Sean Lee restructures contract, stays with Cowboys

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Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee will be back in Dallas for another year.

Lee, who was on the verge of being released in a salary cap move, has instead agreed to a restructured contract. According to multiple reports, he agreed to cut his $7 million base salary in half to $3.5 million, with the opportunity to earn the other $3.5 million if he meets certain incentives.

Last season Lee appeared in only seven games and played less than half of the defensive snaps in the games he did play. At age 32, he’s been passed by Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith on the depth chart, and there’s no way he’d ever move ahead of them if they stay healthy.

But the Cowboys like the veteran Lee and still think he can provide something. At a reduced cost, they’ll take what he’s still capable of giving them.

34 responses to “Sean Lee restructures contract, stays with Cowboys

  1. Just hang them up.

    Nobody would care about this dude if he did not play for Dallas.

    He would have been gone in three years.

  2. Very glad to hear he is back. Always a class guy and excellent player. Just had some rough luck with the injuries, but hopefully he earns his incentives and stays healthy all year.

    He is very likely a future LB coach, so Cowboy fans need to enjoy him while he is still a player.

  3. Him and Witten are key pick ups as role players. They were kept in large part because they are Leaders and Teachers of the game. Wittens biggest impact will be his blocking. This team missed that from the TE position last year. Both will be solid back ups to give the young Studs a breather.
    Dlaw is a Very Good Player. But he is Not Elite P E R I O D ! And he is acting like 20 mil per is a slap in the face. He never will be a Ware Elite Monster, honestly we may be thin at DE but I would rather be a Bit thin there then OVER PAY a very good player Elite coin. If I had to choose between Jaylon Smith or Dlaw, it isnt even close. And thats what you have to be thinking when your a young team that has drafted this good, you are looking at future contracts coming up and the cap. Jerry being smart, Tag him then after this season, buh bye . By then you have at least 2 0r 3 other prospects in the wing waiting to take his place.

  4. By bringing back Witten for a possible 5mil for some leadership, I think it goes to show that Dak is clearly not the leader he thinks he is.

  5. This guy’s name is always talked about, but never does anything impactful at all.

  6. Sweet deal for Dallas. Instantly makes the Cowboys quite deep at Linebacker and probably one of the best 4-3 Defense linebacking corp in the league. Cowboys haven’t been able to say that very often in the past 25 years.

  7. The good thing about him and Witten is that they will be welcomed leaders in the locker room. They won’t play regularly, but their presence will be a positive. Also, they come cheap, no need to over pay them.

  8. Not bad to keep him around as a veteran backup. He was in LVE ear all year and I doubt the wolf hunter would have had the season he did without Lee’s influence. As far as Dlaw goes, I would NOT pay him any more than 17 mil per year. If he balks at that price then trade him for a 1 and 3 and move on. There is PLENTY of D-line depth in the draft this year. I am willing to bet the Colts would jump all over Lawrence if available in trade. Use the 20 mil cap savings and go get a stud Safety and re-sign Zeke and Cooper. Wait till next year on Dak (I’m still not sold on him yet)

  9. Good move on the team’s as well as Lee’s part. The team knows he’s as good a backup at his position as they can get at $3.5M, and Lee knows he’s not a $7M player anymore. Most players at this point in their career allow ego and vanity get in the way and demand too much, so the team says ‘buh-bye’ and they wind up with nothing. It’s good to see an exception.

  10. “never does anything impactful” … other than making the pro bowl or being first team all-pro. (Smh)

    Great teammate, consummate pro. Dallas could lose Damian Wilson to free agency. Good move to keep a smart, talented veteran.

  11. Think he will do great with less playing time for the price. If he plays half the snaps the whole season the cowboys did well. Lee is a playmakee

  12. Dallas was probably going to sign a vet TE this offseason. Witten happens to be the best available. The fact that he is a leader is just a bonus. It speaks nothing to Daks leadership. Anyone who says otherwise is a troll and probably a moron. Lee is the general of the defense. LVE played best with Lee on the sidelines coaching away. Lee will most likely end up as a coach for Dallas soon. Witten may as well or TEN. Just good business.

  13. bird2urmother says:

    By bringing back Witten for a possible 5mil for some leadership, I think it goes to show that Dak is clearly not the leader he thinks he is.

    But if he has signed the same deal with the Patriots it would be a “low risk move” and Belichick would be a “genius”.

  14. CP says:
    March 9, 2019 at 6:06 pm
    Sweet deal for Dallas. Instantly makes the Cowboys quite deep at Linebacker and probably one of the best 4-3 Defense linebacking corp in the league. Cowboys haven’t been able to say that very often in the past 25 years.


    Exact same LB group as last year but it does keep them from getting weaker at the position.

  15. I hate the cowboys but you people that rag on a guy for getting hurt are complete losers. My bet is that those doing that weren’t good enough to play any sport past middle school. On a team & a league full of classless degenerates, this dude is actually a decent individual and was a great player when on the field. Hope he stays healthy, plays well and the cowboys lose every single game. Either way, the QB is hot garbage so not going anywhere one way or the other

  16. The QB is Only 3 years in the league and what? Has been to Two Pro Bowls, Won a playoff game, and was Rookie of the year?
    I mean if that is your definition of hot garbage….. I want a team Full of that!
    Dak is still growing and learning, most nfl qbs dont flourish like this in just 3 years. Then again most nfl qbs Even First round pick qbs EVEN first pick in the NFL draft qbs dont have this type of start to their nfl careers. Stay hating my friends.

  17. $3.5M ain’t bad money for a consultant role.
    He stays in a familiar environment with people and organization that give him the best chance of being respected for his talent, experience, and smarts.

    Like someone above said, coaching may be in his future.

    Now, if they are only smart enough to maximize his value.

  18. Good player, but bitten by the injury bug. At least he can look himself in the mirror and know he’s a decent human being, unlike half of the other roster of criminals that consist of the cowboys….

  19. Of course he won’t get ahead of those two, but that’s a dumb thing to say. Teams mostly start at least 3 Lb’ers and they all play different positions, so nothing wrong with keeping him if he’s affordable.

  20. Anyone who’s seen All Or Nothing knows what a locker room leader this guy is. They hired him for his presence in the film room and the locker room. Not to wear pads and keep getting injured. He and Witten are exactly what you want in a locker room that has a tendency to lose focus.

    A player’s on-field production is only part of their usefulness to the team.

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