Report: ESPN going with a two-man booth for 2019


No one can replace Jason Witten.

More accurately, no one will replace Jason Witten.

Jim Miller, who wrote the definitive oral history of ESPN, said in an appearance on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast (via SportsBusiness Daily) that the four-letter network likely will go with a two-person booth for Monday Night Football in 2019. Joe Tessitore will handle the play-by-play responsibilities, and Booger McFarland will provide the analysis.

Miller added one caveat: A third person would be added to the team, if Peyton Manning would agree to be the third person.

ESPN apparently didn’t nudge Witten out of the booth. Miller said that, although plenty of people at ESPN were disappointed by Witten’s performance, ESPN had hoped to give him another season in the hopes that his performance would improve.

36 responses to “Report: ESPN going with a two-man booth for 2019

  1. Aww Man….gotta listen to that booger character yak through the whole game again….tryin to act like nobody knows anything about football but him….and who wants to hear the word booger while I’m havin beer and bar b q…sure was hopin they would PICK that booger …looks like another year with the sound off…another bright move by espn

  2. Hmm. I find it funny that Booger McFarland made so many idiotic strategic statements that just dont make football sense that I started muting the TV when he spoke and he gets put in the booth. SMH. He has the Charles Barlley personality without the intelligence. I kept wanting to like him, but then he would say something stupid again.

  3. Witten was as bad a play-by-play man as he was good at being a tight end.

  4. Espn ratings will be the lowest of all time. Boogy is terrible. He thinks he knows football but he doesn’t. They be better off to go with a one man crew.

  5. Less Witten on MNF – good thing
    More Booger on MNF – not a good thing

    There’s plenty of time between now and the season, so hopefully a two man crew, or the Peyton caveat, isn’t totally set.

  6. The were willing to let people suffer through another year of Witten? Everyone should thank Jerry Jones for taking him back and getting him out of the booth.

  7. Witten wasn’t great but Booger was straight up horrible. I would watch the games in the gym or on the go, and purposely turn off the headphones because his analysis was just terrible. Both Jason and Booger spoke in very vague generalities that didn’t really help the audience glean anything from a play by play perspective, but Booger would often go off on done unrelated tirades and somehow tie that back into why the team on the field was struggling.

    Will be another session where I don’t listen to the audio of anything of the Monday games, unless they bring in someone else

  8. Unfortunately with Booger still on there will not be a decrease in words spoken, which is what i was really hoping for. Too bad. Looks like another season with Volume = 0 when MNF is on.

  9. Better start putting the likes of the Raiders, Broncos, Niners, Bucs and every other Medicore to garbage team on MNF to go along with a Garbage play callign team

  10. If Diznee was smart they’d go after Nate Burleson for the Monday Night booth. He’s been an excellent talking head for several years now, and his performance on the Saturday NFLN games at the end of last season were WAY better than McFarland.

  11. Personally, I thought Witten was more listenable than the other two. Based on the concerted way ABC/ESPN has driven MNF into the ground and irrelevance, this makes perfect sense.

  12. Mute button full time with music in the background as they offer nothing to the game.

  13. For all you Whitten haters…”be careful what you wish for” came true. Monday Night will now be unwatchable, or at best, watchable on mute.
    Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…boom ESPN “Boogered it up”

  14. I remember the Vikings game when on a deep pass to Diggs from Cousins, Joe Tessitore loudly screamed “BALL IS NO WHERE NEAR THE RECEIVER!!!!!!!”, yet the replay right after shows the ball landing just a yard away…

    Then you have Booger. Twice forced in “Arms as long as the Mississippi River” within 4 minutes in talking about the same player.

    It’s like the early Madden games where the announcers has pre-determined lines regardless of what actually happened on the field. Ugh, this crew sucked.

  15. Eek. I will not tune in to hear Booger highly praise and/or highly criticize every single play of every single game. The guy thinks a team should run hurry up and go routes when they’re down 7-0 in the 3rd quarter. My daughter can commentate better.

  16. Didn’t care for any of them. Witten was dull and got tongue-tied way too often. Booger would say some interesting things from time to time, but the majority of his observations were blather. Tessitore needs to try the decaf – always trying to force drama where it didn’t exist; he’s like a laugh track on a situation comedy that’s not funny. Blow it up and start over.

  17. I remember MNF being must watch TV back in the 90s until while the whole Dennis Miller experiment. then don’t know what they need to do to recapture that magic…maybe moving it back to broadcast TV and finding another Al Michaels that is knowledgeable and engaging. Not sure if just not replacing Witten will be the answer.

  18. Witten wasn’t great in the booth. But he’s a likable guy. Booger isn’t an awful dude but likable? Not so much. Plus, now I gotta listen to a guy named Booger force his unnecessarily big vocabulary words into my evening. I’ll miss your mistakes Jason #ebakuebakahebukam

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