Texas fires Vince Young

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Vince Young is a Texas Longhorns legend, but that isn’t enough to stay employed with the school.

The university fired Young from his job as a development officer “for not demonstrating significant and sustained improvement in the performance of [his] job responsibilities and failing to maintain standards of conduct suitable and acceptable to the university,” according to a letter obtained by the Associated Press.

According to the report, Young was often absent from work and had been given warnings for more than a year. Young was arrested for drunk driving last month.

After leading Texas to the national championship, Young was the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft. Although he was named the league’s offensive rookie of the year in his first season, he never developed into the kind of quarterback he was projected to be, and he has had multiple legal and personal problems in retirement.

47 responses to “Texas fires Vince Young

  1. At some point you can’t just keep having everything handed to you. I hope he gets his act together. Maybe this latest set back will help him to do that.

  2. Ryan Leaf was a “great community leader” until he was arrested. These athletes continually have everything handed to them but they really need rock bottom to understand how fortunate they’re

  3. He can’t even keep a fake job created for him as a favor. Unbelievable. I used to say he had a million dollar and a ten cent head. I think I over valued his head.

  4. This isn’t so bad and it could be worse. In some places, getting caught drunk driving is a birthright. Give Vince a few more chances.

  5. Some people can take advantage of being the local football hero for the rest of their lives. This idiot managed to screw that up.

  6. What a pathetic and entitled loser. Credit to the university for actually firing him with an honest and critical statement and not feeling like they have to keep him on because of his name.

  7. Jared Goff wasn’t developing under Jeff Fisher either, so it’s a shame Young didn’t have better coaching when he came into the league. It’s just one of those things. I’ve always wondered the same about Art Schlichter. Had he not come into the league under coach Frank Kush, his career and life probably would have been different. John Elway was smart to avoid that same situation. That’s why he insisted on not playing for Baltimore. Brett Favre’s career and life changed when he was traded to Green Bay. Vince Young was awesome.

  8. Hopefully, Vince will get things straightened out and get to a better place. Some sole searching is good for everyone every once in a while. Best wishes getting to a place where you are comfortable and happy.

  9. I don’t know about lazy amd stupid. Obviously, he did not want the job bad enough to actually show up! HHe is still young (unintentional) and has plenty of time to find his calling. Just stop thinking about it, drinking, and driving home. Or your new job, will be giving the owner’s special to fellow men that are not as nice as that man in new England.

  10. Young is showing just how stupid he is. Young wasted his NFL fortune of $34 million dollars – an amount that should have been good for the rest of his life but he wasted it with stupid spending. He once bought all the seats on a 737 because he wanted a quiet flight. He threw himself a $1 million birthday party as he was running out of money. UT gave him this job to take care of him and he couldn’t even show up to do nothing. Vince Young is the stereotypical irresponsible athlete who can’t take care of himself after the playing days are done.

  11. Man what I wouldn’t give to have a cushy job like that. Just be in time, tuck in your shirt and be nice. The sad thing is that he’s 30 frickin 5, he could still be playing.

  12. For every Neanderthal who says players should get paid college and ignores the fact that they get a free college education needs to read this article. Vince Young has not been able to make ends meet since his football career came to an end. By never being required to get his degree and focusing on football he will be broke and bankrupt for the majority of his adult life

  13. the state of Texas loves football…the Texas Longhorns (and A&M Aggies for that matter) take their love of football to another level, perhaps even an unhealthy one…a normal player is viewed with reverence…a player of V.Y.’s caliber is taken to an idolatry level…and yet Vince managed to screw that up. Mind boggling.

  14. All you had to do is pay attention to him in college, you’d see this coming.

    12 on his Wonderlic IIRC. You get 10 points for filling in your name at the top….

  15. “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.”

    Movie quote.

    The old guys know what I’m talking about.

    The hard like cream cheese millennials will have to use their google machine.

  16. My favorite VY story is when he bought every seat on a SouthWest Airlines flight. Could have chartered a leer jet and had plenty left over. Hilarious. What a dummy.

  17. Should have been able to ride that championship all the way until retirement there at Texas. Sad really to see a guy blow that much money and then a good post football opportunity like that.

  18. Dude scored like a 6 on the wonderlic test. You get a 7 for spelling your name right. How he even managed to land a job on a college football staff is a mystery.

  19. johnnyjagfan says:
    March 9, 2019 at 5:54 pm
    My favorite VY story is when he bought every seat on a SouthWest Airlines flight. Could have chartered a leer jet and had plenty left over. Hilarious. What a dummy.


    Wow, that’s actually true. He IS a moron, and not just figuratively.

  20. Couldn’t read defenses as a Pro and was exposed in the NFL. And obviously not smart enough to take life seriously off the field. No one is handing you anything anymore my friend; Get it together.

  21. Now does a university give a 6-figure job to someone who is there to be a leader but doesn’t have a college degree? Shame on UT for inventing a bs job for someone who didn’t deserve it. Good for them for recognizing the error and correcting it.

  22. Newbaum Turk says:
    March 9, 2019 at 7:12 pm
    Now does a university give a 6-figure job to someone who is there to be a leader but doesn’t have a college degree? Shame on UT for inventing a bs job for someone who didn’t deserve it. Good for them for recognizing the error and correcting it.


    UT didn’t recognize anything. He fired himself by drunk driving and not coming in to work. Even hypocritical institutions have to act when you get too out of control. He’s an idiot’s idiot. Of course by today’s standards he has a” disease”.

  23. Young has an IQ slightly higher than a piece of wood.

    I’ll never forget after he got cut by the Eagles at the end of his career that he borrowed 300k to throw a birthday party for himself. He’ll not only be broke soon if he isn’t already, he’ll likely be homeless and unrecognizable within 5 years.

  24. In addition to the $34 million salary during his career in the NFL, Young had signed $30 million in endorsement deals with Reebok, Campbell’s Soup, Madden NFL, Vizio and the National Dairy Council.

    In January 2014, Young filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a Houston federal bankruptcy court.
    On January 25, 2016, Young was arrested for DWI in Austin, Texas. He pleaded no contest, was fined $300, and ordered to undergo 60 hours of community service.

    On February 5, 2019, Young was arrested for DWI in Fort Bend County, Texas. He was released on a $500 bail the same day.

    The steakhouse is owned by husband-and-wife partners Phillip and Laura Brown, with their close friend Young serving as the restaurant’s naming partner and “face of the steakhouse,” according to Laura Brown.
    just sayin …

  25. Hey Turk, Young re-enrolled at the University of Texas for the 2008 spring semester. In 2013, Young graduated from Texas with a degree in youth and community studies from the College of Education. Yeah, that’s it, Youth and community studies ….

  26. Vince. Please please please stop. Go get yourself some Jesus man. Turn your life around and make an impact. You did it your way 35 years now…

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