Vikings facing a cap crunch

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The Vikings splurged last year. This year, they’ll likely be purging.

Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press has taken a close look at the Vikings’ current cap crunch. They currently have $4.94 million in 2019 cap space. And, as Tomasson notes, they’ll need roughly $3 million to sign their draft picks.

As a result, the Vikings will need to create some cap space. Per Tomasson, they can easily cap dollars by dumping safety Andew Sendejo, clearing $5.5 million. Moving on from defensive end Everson Griffen would clear more than $11 million from the books, with only $1.2 million in dead cap charges.

Tight end Kyle Rudolph is in the final year of his contract, with a cap number of $7.625 million. Cornerback Trae Waynes and his $9.07 million cap number could be traded.

Something needs to be done, due in large part to the fact that quarterback Kirk Cousins has an extra-large $29 million cap number for 2019.

Whatever the Vikings do, they’ll need to figure out how to create some cap space in order to keep some of the players they have, and to use free agency as a way to address some of their needs. Otherwise, the Vikings will be hoping that recent draft picks develop, and that they find players who can make an instant impact in 2019.

53 responses to “Vikings facing a cap crunch

  1. Kaboom….. Their window of opportunity is being slammed shut. Time for a rebuild…

  2. 19 years with the VIKINGS, Rob Brzezinski is the BEST in the business. Not worried.
    SKOL <3

  3. Trade cousins to AZ or some other team. Then, Draft a QB and keep the solid squad you have. In fact, grab a few other quality players with CAP savings from cousins savings and get even better.

  4. Glad they won the division and went deep in the playoffs after signing cousins. Oh wait……..

  5. actually, the entire premise of this article is wrong, until the last sentence. the vikings are fine, cap wise. they just can’t resign barr or richardson, and everybody knew that was coming. richardson was always a 1 year deal. they will draft barr’s replacement, and tom johnson, jaleel johnson, and jayln holmes will fill in for richardson at a fraction of the price.

    this entire teams core is signed for this year, with the exception of Barr, but that’s not a huge loss.

    why would a team just start cutting starters to free up cap space that they don’t need? ‘hey let’s cut this starter we’ve put 4 years of work into just so we can say we have more cap space!’

    as the vikings stand right now, they are under the cap, remmers and sandejo are all but gone, which will free up $10 million more in cap space that will allow them to extend theilan and sign harris. you use the cap to sign players you draft, not free agents.

    rudolph and waynes are not going anywhere. they are already budgeted into this years cap. next year they are both gone. or waynes stays and rhodes is gone.

    Griffen is not on the trade market because of cap reasons. he’s on the trade market because of his mental issues and unreliability. if he doesn’t have those mental health problems, there is zero talk of the vikings trading him. he’s gone next year, and that was the plan the entire time. Griffen is past his prime and trading him now would more so be to obtain high value in return, and freeing up cap space is just a bonus.

    a smart GM would understand that free agency is one of the worst ways to build a team. the cap is for your draft picks.

    only Barr is an actual cap casualty, and quite frankly, it’s not a big loss. he disappeared in so many games, especially against the bears week 17. i think a 2nd round draft pick could fit in those shoes.

    i certainly hope this team has learned its lesson from their previous failures in free agency and completely abandons the free agency fiasco.

    you might be wondering, well how are they going to fix the offensive line?

    DRAFT! DRAFT! DRAFT! no more free agent patch jobs!

    not one cent of money should be spend on free agents.

  6. Liberalsruineverything says:
    March 8, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    Rob Brzezinski. That is all.

    If it isn’t, it certainly should be all for Brzezinski.

  7. Meh, they dump Sendejo and Remmers as expected, their cap hit decreases $10M, and they are back with the same amount of cap space as many other teams — and that’s before any other contract renegotiations. Nothing to see here, the Vikes just haven’t officially made their cap moves yet. I see the fans of teams with crappy players and plenty of cap space are enjoying this article.

  8. TheBloomer0069 says:
    19 years with the VIKINGS, Rob Brzezinski is the BEST in the business. Not worried.

    Best in the business at what? Assembling personnel that fits within the salary cap, but wins nothing of any real significance?
    You’re right. He IS the “BEST!”

  9. Time to make some trades of vets, bring some em in for re-negotiation and/or lop some heads…There will be some blood letting and the Grim Reaper will be seen leaving Vikings HQ. It’s the nature of the NFL, outside PAT land. The reload….as long as it’s not the rebuild.

  10. Bradford and Bridgewater are maybe worth veteran minimum while Keenum’s deal with Denver pegs him at $21M this year.

    But please go on about how often an average starting quarterback is even on the FA market much less at a salary under $28M.

  11. Cousins is the ultimate tease. Touchdown passes and great throws at times, And then you choke the chicken in crunch time. As a Viking fan for a long time. I can truly say i was not enamored with signing cousins last year. He teased me too as he came back in Green Bay only to have our kicker at the time miss 3 kicks that could have won the game. It was a tale of things to come. Case Keenum had the one thing Cousins does not… MOXIE! Now he is a 29 million dollar huge question mark on the future of the Vikings. Losing Barr is a bigger deal than people think. He was the signal caller of the defense, And as good and bad as the Vikings defense has been, He was there for all of it. Richardson wasn’t perfect, But was the best 3 technique the Vikings have had since Sharrif Floyd.

    You can see the writing on the wall. A bad season coming, And a complete front office overhaul next year. I hat uttering those words as a Viking fan, But i am a Realist. There are too many holes that need to be filled to correct this in one year, And the purge will start this weekend more than likely. Don’t get me wrong, I am not tied to most Viking players except for Thielen, Harrison Smith, Daniel Hunter, Kendricks and maybe Diggs. Other than that, you could trade anyone on the Vikings roster who is not a difference maker. The team is getting older, And some of these vets need to go, But it will come at a cost of experience due to a 29 million dollar question mark at the most important position on the field.

  12. derp363 says:
    March 8, 2019 at 6:27 pm

    a smart GM would understand that free agency is one of the worst ways to build a team. the cap is for your draft picks.


    They should have considered that before signing Cousins

  13. “19 years with the VIKINGS, Rob Brzezinski is the BEST in the business.”

    Well yeah, I suppose since the Vikings have won Super Bowl after Super Bowl…….lolz

    That’s low hanging fruit I know, but he’s not anywhere near the “best”

  14. Viking QB cap number is only $7 million more than it was in 2017. Cousins is not the big reason for them being up against the cap. $4 million or $11 million, it will be dealt with.

  15. Reconstruct the contracts of sandejo, sack daddy and remmers. If they don’t then release them. There is a lot of good talent in this years draft to get for those positions so if they release them it wouldn’t be a big deal as the Vikings would get a lot of money back.

  16. Brz will get it done… restructuring 2 or 3 and release sendejo. Griff stays…draft well, get a couple FA. Bam… 12-4. Hope for the best in the playoffs

  17. What does the cap guy have to with how many SBs a team wins. He is not in charge of who the team drafts, trades for or picks up in free agency. His job is to make room so the team can get the players they want. He has done an outstanding job of this as they have been able to resign their own players as well as bring in free agents. Howe the team performs has nothing to with him.

  18. longtimefanh8tr says:
    March 8, 2019 at 6:09 pm
    How’s that Kirk Cousins thingy working out for you???

    If Bridgewater did not blow out his knee and would have progressed from his 2015 season he would have been signed long term at over $20mil a year either last year or this year (his 5th year option was up last year). Their cap situation would at most by about $6-7 mil more than they have now. It is not all on Cousins contract it is all of their own draft choices that they have resigned. You cant keep everyone.

  19. Hate us all you want. Cousins just put up a top 10 passing season in our history. Sure he could’ve played better, who couldn’t have on our team or any other not wearing a Patriot uniform. We’ve been competitive for the most part & enjoyable to watch, it’s ONLY entertainment afterall. We’ve had less than Pro Bowl qb play & still win at LEAST 8 games. Brezinski is a master and he’ll work it out as he ALWAYS does. Skol Vikings!

  20. As noted, there are a handful of players they can either cut or restructure to make room. This is not the first time they have been tight on space prior to FA. They found room in the past, and will do so again.

  21. Vikings have one of the most talented rosters in the league (and the least talented trolls). But if they don’t take the NFC North and go deep into the playoffs, it’s an indication of something wrong with chemistry and coaching.

  22. derp363 has some good points. The Vikings are on solid ground and just a few tweaks here and there will get them back to the playoffs, if their offensive line stays healthy.

  23. Cousins puts up very good numbers with arguably the worst O-line in football. And some people would have you believe it is a Cousins problem. Ok. What QB would have made it to the SB behind that porous o-line? Rogers? Brady? Negative. Nobody. Now, back to the topic of the article, which is not Cousins related (no, he didn’t destroy the cap). The Vikings will be just fine with the cap. Before free agency opens up they will be ready. The real question is, will they find a starter in free agency for the O-line, and will they find another starter in the draft for the O-line? Those are the only two questions I want answered this off season.

  24. packertruth says:
    March 9, 2019 at 9:48 am
    I have been told Rob Brzezinski plans his cap crunches years in advance. Brilliant.
    Similarly packer fans are already thinking of excuses for Rodgers this year. Can’t wait to hear will it be refs, injuries, other players, the coach, his “girlfriend”?

  25. this is what happens when you actually draft well.

    and then you have ted thompson, and gutey. fools.

  26. Vikings have been busy clearing some cap space. They cut Remmers and Sendejo and, they right now have around $12-$13m. There will surely be more coming. Time to trim the fat.

  27. Hey yellow and green fans, Aaron Rodgers now averages 33.5 million per year (79.2 million guaranteed). Your scrambling quarterback is taking up plenty of cap space.

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