads on that #63 in the photo, Willie Lanier. Then they would have stopped the Patriots.

  6. Right. You just want the rules changed because a team you hate won and the team you slobber over lost. Lousy reason to change a rule. They should have kept it the way they had it before. First team that scores wins. Crying starts in 5,4,3,2,1

  7. How come every team that loses to the Pats wants to change the rules? It doesn’t matter. They will beat you no matter what the rules. And, Andy, can you at least pretend to care when your defense is on the field. Get your head out of the play sheet and be a HEAD coach, not an O coordinator.

  8. Good grief. Can you just play a little defense??? The Rams did in the nfc title game overtime and found a way to win.

  9. Reid: Let’s kick a field goal for overtime instead of trying to win now, nothing could go wrong.
    Overtime: *goes wrong*
    Reid: Well this doesn’t seem fair.

  10. What happens if both teams score a TD in their first possession? Are back to square one again?

  11. we lost waaaaa. lets preemptively try to ruin the tension of overtime by giving teams with defenses that dont belong on an nfl field enough chances to try and stick with well balanced teams. waaaaaa

  12. What a bunch of sore losers!! Maybe they should have stopped the Pats on THREE different third and tens!!!
    The Saints had the ball first, yet they ended up losing!! Imagine that. The Rams has the nerve to play defense!!

  13. I’ve said for years and years that OT should be one 10 minute period, instead of all these overly-complicated things they try and propose.

  14. The questions emerged for good reasons; the current rule isn’t fair to the team that loses the toss of a coin. And those who would shout “play defense!” are essentially the same who consistently complain about rules changes that have made it easier for offenses to move the ball.
    Ok fine Florio, how about play better in the first half then. 32 net yards, 3 first downs, 0 points.

    Or go for two once in 2 nd half since offense are unstoppable.

  15. oh stop already. andy reid aka time clock manager and 2nd half adjuster genius is crying unfair??? try using a time out when your defense is being shoved up and down the field maybe to regroup and adjust

  16. How often is OT determined in the first possession anyway?

    I mean, literally the only two they ever cite are Patriot playoff drives …

  17. Hiring Steve Spagnuolo to be defensive coordinator is an excellent move for the Chiefs. They don’t have to propose a rule change to Overtime that makes them look like crybaby fools.

    Psst. Andy. Guess what? Earlier that same day, the Saints won the coin toss in overtime and elected to receive the ball and they still lost the game. The Rams played better D.

  18. ‘Just play defense.’

    You people are so out of touch with reality and the concept of competitive balance that it boggles my mind. Why don’t both teams have to play defense? How is that not fair to both teams? Just because one team wins a coin toss shouldn’t determine the outcome of the game.

    The team that wins the toss scores a touchdown. Great job! Now go out and play defense just like the other team had to and see if you can stop them.

  19. Play defense.
    How about no flags in OT? Only delay of game and false start and offsides.

  20. Touchdowns per drive is about 23%. So the chances each team scores on its first possession in overtime to extend the game is about 5%. I think a better answer is to tell your defense to make a stop.

  21. What a bunch of cry babies the Chiefs are. If they had won the game in OT,they wouldn’t be saying a word about the rules,and the Patriots would have sucked it up and blamed only themselves. They need to get over this and move on to the upcoming season. Start by building a better defense.

  22. JD says:
    March 8, 2019 at 8:47 pm
    Just add a full quarter for playoff games only
    So what happens if they are still tied?
    I don’t know about you, but I love SUDDEN DEATH overtime.

  23. The current OT rules seem fine to me. My team lost an infamous playoff game on a first-possession TD, but it is what it is. DB should have made the play. Eliminating OT for preseason does make sense. No point risking injury with longer games in contests that don’t count. But eliminating the coin toss? For what reason? To speed up the start of OT?

  24. One possession each, but not starting in opponent’s half. I’m not cool with the NCAA method where they gift the offense a spot already within FG range…

    offenses need to earn/achieve scoring points.

  25. Eliminate for preseason. And I’d be ok with regular season ties.

    Playoffs – play a full quarter, then if it’s still tied after 5, sudden death.

  26. Every team should get the ball at least once in OT. If teams aren’t voting for that let’s hear the offical 0reason from every team.

  27. If you win the coin toss and score a touchdown. The second team can possess the ball and if they score should be forced to go for 2. That way both teams offense and defense were on the field. Home team chooses heads or tails in overtime since the road team chooses for regulation.

  28. They are the most overrated team with the most overrated coach who bow out of the playoffs every single year, they haven’t won since 1970, they’re a disgrace

  29. Let’s not forget that there were still 11 seconds on the clock at 2nd and 10 from the NE 21 when the Chiefs took their field goal to tie it. Easily time enough to take at least one, maybe two quick shots at the touchdown. They chose to try their luck with overtime instead, knowing what the current system entailed.

  30. Its amazing when the original overtime rules were made how so many said it was the worse and it turns out to be just that, Its unfortunate it took something this glaring like a playoff game for changes to be called for since it never made sense for ONE team to possess the BALL by a FILP of a COIN.

    I have said it before let 2nd TEAM match what the 1st TEAM does, So if Team A score 3 or a TD then TEAM B needs to match Also let them go for 2 points if a TD is scored. Now if both teams end up after their 1st possessions with the same score/ZERO ZERO then NEXT SCORE of any kind automatically WINS.

  31. Waaaaaaahhhhh. We lost to the Patriots let’s change the rules. Waaaaaaahhhhh


    This began 15 years ago when Colts GM Bill Polian was head of the competition committee. Hasn’t worked so far.

  32. I understand when they changed it the last time, as it was too easy to get a couple first downs and kick a FG on the first drive. But, with the change to needing a TD to win on one drive, then it is already fair enough. You don’t even have to stop the other team from scoring, just prevent a TD to get a chance at the ball.

    Next, we will see a game where both teams score, then the first team gets a score to win, and the other team will cry because they didn’t also get 2 possessions. If you are that worried about both teams getting “fair” chances, switch to the college OT (but, make it without any kicks, FG or PAT).

    Or, I don’t know, maybe do more in the first 60 minutes of the game, so you don’t end up in OT….

  33. literally the only two they ever cite are Patriot playoff drives …
    Before the rule change, 70% of ot ended with the team winning the coin toss scoring first.

  34. As a Pats fan, I hope the Chiefs continue to expend as much energy as possible to changing the OT rules, rather than spending that time and energy on improving their defense.

  35. I don’t understand the logic behind having the team that won the coin toss at the beginning of the game, also have the advantage of choosing selecting to kick, receive, or their end in OT as well. If anything, it should be the opposite, if you win the game opening toss, then the team that lost that toss, should have the advantage in OT to even it out. That would be more fair.

  36. If these new rules are adopted, and each team scores an OT touchdown, what happens next? If the first team scores another TD wouldn’t it be unfair that the 2nd team doesn’t get another chance to tie them?

  37. What’s next, everyone (all 32 teams) will get a Super Bowl trophy just for participating?

    Hey Kansas City, you did have an opportunity, to stop the Patriots, and you failed. It’s that simple.

    All this proposal does is all the team with the crappy defense an opportunity to score a touchdown (if the team with the ball first scores a FG, the other team already gets an opportunity) and they know they have to score a TD which means they know they have to go for it on 4th down if necessary. An advantage in tactical knowledge that the team that scored a TD on the first drive did not get. So in effect, this proposal rewards a team with a crap D. Dumb.

  38. Even when each team gets a possession no matter what, The team that won the coin toss still holds the advantage. They’ll still get first crack at sudden death. Does this mean the next time we change the rule to 2 possession, then 3? If the chiefs Defense didn’t stink so much, or if the Chiefs offense didn’t try to score in three plays every possession they would have won.

  39. Why not propose that you get 5 timeouts? That way maybe Andy Reid wouldn’t hold on to them while is defense is gassed and the game is on the line. Oh wait….its Andy Reid….he’ll find any way he can to screw up clock management.

  40. I absolutely hate the suggestion that the pre-game toss relates to overtime benefits. That would relate to a potentially inappropriate strategy benefit to how regulation plays out and artificially impact such decisions as going for two or not following a late td.

  41. db105 says:
    March 8, 2019 at 8:48 pm
    What happens if both teams score a TD in their first possession? Are back to square one again?

    62 3 Rate This

    Exactly what I was going to ask. So both teams score a TD on their first possession and now the team that had the ball first goes down and scores a FG. Are we then going to be debating how the other team should get a second possession as well?

    Maybe if they made a stop on 3rd and long they wouldn’t have to worry about these things.

  42. This thread is full of comments about “sore losers” but what it’s really full of is ungrateful winners.

  43. I would like to see the college system except 4 plays from the 25 with no 1st downs

  44. Really surprised to see the unanimity of the opinion that KC wanting to change the OT rule smacks of whining and not taking responsibility to play BOTH sides of the ball. It can be done. Just look at the results of the Superbowl. Just look at the amount of money defensive players are going to make this off season. Just look at how many defensive players are going to drafted in the top 20.

    The hypocrisy of this entire issue is that if KC had won the toss and scored a TD, they wouldn’t be hyping this rule change. KC fans should be ashamed.

  45. Chiefs are spineless

    We all know very well if the Chiefs had won the toss and scored a TD they would not have suggested any changes to OT nor would anyone else

    We also know very well if the Pats had lost like that they would have simply said we have to play better defense and we have to coach better, not whined like 3 year olds and try to change the rules.

    I have lost all respect for the Chiefs and I now doubt they’ll ever reach the SB with Reid or Mahomes. Spineless

  46. I dont know if they can have different rules for playoffs…BUT…I feel like KC should have had a chance to try and tie the game up. If they didnt game over. If the did…well..kickoff again and play it out that way until one cant match the other. I mean that pats vs chiefs game was a good one. Brady clutch at the end and Mahomes carrying his team. The way that 4th qt ended i believe mahomes would drove them right down the field and tied it back up. That game was decided by a coin toss. Not only did the chiefs and their fans suffer…but as a football fan i feel like i got short changed so to speak. Def needs a slight tweak.

  47. So the coin toss is deemed trivial in OT but the opening coin toss now takes on double significance for deciding the start and finish to the game? Sounds like a great idea.

  48. JD says:
    March 8, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    Just add a full quarter for playoff games only

    I propose that if the game is tied after 60 minutes of play, the game continues as it does between the first and second (and the third and fourth) quarters … no coin flip, maybe a 5 minute break (bathroom break!), and upon resumption of play, the ball and down are as they were at the end of the fourth quarter. Just continue playing.

    Next score wins the game. Play until we have a winner ….

  49. I LIKE IT!!!!!
    And when OT ends in a tie, instead of a ‘shootout’, as in the NHL… it will go to 3 rounds of red rover from the 10 yard line! 2 offensive players vs. 3 defensive layers (no kicks or forward passes!)

  50. The answer is so easy. Just pick up the “5th” quarter where the 4th quarter ended. Next team to score any type of points wins. Play it just like you would the end of the first quarter or 3rd quarter. If it’s 3rd and five at you 27 yard line, that’s where overtime starts with that down and distance and it’s sudden death.

  51. The current rule is perfect. Favre game winning MNF overtime, Tebow goodbye Steelers great plays!

    The NFL doesn’t need a new overtime rule, they need to call penalties fairly during regulation. Patriots stole another one in regulation. Patriots D did their usual receiver mugging in the first half and then if the opposition breathes on a patriot starting mid second quarter the flags fly

  52. This is comical. Had the Pats lost, there would be ZERO coming from Foxboro about changing OT. This is sour grapes to the Nth degree. How about fielding a competent defense instead of spending money on shiny offensive weapons? You had 3rd and 10 three times and gagged. Just let it go, man.

  53. The Patriots held the Chiefs scoreless for almost three quarters in a playoff game in KC. Plus OT. Desperation and luck played a part in scoring all those 4th Qtr points just to catch up. When I lose and someone tries to console me, my first reaction is always “If I don’t want to lose, I’ll play better.”

  54. Again… the NFL and its fanbase is the dumbest collection of people I have ever seen. The NFL NEVER gets things right EVER!!! It’s taking this to realize the OT rule was unfair? They didnt see how dumb and unbalanced it was when they put it into play originally? Hell… they even addressed it by changing it to if you score a FG it’s still not over… problem is… THEY STILL GOT IT WRONG!!!

    People need to realize how dumb the NFL actually is!!! College has it right on this one!!!

  55. If the rule changes go into effect, the second team to have the ball would have a huge advantage. If the first team scores, the second team will use all 4 downs to try to tie the game.

  56. I have always thought that each team should get an equal amount of turns, however many it takes, similarly to extra innings in baseball. Having said that, I do wonder if the Chiefs would be bringing this up if they had won the toss and gone down the field, like New England did. However, since those were the rules that night, it really gives a “ sore losers” vibe to bring this up now. The coin flip did not decide this game. Once again, it was the 6th round pick/ “ too old” QB and the 7th round pick, converted Kent State QB turned slot receiver. Greasy players make great plays in the biggest moments.

  57. There is no need to make it more equitable. Go look at the numbers. Field an NFL caliber defense, force a turnover, get a stop. Both championship games went to OT and the results were different in each. How about putting a complete team together instead of changing the rules even more?

  58. FUN STAT TIME!!!!!!!!

    The team that wins the coin toss in overtime wins about 55% of the time. My math sucks but I think that’s pretty close to an even split. So why do the rules need to be changed?

  59. The rules are fine as they are. The Saints won the OT coin toss and still lost the game

  60. Very simple alternative; keep OT rules the same, UNLESS playing vs the Patriots. Then continue OT until Patriots lose

  61. Had the Chiefs won the toss and New England stopped them, which I think could have happened, and then NE wins with a field goal, is Reid then trying to change to first touchdown wins?
    When the Pats lose, Belichick always takes about playing better in all 3 phases of the game.
    Apparently Reid only thinks there’s only 1.
    I’ve got a proposal for you — get a defense.

  62. Donavon McNabb as a 10 year veteran coached by Reid thought there was a second overtime period in a against the Bengals that ended in a tie. The one constant Andy Reid’s game management which is the main reason he has not had success in the post season.

  63. How about we just adopt soccer rules and add “extra” time until your team wins? Or some ridiculous version of an NHL shootout? Enough already! Play defense.

  64. Congratulations to the NFL Competition Committee for not bringing up this rule change. Instead it is brought up by a self serving general manager who is making an attempt at the league endorsing his statement that the Chiefs losing to the Patriots at home was the result of an unfair rule.

  65. The each team gets a possession change would skew the game more towards the team possessing second than the current rules favour the team possessing first. I’m pretty sure that fact is borne out comparing the NFL to college OT rule stats. OT isn’t perfect but it can never be a statistically 50/50 chance after the flip. The current rules are as close to that as you’re probably going to get despite a couple of high profile games making a lot of people think otherwise.

  66. The worst thing the NFL ever did was to eliminate sudden-death overtime. That was the most exciting thing in all of sports, and they totally threw it away. Was it “fair”? No. Did it give equal time to both teams? No. Was it thrilling and engaging and fun? You’re damn right it was. and the fans loved it. (But since when has the NFL ever listened to what the fans want?) Today, overtime is starting to look like soccer shootouts, which is an asinine way to determine the outcome of a hard fought game.

  67. Here’s a novel idea Chiefs. How about instead of complaining about the ot rules, teach your players the fundamental rules of football and how lining up offsides can cost you a trip to the super bowl ( and most likely the Lombardi too)

  68. Play an additional quarter of football. This should apply to all games ending in a tie. Why should the super bowel be determined by rules different from the rules getting teams to the super bowel?

    And as “exinsidetrader” stated: Can no one lose with dignity in America anymore? Sad.

  69. “Given that the playing field is indeed tilted toward the offense, a touchdown drive to open overtime shouldn’t end the game — especially in the playoffs.”

    Huh. And yet we saw games last season–not just the Super Bowl–in which teams that actually focused on defense were very effective against high-flying offenses. Those games showed that in this offense-minded era, defense can still win games.

    I would argue that those who think it’s not “fair” to allow both teams to possess in OT are catering to teams that can’t be bothered to remember there are three phases to the game. Teams that are built for the pinball type of game the Rams and Kansas City played in the regular season. Those teams deserve to lose when the outcome of a game comes down to stopping one offensive drive.

    Since the new OT rules went into effect the team winning the coin toss has won just barely over 50% of the time. That sure sounds like an OT rule that works.

    And for crying out loud, why don’t teams just learn to be better instead of changing rules because the Patriots won again? It would be a lot more productive if Andy Reid learned the lesson from the AFC championship game that he needs help on defense. His players need to be better conditioned and he needs to devise a better defensive game plan. And jeez, how about calling a timeout when your D is totally gassed?

  70. Number one change should be to start throwing flags on patriots instead of turning a blind eye and letting them get away with holding, pi, etc. Number two should be stop throwing bogus flags vs the patruots opponents.

  71. Some teams lose in the playoffs, realize they weren’t good enough this year, and then start preparing to climb that hill again, hoping this time they reach the top. Others, try to change the rules, rather than improve themselves. I wonder which usually does better in the long run?

  72. So what happens if both teams score a touchdown? What then? However it is set up there will always be a perceived unfairness by the loser.

  73. i guess playing defense is out of the question.
    It’s the Chiefs so yeah defense is definitely out of the question!

  74. I have an idea, don’t have Andy Reid (aka the walrus) not have anything to do with time management period.

  75. Current OT rules are not perfect.
    But football is offense, defense, and special teams.

    Offense scores points, defense makes stops. Unless you’re the KC defense in crunch time, then you lose and use the rules as an excuse.

  76. This is more than comical. All these crazy proposals for overtime. What’s next? At the end of regulation see which team can eat the most Nathan hot dogs?

  77. everyone gets to touch the ball but the winner of the first toss automatically wins a phantom OT coin toss?

    i see the logic – NOT

  78. Instead of coin toss they should just do a relay race from endzone to endzone to endzone. Each team picks their 4 fastest guys. 1st guy races to the 50yd line, then hands the ball to the 2nd teammate and he runs to the endzone…hands off to 3rd teammate, he runs back to the 50 and hands off to final teammate who finish at the endzone. That would be fun to watch.

  79. “Number one change should be to start throwing flags on patriots instead of turning a blind eye and letting them get away with holding, pi, etc. ”

    Hilarious. The Pats DBs played with fine technique and were doing very little of what you are claiming they “got away with”.

    Meanwhile the Pats receivers were getting constantly mugged, and Gronk literally had DBs hanging off him while he dragged them down the field on plays. The people who “got away with holding, PI etc” were the Chiefs.

    Thanks for the laugh though. Whining about refs is the excuse of losers. Of course your a Fins fan so that pretty well defines their their entire efforts this century.

  80. I can’t believe that the Chiefs are really going to follow through with this nonsense. They are making themselves look really bad,since the loss was their own fault.

  81. This rule will pass and then the Chiefs will get the ball first OT in next year’s AFFCG and score a TD, but miss the XP, then Brady will drive down for a TD and Pats will make the XP and win.

    Then Big Andy will propose eliminating XP in OT.

  82. What a surprise.. The Colts,Ravens, and now Chiefs have all proposed rule changes after losing to the pats in the postseason. If you can’t beat them, change the rules.

  83. One thing you always hear coaches, analysts, writers, etc… saying is ”never give Tom Brady an extra chance”. It was not the coin toss that lost that game it was all the (several) extra chances they kept giving Brady. One third and 10 stop and we arent having this conversation. Line up onsides and we arent having this conversation. But they gave him the extra chances and here we are. So now this rule if it passes, next time a team thinks they have finally beat Brady, is going to give him an extra chance.

  84. patswillreign says:
    March 9, 2019 at 12:40 pm
    Instead of coin toss they should just do a relay race from endzone to endzone to endzone. Each team picks their 4 fastest guys. 1st guy races to the 50yd line, then hands the ball to the 2nd teammate and he runs to the endzone…hands off to 3rd teammate, he runs back to the 50 and hands off to final teammate who finish at the endzone. That would be fun to watch.

    KC would just have Hill run all four legs and no that would not be fun to watch.

  85. They need to do the opposite of “both teams get a possession. Just treat OT like a new quarter that is sudden death.

    Team with possession at the end of regulation will have possession with the same field position, down and distance.

    1. Both teams would have started a half exactly one time. No one gets a second arbitrary kickoff.

    2. The end of regulation during a tie will be more strategic football. No kneeling.

    3. Game should be shorter.

    4. End of regulation scenario was earned and should roll over. If it is first and goal at the 6 yard line then good for you. If it is 3rd and 17 on your own 4 yard line then it sucks to be you.

  86. Just bring back sudden death.

    The World Champion Patriots will still whoop ya either way. 🙂

  87. The Patriots beat the Colts in the postseason……the Colts cried and demanded rules changed.

    The Patriots beat the Ravens in the postseason…..the Ravens cried and demanded rules changes.

    The Patriots beat KC in the postseason….now KC is crying and demanding rules changes.

    I see a pattern here. For all the time the Pats have beat down the Steelers in the postseason at least the Steelers took it like men.

  88. While it is definitely sour grapes, I think the proposed changes are sound. I would flip the going again for OT right after the initial coin flip but it serves the same purpose. You know all game who gets the ball first so if you don’t win the flip, take a chance to win in regulation instead of playing for a tie.

  89. KC had a chance to win it in regulation. A few of their TD drives were like a few seconds long and they had over 30 seconds from the Patriots 23 (or was it the 17?).

    I thought they were going to do it and ride into the SB on some glory high. Like the Colts did in 2006.

    But they played for the FG, promptly lost the coin flip, and surrendered a TD.

  90. SWFLPC.INC says:
    March 9, 2019 at 3:39 pm
    The Patriots beat the Colts in the postseason……the Colts cried and demanded rules changed.

    The Patriots beat the Ravens in the postseason…..the Ravens cried and demanded rules changes.

    The Patriots beat KC in the postseason….now KC is crying and demanding rules changes.

    I see a pattern here. For all the time the Pats have beat down the Steelers in the postseason at least the Steelers took it like men.


    I agreed with everything you said until the “Steelers took it like men” comment. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! Next to the Colts, the Steelers are the weakest, softest franchise with the biggest crybaby fans in ALL of sports. There may be no worse offender than Mike Tomlin.

    Thanks for the laugh though.

  91. All well and fine ’til it bites them in the behin’. The Rams won their overtime playoff game without benefit of the a coin toss. Suck it up, Chiefs. Use a friggin’ timeout when your D is gassed!

  92. I propose that if you lost the game you are not allowed to ask for rule changes. I wonder if any team proposed rule changes when they won… Nope.Reid ever win a game in OT. Yes.

  93. Not a Chiefs fan, but overtime definitely needs changes. To not allow an offense the ball in an offense-dominated league is criminal.

  94. People saying that in overtime “it’s not fair unless both teams get the ball” seem to forget that they’ve already played 60 minutes where both teams have had plenty of chances on offense.

  95. The coin flip didn’t secure the outcome of the game, the play of BOTH teams did. The Pats offense was better than the KC defense. That’s what it really comes down to and many folks here can’t accept that.

    I don’t know how any fan can honestly sit there and say that KC deserved a chance to play offense. Their defense had plenty of opportunities to make a stop and failed, which cost them the game.

    Giving each team a possession doesn’t change the fact that if both teams score TD’s then the team who got it first has a chance to win in with a FG without the other team getting a 2nd possession – how exactly does that change what they have in place now?

  96. They caught the Chiefs fan who tried to shine a laser in Tom Brady’s face as he was taking a snap. I want to know what happened to the jerk?

  97. Florio is right. And while I’m a Pats fan, I’ll point out that the Chiefs might sound self-serving by proposing this, but it’s not like they’re asking to change the past results.

    I remember when OT was simply sudden death and a FG won the game, the odds of the flip winner winning the game was like 62%, so it was VERY luck based. Yet people made the same tired argument then – “just play defense.” Well frankly, especially after 60 minutes of football, it’s easier to move the ball on offense than to stop it on defense. I wouldn’t be surprised if the coin flip still gives the winner at least a 55% chance to win and it really should be as fair as possible.

  98. If you’ve managed to get past all the snide troll comments, perhaps you’ll actually read this. This change is a GOOD idea. Why? Well for starters it gives both teams a possession without putting a value on the coin flip winner’s result. If you have two teams play regulation to a 42-42 tie, obviously neither defense could stop the other team’s offense and thus, the coin flip winner more than likely wins. As a sports fan, I don’t want to see the game decided by a coin flip. SECONDLY, the NFL is so offensive weighted and defenses have been neutered so much that scoring a TD on the first possession isn’t really all that difficult, so again, this goes back to winning the coin toss. If winning the coin toss wasn’t VITAL to winning in overtime, then teams would DEFER which they never do.

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