Jets set to acquire Kelechi Osemele in trade with Raiders

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The Antonio Brown trade isn’t the only deal involving the Raiders set to become official on Wednesday afternoon.

ESPN reports that the Raiders have agreed to trade guard Kelechi Osemele to the Jets. No word on the compensation going back to the Raiders was immediately available. They are set to give up third- and fifth-round picks in the deal for Brown.

Offensive line help was one area the Jets were expected to address this offseason and Osemele gives them an experienced piece on the interior. Last year’s left guard James Carpenter is set to be a free agent and Osemele will likely slot into his spot this year. The team re-signed center Jonotthan Harrison this weekend, but have three other veterans set for free agency so more moves are likely coming.

Osemele is headed into the fourth year of the five-year deal he signed in Oakland in 2016. He’s set to make $9.7 million with a $500,000 workout bonus that adds up to a $10.2 million cap hit. No dead money will remain on the Raiders’ cap once the deal becomes official.

UPDATE 4:45 p.m. ET: Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group reports the Jets will send a fifth-round pick to Oakland and that the Raiders will send a sixth-rounder to the Jets. The pick is reportedly the one they acquired from the Bears in the Khalil Mack trade last year.

43 responses to “Jets set to acquire Kelechi Osemele in trade with Raiders

  1. Oakland is probably getting a 5th to replace the pick they traded to pittsburgh

  2. Osemele was one of the few good players left from a once-promising Raiders roster after Gruden’s 2018 demolition job. And with this deal by the “coaching legend”, the number of good starters on the Raiders roster can be counted on one hand.

  3. tylawspick6 says:
    March 10, 2019 at 4:21 pm

    if you are rebuilding, why are you losing a pick and overpaying for a veteran guard?

    lmao @ the jets

    over and over and over


    Maybe we should wait and see what the compensation is first before judging if the trade was a failure or not.

  4. I thought all the experts said Gruden had lost it, and didn’t know what he was doing, that he was insane, the game had passed him by, and he was going to embarrass himself.

    But he now has one of the best receivers in football (even though that could blow up in his face), a good-to-very-good quarterback, and three first-round picks to improve the defense. Heck, they might have an outside shot to sign LeVeon Bell.

  5. After the Jets sign him make another trade and get GABE JACKSON. It sure looks like they are going to trade that whole team.

  6. Not a bad deal as he was going to be cut. Had a great first year with Oakland but was poor last year and not worth 10 mill.

    Jackson can now move back to his preferred LG position

  7. “Great move for the Jets. Puzzling move for the Raiders.”

    While he hasn’t been horrible, he hasn’t been worth how contract the last two years. There last couple of years he’s been trending the wrong way.

  8. Outstanding that we are getting a return on Osemele. I’m really liking what we are doing thus far. Nice work from Mayock and Gruden this offseason.

    Now let’s offer that 2nd round pick for Seattle’s Frank Clark. Sign FA LT Trent Brown. Sign S Earl Thomas. Sign LB KD Wright. Sign TE’s Tyler Eifert and Demetrius Harris and let TE Jamel Cook go via free agency. That would be a nice start.

  9. The reported compensation is: Raiders: 5th rd 2019 pick, Jets: Osemele and the Raiders 6th rd 2019 via Chicago. Raiders also clear 10 million from their books with zero dead money. Perhaps the Raiders have their eyes set on on another soon to be former Pittsburgh Steeler? Apparently the Raiders were on thinking of cutting him, as they believe his recent play (ranked as the 61st best guard this past season per PFF for those of you who love PFF) along with his attitude warranted getting him off the roster.

  10. Word out of Oakland is he was a cut candidate due to salary and scheme…..he is a road grader and not a zone blocking OG. So, supposedly not a scheme fit in Oakland. Good player and hope it works out for him with the Jets. Likewise I hope Oakland got decent trade value for him.

  11. Bottom line –raiders gonna need a lot of help on OL –including possibly two tackles –not sure where it’s coming from

  12. I’m beginning to think that any roster move the raiders make people are going to label dumb or crazy not because it actually is but just because that’s the cool thing to do or something.

  13. Another member of the “Not My President” Raider-Traitor OL gone. They threw that game on SNF against the REDSKINS as a political statement.
    On national tv. They almost got Carr killed. Gruden saw it. His brother saw it. YOU saw it.
    Cris Collingsworth called them out on air for it, more than once.
    The players were so triggered that they held Del Rio and Carr as political hostages in their effort to “get even” with POTUS. It was the beginning of the end for JDR.
    3 down, 2 to go.
    If you think Gruden didn’t watch that tape and see the Raider OL “Brother in-law Blocking”, you’re dreaming.

  14. Absolute STEAL only to swap a 5th for Osemele and a 6th? No brainer when you got all this cap and need to spend it. Time to compete is now when you got Darnold on a rookie contract

    and Mike Mac loves to trade back in middle to late roudns so well easily recoop that 5th rounder.

    No GTD $$ left on his deal so STEAL for when healthy one of top OLinemen in the NFL

  15. Love it great move jets need line help now focus on center and pass rusher and oh yeah mr bell

  16. Free agent market on interior OL is weak so this is a fantastic upgrade. Only $10M for a top OLineman is great value and no GTD $$ remaining can cut him after the season if doesn’t work out with no hit.

    Jets should and most likely will trade down from the 3rd overall pick so the haul we will get from doing so will recoop a ton.

    Jets have 2 3rd rounders so we can move down to recoop the 5th

  17. nice upgrade, now they gotta sign a center and prolly should replace Winters also. Roll with Beachum and Shell at tackle and they should be good to go. Signing Harrison was a good depth move yesterday too, off to a good start but keep it going Mac.

  18. KO was going to be cut anyway. I think the Raiders sensed he’s starting to decline a bit and weren’t going to pay him what he was due to make.

  19. This looks to me to be a win-win trade. Raiders open cap space; Jets protect Darnold. What’s not to like from either side?

  20. I though KO would bounce back this year if he was healthy and put weight back on. Noticably lighter than first season in Oak. New York will love him, he’s a smart dude with a lot of interests. No clue what people were talking about with his attitude. They re-signed Good and are paying 10 mil apiece for Hudson and Jackson. Probably just wanted to save some money. Not my money though so would have preferred they do a Zeitler like deal and take on money at another position if they were going to trade him. Agree about Cable though. Would have loved to see Bob Wylie come back. He was a miracle worker in Oakland.

  21. That sucks, but I guess you have to get younger on the OL at some point. Good luck Osemele.

  22. Raiders LG Kelechi Osemele missed five games to injury in 2018. Raiders organization believe he should have missed fewer, sources say. Move clears $10.2M in cash and cap space.

  23. Raiders get a 5th round pick for a player they were going to cut anyway. Word out of Oakland is they will use the $10 million they saved on Osemele, to help sign Le’Veon Bell.

  24. The Jets Oline is bad, and the GM ha spent all of two fifth round picks on it in 4 years.
    Given how bad the Jets Oline is this isn’t a bad move , assuming Osemele improves his play, otherwise it’s just another stop gap move by a mediocre GM, Mike Maccagnan.
    The Jets have a franchise QB and need to protect him. So this is ok.

  25. The Jets think ditching picks and briging on older, expensive players is how you build a winner.

    So dumb. He was probably about to be cut.

  26. I’ve posted this before. Gruden still has a hang up on people saying his TB Super Bowl was Tony Dungy’s team. Gruden is gutting a majority of the team he inherited from Reggie McKenzie. Gruden wants this team to be “His Team”.

  27. Not a shocker, between him, and Donald Penn (trade or release)…it will be close to 20 million in cap space….Since they are on a roll with Steelers players- one has to ask, why not one more with that money between Osemlie, and Penn.

    One could think with Osemelie being traded, Mayock and Gruden liked somebody they coached at the senior bowl, and will plan on moving them inside to guard.

  28. Youth and speed are needed now joe that ever besides strength against the faster pass rushers especially in the AFC west.

    Having that youth will help in a moving line which is what bell excelled at.

    Stay tuned.

    Maybe the brown trade was light on picks due to the bell pick grabbing that 35th position.

    Time will tell.

    With KC having no defense, these div games are gonna resemble arena football.

    Pony up your D Denver, welcome to the cellar.

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