Michael Bennett wants a raise

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The Eagles have been shopping defensive end Michael Bennett. A team that trades for him better be ready to give him a raise.

Bennett said this morning on NFL Network that he wants more than the $7.2 million he’s due this year.

“We’re in a tough situation as far as the salary cap and I’m not willing to take a pay cut. I actually want a pay raise,” Bennett said. “Whatever team I go to, I want to get paid more than I do now.”

That may be a tall order: Bennett is 33 years old, and teams looking to pay that much are probably going to want someone younger. The Eagles may have to cut Bennett, not trade him, if they don’t want to pay him.

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  1. This story will surely bring out a of lot level-headed comments that stick to performance and financial metrics, and not a bunch of a guys who sincerely believe that MB once lit an American flag on fire in the Seahawks’ locker room.

  2. one of the best on the DL last seas, BUT Barnett was out for much of the season and injuries limited others.
    I’d go younger and cheaper if I were Howie and Joe. Draft is full of great DL.
    if so, thanks for the memories Mike!

  3. 9 sacks and 15 tackles for a loss last season guy can still play. Not sure he’ll get more than 7.2 mil for the coming season though

    That said wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Pats uni. With Flowers likely gone he could be just what the doctor ordered.

  4. Thanks for the production last yr bit c-ya later. 33 yrs old $7.2 mill is enough for you at that age.

  5. Not to say this applies to Bennett necessarily, but it appears these guys that have been in the league awhile are all upping their price tags with less than stellar performances. They are all going to push themselves right out of the league eventually.

    Teams want younger and cheaper with more upside…

    Not older, with attitude, with previous injuries, with less than stellar or falling performance stats while in the tail end of their career for way more money….

  6. Unfortunately I thought that$7.2 million was cheap for how productive he was in the last half of the season and playoffs. However, with the issues he has had in the past and if he truly wants more money it may be time for him to move on from philly. I hope they can make it work because if MB is our depth that would put us in great shape on the line.

  7. I have to wonder why the players agree to these backloaded contracts, where they know that they’ll probably be cut rather than paid.

  8. This is just Bennett taking advantage of one of the last chances he has to make NFL headlines on his own terms. He knows he’s going to get cut, so he wants to control the narrative one last time. Even a dope like him knows he’s not going to get a raise at his age.

  9. Dreamer, he’s nothing but a dreamer…? Cmon Bennett. You will be hard pressed to get a one year prove it deal! I WANT MORE! When the heck is enough , enough! What have you done for me lately? Especially with this years draft having so many DL options ?

  10. To quote a wise older lady in a GEICO commercial:

    “That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.”

  11. He’s not worth it. Nothing but a troublemaker and a liar. The Bennett brothers are racist, victim based thinkers. Nothing good comes from them on a team.

  12. I appreciate his honesty. Cable bill and other living expenses have likely increased. I am sure that there is some team that can accommodate his pay raise.

  13. The guy is playing above a 7 million level. Problem is….his age. Bennett is playing in a league that basically sits around with shovels shoving the north of 30 year old players into a grave and dares them to dig out yearly with low market salary tools.

  14. I wouldn’t mind if the eagles cut him, but after reading some comments, I don’t think some of you realize that he was still very productive last season. And he wasn’t even getting much playing time in the beginning half of the season when Barnett was healthy. He had 9 sacks and was among the league leaders in QB hits and isn’t even in the top 20 when it comes to salary for DEs. However if philly cuts or trades him, they’ll free up another 7 mil which would be a total of 26 mil freed up this last week by the eagles.

  15. This guy and his brother are the definition of front runners. When times are good they’re happy and you hear nothing. When times get tough that’s when their true personalities emerge and they are the first ones to jump ship and point fingers.

  16. Michael Bennett’s salary last year with bonuses was 5.65 mil……….this year scheduled to be 7.2 mil.

    In what world is this not already a raise?

    Only congress can think like this.

  17. Players don’t want short term contracts, because they are afraid of injuries. But after only one year, they are not happy about the money they get.

    These guys are complete tools…

  18. That’s what makes America great, by all means go and test the waters to see what price other people value you. Warning though, be prepared for a harsh lesson in capitalism when you find out you’re not anywhere near as valuable as you think you are.

  19. The entitlement these players have is so comical now. He wants more than 7.2 million, cole Beasley wants 20 guaranteed…. this is all building towards a strike and its because of this greedy nature these guys have.

  20. I disagree on not wanting this guy on my team. He is a beast on the field, but it has for the right price. And for him too. I wonder how many teams, if any, are going to give him more than his $7.2? I’m betting none.

  21. Hey may find out that no team is going to match his current salary and he may have been better to stick with the Eagles instead of asking for a raise. Maybe he’ll file a collusion lawsuit.

  22. Anyone blaming SEA for dumping him now? Best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Good (not great) player, but a badly outsized sense of self-worth.

  23. Michael Bennett is a tool. The only thing I’d give him is a swift kick out of my locker room.

  24. He picked the wrong offseason to take this stance: there are too many good D linemen in this year’s draft for this kind of talk. He limits his own market.

  25. He was once one of the best DL in the NFL, but he’s 33. He will get cut “as a favor”, sign a one-year “prove-it” deal for less money elsewhere, get hurt, and retire.

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