Woman bitten by Dak Prescott’s dog loses part of finger

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The neighbor bitten by Dak Prescott‘s loose dog lost part of her right ring finger, WFAA reported Friday from court documents about the incident from last month. The woman was hospitalized for four days.

Animal Services officers in Frisco, Texas, previously issued two warnings in recent months after Prescott’s dogs escaped through an unsecured door.

On Feb. 25, a woman called police about a loose dog fighting with her dog through a fence. The resident tried to intervene and was bitten.

The pit bull belonging to Prescott that bit the woman remains in quarantine at the local animal shelter, with a court hearing March 20 to determine if the dog is a “dangerous dog.”

67 responses to “Woman bitten by Dak Prescott’s dog loses part of finger

  1. I’m tired of pets, mostly dogs, being used to promote a certain culture. And, usually, those dogs are trained to that culture. Pitbulls, like Frenchy bulldogs, can both be wonderful pets. But like any dog, they respond to training. You keep a dog that is inherently aggressive and train them as such, you promote a culture and you suffer the consequences.

    I hope this woman gets a huge chunk of his upcoming contract money. It’s a bad look for the breed and for the idiots that promote the culture …

  2. Prescott is to blame for this.These dogs get a bad rap. I’ve been in a room w/4 pit bulls at once and they’ve been the most playful things in the world. I’ve also seen one lock it’s jaws on a hanging rope for an hr just twitching. I guess it depends on the owner as to how they act. Good thing Dak is signing a big deal soon because he’s gonna lose a few $ on this one.

  3. The dog shouldn’t be put down. It’s not it’s fault that Dak Prescott is an irresponsible owner. He’s been warned multiple times and now his neighbor has lost part of her body. The dog should be sent to a pitbull rescue and hopefully adopted by someone less careless.

  4. Dak is in big trouble. He’s going to need that big contract to pay off this woman!

  5. If I was bitten by a rich man’s pit bull- which was known for escaping and being aggressive- and lost part of a finger as a result… I’d sue him for every dime I could. And yes, it’s dangerous, euthanize it.

  6. Oh yes, because being an NFL player didn’t prove you were tough enough, you needed a pit bull to really show the world you’re a badass…

  7. If you’re almost never home, probably not a good idea to have a dog.

    If you’re going to choose a dog to leave at home alone all day, probably the last dog you should choose is a pit bull (though it is unfair to do this to any dog of course).

    Just stupid.

  8. Dak is gonna cut a big check.

    Right after the dog gets put down.

    Aggressive pits and negligent owners seem to go hand in hand.

  9. It’s usually not the dog that’s the problem. It’s the owner. Owned pits and Rottweilers with zero incidents. If he’s been cited twice he seems like a negligent dog owner.

  10. 1. Of course it just had to be a pit bull
    2. Dak is clearly an irresponsible dog owner if he’s already had such warnings
    3. Why are his dogs acting so aggressive? Dogs are natural sweet hearts, you gotta do some Michael Vick things to make them be mean and bite someone like that.
    4. This lady is about to get PAID

  11. As a pet owner, this really bothers me. If you’re not going to be responsible owning a pet, then don’t own one. Period. Especially since he’s been warned about this before. I’m sure Dak will walk away with a slap on the wrist though.

  12. Is it the dog is dangerous or is it the owner’s irresponsibility that’s dangerous? He’s gonna need that contract extension.

  13. It’s unfortunate that it’s hip to own a pit bull, bc it’s not the type of dog that should be owned by people who would own a certain dog breed bc it’s cool.

  14. I know a lady who had her face mauled by a pit bull and she has never been the same. You hear these stories about pit bulls all the time yet these idiots still think it’s cool to own them. Start putting the owners in jail and it might stop.

  15. Pit bulls should be banned, like they are on Ontario and some U.S. cities. Way too many deaths and maulings caused by this breed.

  16. Hopefully it’s not the middle finger because she’ll probably still want to use that one.

  17. Dogs aren’t dangerous..it’s what they are taught and trained. Dak should be quarantined! Put Bulls have a bad rap. My brother has two and they are great with kids, neighbors and very loving. Owners like him should not be allowed dogs. Cue the Put Bull hate now….

  18. The only people who have Pit Bulls are cowards. The dogs need to be banned everywhere, and Prescott should face jail time for negligence, and having a dangerous dog.

  19. Better hurry and get that contract done because you’re going to need a bit of cash for this one. Tell you what, I’m not breaking up a pit bull fight without a flamethrower. Brave lady there.

  20. A dog that bites people is 90% on the owner. a dog that runs away is also another warning sign of irresponsible ownership. no excuses. I hope he gets sued bigtime. its guys like DP that give pits a bad rap.

  21. Expect a sizable lawsuit to be filed around the same time as sizable contract extension. And rightfully so. NFL players and pit bulls is such a boring, pathetic cliche.

  22. Dak do you really need a pit bull? You should talk to Michael Vick about a better breed of dog to complement your personal brand. Dogs biting off human apendiges is not a good look that I would want. Why don’t you try a Yorkie? They are great companions and are also chick magnets. Get two girls from a reputable breeder to keep each other company when you are not home. You won’t regret it or find yourself associated with lawsuits and negative news stories like this. Go Cowboys!

  23. Suspend Dak for 6 games if he’s found to be criminally negligent. Seriously, what’s with these dog owners who don’t monitor their pets?

  24. All pitbulls are dangerous.
    I have yet to meet a pitbull owner that fully respects that.

  25. Another NFL QB with badly trained pit bulls….what a surprise….how many others are there in the NFL?
    Question: why don’t they train them correctly, they do have enough money for pete’s sake??

  26. If you want to break a fight between dogs, your best chance is to throw water or any liquid in their faces.I saved my dog from a pitbull by spraying water with a watering hose. Pitbull’s owner was kicking his dog to release without any effect. As soon as the water touched the pitbull’s face, he released my dog and break the fight. Big noise might work too.

  27. Here we go with another “Pit Bulls are not aggressive my nature, its just how they are trained” idiotic diatribe by the dog defenders…

  28. By all accounts Dak is a good guy but apparently he’s a few cards short of a full deck…. multiple times his pit terrorized the neighborhood? Through an unsecured door? How stupid do you have to be to get the problem fixed? Feel bad for the dog that his owner is a moron…. and the lady who lost a piece of her finger. Dak is the one who should be quarantined for being an idiot.

  29. Id be excited if Dak Precotts Pit Bull bit off my finger. I could retire with the settlement

  30. cue the “pit bulls are all dangerous” nonsense…

    it used to be rottweilers, then dobermans
    now it’s pits

    good advice: don’t try to get between fighting dogs no matter what breed they are.

    I did once and my own dog accidentally put two holes in my hand before he could figure out it was me. Don’t blame the dog.

  31. There are some things in life that I like to refer to as “pseudo-masculine” activities. Just certain things that I feel like some dudes do because someone told them it makes you more of a man. Riding motorcycles, shooting guns, playing poker, getting tattoos…I don’t have issues with these things in a vacuum, but there’s a certain faction of guys out there who I notice really seem to engage in these things as much to signal to others around them what a badass they believe themselves to be as much as they genuinely enjoy those things. I’m sure I’ll get down votes from tattooed poker players who ride motorcycles to the gun range, but I’m not necessarily talking about you. Put it this way: if you were going to live isolated for the rest of your life and another living soul would never see you…would you still get tatted up? Would you still ride a motorcycle? Would you still own a recreational gun? If you answered “yes”, then you’re on the level. But I just see so many guys, especially these young 18-30 kids, doing these pseudo-masculine things and reeking of effort and attention-seeking. Pit bulls are right near the top of that list, and like 25 years ago, Rottweilers were the tough guy dog du jour. I think I remember a brief surge of those bull terriers in the late 80s when Spud McKenzie was hot in the streets too. Point is, Dak seems like a generally good kid, but adopting a pit bull is just kind of a hardo move, 9 times out of 10, and all everyone wants to do is try to convince you what sweet dogs they are. And they may be a lot of the time, but the fact is that these things are bred to be aggressive, and the people who adopt them, lets be honest, you were never considering a Pomeranian, you probably wanted this thing to fill out your tough-guy look.

  32. Own and operate a dog shelter. I’ve had Pits/Huskies/Shepherds/Rotties all sorts come through here.

    If you own a pit bull and that dog ends up aggressive/disobedient you have a serious issue. A pit bull is one of the easiest dogs to train as a puppy, it can take you under a year to train it depending on how much time you are putting to the side for training. What I also find funny from the anti pit bull crowd is their complete ignorance on the husky that tore a boys arm off in Utah when he was just petting it. You mean to tell me that a pit bull has more danger potential than a dog that is genetically mixed with a WOLF? or a rabid German Shepherd? In fact they are great breeds for experienced dog owners who know how to properly care for and train a dog, those people are the ones ending up with a beautiful loyal dog and the negligent ones are who you see on the news putting their pit in a position to fail. Germans and Rotties were also demonized in the 80’s and 90’s whose the next target for the old folk in 2020?

  33. Not sure why the lady tried breaking the dogs up, when there was a fence between them. Feel bad that the dog could lose its life because of a negligent owner (Prescott)

  34. People give themselves too much credit… An owner is not going to roll back the evolution and breeding of a pitbull…it wasn’t bred to be a pet, LOL. Best case is you try to suppress its natural inclination to mindlessly attack, it will never be erased. How many pit bulls do you see police use? None, because they’re relentless meathead killing machines. Three times I can remember, including last summer in my own neighborhood, I’ve been around pitbull attacks on people and other dogs and they ended the same way – the pit would not respond to commands, would have to be knocked off, or shot in one instance, and then the owner would slither away muttering something like “I’m shocked, he’s such a sweet dog “

  35. I’ve been training and boarding all kinds of breeds for 25 years. Started training dogs in the Navy and I’ve made a living from it.

    Pit Bulls have a reputation unfairly earned. Did you know most “fighting” pits were giving Acid tabs as puppies, a common tactic in turning them vicious, because as a rule pit bulls are family oriented dogs and most require lots of attention or they get anxious and stressed. They also take structure and training very well.

    There are breeds far, far more aggressive, such as chows, Akita, Dalmatian, and just to throw the average person for a loop, black labs ( in the 1800’s considered the most dangerous dog! )

    In this case, the dog should be put down. Although it’s the owners fault here, there are too many good dogs that need good homes to keep one (now) bad apple.

    Oh and neighbor lady, next time your dog is tangled with another dog, dont stick your hand in there, for god sake grab a hose or a bucket of water or something.

  36. Lol ummm many police forces use pits. But yes they’re not as popular for a few reasons. They’re coat isn’t great for cold and hot temperatures, they’re typically super excited and social when they see new people in general, etc.

  37. I always thought Dak was a classy guy. But now just hope that he can pay the woman, says sorry, and that really hope the lady can recover. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.
    As he was warned twice and that he should had someone come to take them or that he could had given them to someone else as he is a busy man indeed. Or that she would not had her finger bitten off.

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