Dolphins may be in the mix for Tyrod Taylor

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As the Dolphins prepare to part ways with quarterback Ryan Tannehill, they’ll need to find another one. The one they find could be the former starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.

The pre-free agency rumor mill has the Dolphins targeting Tyrod Taylor, as the for-now replacement for Tannehill as the starter. That could change for Taylor, if the Dolphins draft a quarterback next month.

That’s precisely what happened to Taylor in Cleveland a year ago. After being traded from the Bills to the Browns, Taylor became the starter. A Week Three injury during a prime-time game against the Jets opened the door for then-rookie Baker Mayfield to take over the job, relegating Taylor to backup status for the rest of the season.

Originally a draft pick of the Ravens, Taylor signed with the Bills as an unrestricted free agent in 2015. After three years in Buffalo, culminating in the team’s first playoff berth since 1999, the Bills opted to clear the decks prior to the drafting of Josh Allen.

Taylor has 46 career regular-season starts, 43 of which came during his three years with the Bills.

23 responses to “Dolphins may be in the mix for Tyrod Taylor

  1. Do not pay him more than $5M and only do it for year. He deserves less than that but he’s a QB

  2. Miami fans must be thrilled with the news that the starting QB might be a guy who couldn’t hold the job in Cleveland.

  3. Not gonna happen. The Fins are cutting age and salary in order to rebuild a younger more competitive team. Taylor would put them in the same middling draft position … a similar result which they would endure with Tannehill. They don’t want to remain in the middle of the pack and are willing to play the younger guys in order to find (draft) a franchise QB. If not this year, next. Or next! It’s not tanking, but a rebuild to recover from horrendous drafting and FA signings ….

  4. That stinks for Dolphins fans. When your teams management wants to scream to it’s fans that they won’t be competing before the season even begins, they sign a guy like Taylor to be their starter. He’s the definition of mediocrity.

  5. Holy crap this can not be true. We will be spending 40 mil on QB position and this will be our starter? Might as well keep RT.

  6. I wouldn’t take him. I’ve been told that his board work is poor, he has poor leadership skills, and that he cannot read the defense.



  7. This dude took THE BILLS to the playoffs, yet dudes like Sam Bradford and Brock Osweiler get handed tens of millions of dollars to lay eggs their entire careers?!?!? Tyrod has intangibles and takes care of the football. Sign him!

  8. As a Bills fan, I would wholeheartedly welcome him starting for a division rival. Once the opponent gets the lead, Taylor is incapable of leading a comeback. He needs the running game and defense to win games for him, and he’s mostly along for the ride. He doesn’t throw a lot of interceptions simply because he won’t take chances downfield, even when it’s completely necessary (like when playing from behind).

  9. Tyrod Taylor is much better than Tannehill and pretty much every QB that replaced him in Buffalo. People seem to forget he lost the starter job in Cleveland to someone who had the best rookie season in NFL history. We’re not exactly talking about being benched for Blake Bortles.

  10. corkspop says:
    March 11, 2019 at 12:16 am

    Miami fans must be thrilled with the news that the starting QB might be a guy who couldn’t hold the job in Cleveland.

    I am a thrilled Dolphins Fan! This is a stop-gap signing for low salary. The Dolphins are tanking for Tua or Hebert, so it does not matter if he is better than Tannehill or anybody. They have 2 young QBs who never played an NFL game on the roster. They will need “some” experienced QB. I welcome the smart decision. 3-13 Baby!!!!!… and with the 1st Overall Pick on the NFL 2020 Draft, the Miami Dolphins select ??

  11. The dolphins should sign Taylor, Bridgewater or even Kaepernick. Either one would lead us to a division title this season. Tannehill has held this franchise back for years.

  12. Don’t know if he is that much of an upgrade over Tannehill! However, Tyrod does protect the ball , doesn’t take any chances, and throws a nice short ball. Should keep Tannehill to compete with Tyrod for starting job

  13. It’s come down to diving in the Browns’ dumpster for someone who even the Bills thought less of than Nathan effin’ Peterman! Very sad

  14. REALLY……..REALLY…….? Please……for the love of everything holy, do not do this!!! Hue Jackson would have kept him as a starter had he not gotten hurt and the Browns would have won two games, maybe. Taylor is NOT THE ANSWER!

  15. joetoronto says:
    March 11, 2019 at 6:00 am
    He’s better than Josh Allen but that isn’t saying much.
    Both are better than Carr, if you had a brain you would be dangerous.

  16. backindasaddle says:
    March 11, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    Kinda feels like rummaging through a bin of leftover stuff that nobody else wants…


    Sad thing is there’s 6-12 teams rummaging through that bin every year!

  17. You guys forget what Taylor done to the Dolphins a couple years ago. The guy looked like Dan Marino. He was and elusive ….cam wake couldn’t sack him despite having him dead in a sights a couple times. The guy threw the ball with great accuracy. He not a great QB but I think he is goood…..I think he is better than tanny an upgrad

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