“Several teams” are waiting for the Steelers to reduce their asking price for Antonio Brown

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The Steelers currently don’t have many suitors for receiver Antonio Brown. And that’s apparently because the Steelers are still holding out for a first-round pick for Brown’s services.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, “several teams” are waiting for the Steelers to reduce their asking price before pursuing Brown aggressively.

It’s unclear which teams are among the “several.” But these negotiations always become, at some level, a game of poker. And it doesn’t take being the first team to call to get a deal done; all it takes is being the right team to make the right move at the right time.

The reports regarding teams that are and aren’t interested have been all over the place, and who’s to say that a team that reportedly isn’t interested won’t instantly become interested, if the Steelers begin to slash their demands? The Buffalo example proved the power that Brown has over this process; if Brown plans to continue to flex his Big Chest when teams for which he doesn’t want to play come calling the Steelers, maybe the Steelers eventually will have to take less than they want to move him to a place where he’s willing to go.

Or maybe they’ll eventually have to tell Brown, “You’ll play for us, or you’ll play for no one.”

Regardless, the clock is ticking more and more loudly, and the Steelers at some point will have a decision to make: Take what they can get, or get the message to Brown that he’ll be wearing black and gold or nothing in 2019.

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  1. I personally believe they should play the “you’ll play for us or no one” card…and if he balks, do the TO-like suspension.

  2. With the right team he would really thrive but he needs a person with a strong arm. The Redskins will trade Keenum and picks to the Cards for Rosen and then when they have Rosen the will trade for Brown and resign AP.

  3. Not worth it. Dude is a diva and is a cancer. He won’t be productive. What an entitled brat
    I agreed until you said, “he won’t be productive.” Bring him to GB and he’ll be unguardable if you put him on the other side of Davante Adams. It’ll also make Jimmy Graham a matchup monster. AB demands a double-team, and Rodgers has the best back shoulder throw in the game.

  4. He is more trouble than he is worth. He basically wants to choose where he plays but that is not how this works. He’s not a free agent!

  5. AB and Ben can talk this out.. Ben needs to apologize for calling him out publicly and these two can work it out like big boys. They are better off with each other then without. They don’t need to trade him

  6. Right. And “several teams” were in discussions with the Steelers about trading their first round picks for Brown.

    Obviously Pittsburgh badly overplayed their hand. When you consider the baggage Antonio Brown brings to the table, plus his insistence to renegotiate his contract to a market rate, there’s no reason for a team to surrender more than a third round pick. He’s no different than any other premier free agent, as the market rate for a premier free agent is a market rate contract and the potential surrender of a third round compensatory pick.

  7. mroklahoma says: “Not worth it. Dude is a diva and is a cancer. He won’t be productive. What an entitled brat”

    Only anonymous internet snowflakes care.

    Maurice Drew Jones on GMF this morning said players DON’T CARE. Maurice said every locker room would happily welcome someone of AB’s talent.

  8. “You’ll play for us, or you’ll play for no one.”

    Damn straight, business is business. If Mr Big Chest wants out on his own terms he best be prepared to write Mr Rooney a very big check.

  9. The Steelers are going to need to do a “Brock Ossweiller” deal with Brown. Ship AB and a 2nd round pick to some team to take the headache off their hands…

  10. The Raiders offer their 2nd round pick (35th overall) for Mr Big Chest and Pittsburgh’s 6th round pick (from Oakland – 175th pick overall). Getting back the Raiders 6th round pick from the Ryan Switzer-6th for Steelers 5th (now AJ McCarron) trade.

  11. If they want a 1rst so bad, have the guts to offer ABrown to New England. He’d be worth #32.

  12. akira1971 says:
    March 8, 2019 at 10:27 am
    mroklahoma says: “Not worth it. Dude is a diva and is a cancer. He won’t be productive. What an entitled brat”

    Only anonymous internet snowflakes care.

    Maurice Drew Jones on GMF this morning said players DON’T CARE. Maurice said every locker room would happily welcome someone of AB’s talent.

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    What has MJD ever won? Get it? Players SHOULD care. All it takes is one cancer to ruin a potential SB run.

    Pats fans would know. Last year, NE saw Alan Branch and Malcolm Butler acting like babies throughout the season, was a distraction all the way into the SB.

    If any sport needs to avoid cancers, it’s football. You need all 53 going in one direction to win.

  13. The clock is not ticking – nobody has to do anything. The Steelers should hold to themselves – they’ve got a lot of money invested in him and shouldn’t let him go because of his whining. After all, his whining is what’s driving down his demand. It’s clear AB has no commitment to the team so why would the team try to appease his selfishness?

    Mr. Rooney – hold someone accountable for the mess of 2018. If you don’t, the Steelers will be here again and the mess will spread throughout the league – player after player. Your revenue will suffer.

  14. If I’m Colbert, I ask someone on the staff to prepare a checklist for every single possible action TS could take against him wrt his money at this point and at every point in the future going forward if he stays. Every single one. The next column over would be the probability of success of each of them if/when challenged. I’m not even sure I need the second column because at this point I throw whatever I can against the wall and if I lose some of the challenges, so be it. It’ll be a loud and clear message to all present and future players.

  15. This group of “several teams” is about to shrink even further once free agency hits.
    The Steelers need to unload Mr. Big Chest soon, for a bowl of soup if need be.

  16. Say what you want about him being a drama mama the fact is he is uncoverable, makes circus catches look easy , and draws at least a double team or triple. He is gonna be 31 but Julian Edleman is 32! You can hate all you want but nobody in the freakin HISTORY of the NFL has amassed the numbers he has in the last 5 years. I guarantee you that every player would love to have him on their team.

  17. Dallas gave up a first round pick for Amari who is 6 years younger than Antonio. Just wondering if Antonio is worth it. I mean he has great talent but he is a diva where as Amari seems to be more of a team guy. I would rather have Amari.

  18. Gruden please stay away from the temptation. The Raiders are obviously in rebuild mode and as talented as Brown he will be a locker room cancer. Build through the draft and bring in some veterans through free agency that will mentor all the young players needed to right this ship.

  19. “You’ll play for us, or you’ll play for no one.”

    In some ways, this drama is more reminiscent to Carson Palmer than Terrell Owens.

    Palmer was in the middle of a lucrative contract, and decided he did not care for owner Mike Brown’s approach to building a team.

    Here, AB is in the middle of a lucrative contract and doesn’t like Big Ben’s leadership and/or management’s willingness to let Big Ben run the show.

    With the Bengals, Mike Brown squatted on Palmer and (eventually) got great value when a QB got injured.

    Perhaps the Steelers will try the same approach.

  20. The Packers new coach has one diva to manage in Rodgers. I can’t imagine adding another on the same side of the ball. LaFleur would never be able to handle the interaction between Rodgers and Brown in his first year.

  21. If Brown holds fast and ‘retires’, the Steelers can tell him he can pay back the unplayed portion of his signing bonus.

    He’s risking a few million for being an idiot.

    He wants to have his cake and eat it too.

  22. We will see you Latrobe in July AB. Three more years on your contract. No raise. The Steelers need to hold firm.

  23. If the Steelers don’t get something similar to: AB and the Steelers 2nd round pick for the Raiders 27th overall or a straight up AB for a 3rd or maybe 4th, I think they will sit on him. I just don’t see anything else happening. They are on the hook for the money/cap implications anyway, and if they keep him, and he acts out, they stand to get some of it back via suspension or his refusal to play. AB himself, long ago, ruined his chances of getting what he wanted.

  24. The sad thing about this all is that he will one day represent football in the Hall of Fame. This man lacks integrity, bottom line! ” Play by my rules or I don’t play” and ” I don’t need to play football”. Who says those things? Is this really what the NFL wants as a representative of greatness? Stop giving him relevance and focus on REAL players!

  25. Seattle and Dallas would be the best places for Brown. A 2nd or 3rd round pick + a conditional pick in 2020 draft based on games Brown plays/Pro Bowl selection.

  26. Theres a rumor the Raiders offered a 2nd and a 4th and Pittsburgh turned it down. If true i bet they will regret not taking it.


    Nothing to see here folks the King of BS has another rumor he is pushing. Dude this is football not politics…damn millennials!

  27. What a toxic mess. Any team signing that guy better beware. He has shown he is capable of tearing your locker room apart.

  28. Steelers lose not one but TWO transcendent, highly productive, skill-position talents, and not to injury or free agency but to drama, basically.


  29. I think teams are going to be waiting for awhile then. Steelers have determined what they want in a trade. They likely won’t budge. Their leverage only gets better after FA starts when teams get shut out of WRs they wants.

    Lastly, they can just sit on him. If he doesn’t show up, fine. If he shows up and is a malcontent that is fine too, he can sit in a corner or the Steelers can do what ABC did to Susan Sommers – stick him in a room without anyone else.

  30. It’s like everyone involved is completely tone deaf to the reality around them.

    Steelers asking for a 1st
    AB wanting a big contract with fat guaranteed money.
    Bennett wanting a raise at 33 above what he has…

    I know all of them spent a little time in college but not a single lesson on supply/demand or “utility” or even marketing?

  31. 1st I blame Tomlin for not drawing the line on they brat a long a long time ago.
    I would never want him on my team at this point.
    he was not even the best receiver on his own team, why would you give up a #1 for him.
    If the Raiders only got a low 1st round pick for Cooper, why would anyone give up anything close to that for a player that will pout when he is not the leading target on his own team and is clearly on the downside of his career??

  32. I haven’t seen a good football player self-destruct like this since Terrell Owens. It’s pretty sad. I mean, Tom Brady has six super bowl rings and he just acts like one of the guys.

  33. I been reading a lot of stories all over the interweb that claim several teams are “OUT” of the running for Brown, but the funny thing is they WON’T name ANY of them except the one obivious team, Buffalo, HMMMMMMM!!! Just like the Steelers claiming several teams were interested and wouldn’t name them this apparently works both ways as no one will name the teams that say they’re OUT. When no names are given this sounds like one of those BS “my sources tell me” stories!

    BTW does anyone other than me think Brown wanting more money is partially because of the ridiculous contract that KC gave Watkins? I mean when a team pays a 1/2 ass WR like Watkins top 3 WR money I’m surprised that a few more of the top WRs don’t hold out to re-do their contracts. And imagine how this will effect Hill’s contract next year? He should demand $20mil/yr because if Watkins got $16mil/yr then Hill is worth every bit of $20mil/yr minimum!!!

    These teams that give guys like Watkins these huge contracts have no idea how this screws up the way players should be paid and how it drives up the cost of the top tier players. I’ll bet it comes back to bite them big time and it should!

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