Antonio Brown will be traded to the Raiders

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It’s finally happening.

Receiver Antonio Brown will be traded to the Raiders when the new league year begins on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

The Steelers and the Raiders struck a deal that will send the disgruntled wideout to Oakland.

Terms of the trade aren’t yet known. It’s currently believed that the Steelers did not get a first-round pick; however, whether they did remains to be seen.

The trade, when official, will end a saga that has created a major distraction for the Steelers since the Wednesday before the regular-season finale, when Brown left practice and didn’t return until the Sunday game against the Bengals. Coach Mike Tomlin declined to let Brown play, and the wheels quickly were put in motion to place Brown on a new team.

68 responses to “Antonio Brown will be traded to the Raiders

  1. This makes us so much better #RaiderNation welcome AB to the greatest most loyal and the best the original the only nation in pro sports #RaiderNation

  2. We’ll have to wait to see the full details but I think it’s s good move for Oakland. They needed help at WR and right now AB is one of the best

  3. Don’t let this distract you from that wild hair cut the raiders owner has. He looks like Chris Griffin from family guy

  4. Man, Im mixed on this decision.

    Dunno if Carr well gel with a Diva like AB, but AB is still very talented and has been relatively unscathed during his career. Its better than taking a flyer on a kid like Metcalf and it not paying off so atleast we kinda know what were getting.

    Cant see us keeping Jordy anymore now, especially at his price, but if we do keep him that means Roberts is probably getting shown the door. Raiders now have have 2 Steelers cast offs on their team.

    Also gives the Raiders the ability to attack the draft with our left over picks on Defense and get DL and LB early.

  5. Second round pick next year, fully guarantee the next three year of his contract. At $13M per, it’s a steal. Got DC a target. Welcome to the Raider Nation, AB! -#JustWinBaby #FtheRest

  6. So diva got himself a new “long term” contract after one year. I wonder how long that will last before we get to have this drama again…..probably one year? Good luck with that in Raiderland….

  7. A 3rd and a 5th. Now he can play on a 5 win team! I hope he doesn’t quit on this tram!!!!

  8. 3rd and 5th are not too bad for the Raiders.

    They need another guy to spread the defense and some blocking up front never hurt.

    Lots of $$$, though.

    We shall see.

  9. I dont dislike the raiders but this move gets them no closer to the playoffs. You thought he was a diva with a good qb just wait until he plays with carr or a rookie and doesn’t have the same success. He will be a problem in the locker room.

  10. I’m very happy for a 3rd and 5th rd pick plus 16 million annually with 30 mil guaranteed! My Raiders have FINALLY won a negotiation! Bye-bye Reggie McKenzie!

  11. Putting aside our love of mocking Jon Gruden, is there anyone that would not have traded Amari Cooper, a 3rd and a 5th rounder for Antonio Brown and a 1st rounder? Of course not. We’d have all done that in a second.

  12. Have fun in Vegas Antonio. The Raiders haven’t been relevant since George W Bush was President. Only reason you became a house hold name was because the Steelers were always on tv while you balled out.
    Have fun going 4-12.

  13. If he didn’t get along with Gruden or vice versa there’s no way this would have happened. That aside, all that for a veteran WR??

  14. 66th pick. Prob would have been a TE. Keep cook PLEASE!!

    I think it’s a SLIGHT upgrade from cooper…..

    Look out Elway, that 4th qtr comeback number is a target now… Carr will pass you up with that record while in Vegas, um, bet on it?

    Now we should low ball for bell….

  15. Well this has now set epic precedent for all players do start demanding trading, nixing trades despite being under contract without a NTC. have fun NFL….

  16. If a third and a fifth as reported the Raiders replaced Cooper with an older but better player and have a first round pick in this reportedly deep talent draft.. If tRaiders and Steelers hit the picks it may work for the Raiders, Steelers and Cowboys.

  17. He will quit on this team when they are 3-9 and out of it. He will demand more money or a trade. Gruden will never coach a game in Vegas as he will be gone by then.

  18. If it’s for a 3rd and 5th, I can live with it, I guess. I would have been furious if we gave up one of our first rounders. I also hope this means we’re not drafting Kyler Murray, like a lot of mock drafts have us doing.

  19. The Steelers will lose two of their best players in the same year.
    The environment that created this problem in the first place still exists. And that’s Tomlin and his desire to be everybody’s buddy, instead of a disciplinarian.
    You may or not not like the Patriots, but at least they have a coach who controls the locker room. Can you imagine how far these two malcontents would have gotten on a Belichick coached team? Tomlin allowed this circus to go on and did nothing.

  20. Didn’t the Raiders have three first round picks. Draft picks are a gamble, AB is a proven commodity. I don’t see a problem with giving up a first.

  21. Seriously, the raiders had Amari Cooper, I do not believe this was an upgrade moving forward. One has a difficult time becoming 25 again.

  22. They are saying a 3rd and a 5th. If that’s the case then give Gruden props. That’s a steal. He can keep this guy in line for 3 years and get some pro bowl production. Immediately changes their offense.

  23. Hope he makes Grudens life hell. Carr now gets to put up with San Antonio Brown’s antics. Good Luck!!

  24. Antonio Brown is a disruptive cancer but I guess I could look at this from a “glass half full” perspective.

    – in recent years the Raiders have experience with similar cancers like Randy Moss and Marshawn Lynch, so it’s not unfamiliar territory.

    – Gruden loves trading draft picks for washed up veterans so he was in his element

    – Gruden can’t hit the broadside of a barn with his draft selections so trading for Brown was the better option than another wasted draft pick

    – with Gruden’s below-average game day coaching and the way he has already decimated the Raiders roster, the addition of someone like Brown can’t hurt the Raiders that much more.

  25. sdcharger123 says:
    March 10, 2019 at 6:05 am

    So at the end of the day they swap Amari Cooper for Antonio Brown? Seems like a lot of moving parts for not that much of a net upgrade.
    Brown is better than Cooper.

    The Raiders gave up Copper a 3rd and a 5th and got back AB and a 1st. That sounds pretty smart to most of us.

  26. I hope he balls out and continues to be the non-distraction he was before this Roethlisberger mess. Just to rub it in the faces of Steelers fans who don’t see the true problem with their team.

  27. The Raiders clearly had all the leverage in this deal. 3rd and 5th round picks is what I heard. If that’s the case, it definitely favored the Raiders, as they acquire a #1 WR while still retaining their top 4 picks in the upcoming draft.

  28. AB will finally know what it’s like to play for a bad team. I’m sure that will help his attitude.

  29. Everybody likes to beat on the Raiders front office but looking from the outside in, it appears the Raiders gave up Cooper, a 3rd and a 5th to get Brown and a 1st. Cooper’s 2019 salary is around $14.5M while Brown’s is around $18M. If that is correct, it seems to me the Raiders front office came out OK on that.

  30. Next up: A big contract for a pass rusher as Gruden brings back the same big contracts they supposedly couldn’t afford. In the not-so-distant future he’ll be completely befuddled by how they’re in cap trouble.

  31. Poor guy. He thought he had it bad in Pittsburgh, wait until he sees what’s ahead of him.

  32. Ha the rest of the AFC west thanks you, Oakland no wait Las vegas or LA whoever you guys are.
    Talk about taking a step back. I am sure this guy will bring all of those young players around perfectly.

  33. Now go move David Carr and get Chuckie his QB Murray. Having to respect Murray’s quickness and having Brown as a weapon would be deadly! Make Vegas exciting!!

  34. Can’t wait til Carr doesn’t throw his way when Brown thinks he is open. Brown has never played on a losing team. That ends now.

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