JuJu Smith-Schuster: I’m ready

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Assuming no one has a change of heart between now and Wednesday afternoon, the Steelers will be trading Antonio Brown to the Raiders to kick off the start of the new league year.

The move will obviously have major ramifications for the Raiders offense and it will lead to at least one big change for the Steelers offense as well. JuJu Smith-Schuster will go from partnering with Brown at wide receiver to being the clear No. 1 wideout in Pittsburgh for the first time.

Smith-Schuster addressed that in a tweet on Sunday. In what seems unlikely to be a coincidence, it features a picture of him catching a touchdown for the Steelers against the Raiders in a 2018 game

“I’m Ready…” Smith-Schuster wrote.

Smith-Schuster’s 111 catches, 1,426 receiving yards and seven touchdowns last season present strong evidence for that case and he’ll have at least 16 chances to further prove his point next season.

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  1. The Steelers have a clear history of drafting very good receivers and trading them at the right time. Looking forward to what JuJu does next year.

  2. I like Schuster. He’s obviously a good player but you’d be a fool to not consider some his success was due to lining up across from AB who was constantly double and sometimes even triple teamed. I’m curious to see how it goes when the tables are turned and he’s doubled. Also curious to see what the Bills offered for AB as well before he vetoed it. If it was more than the Raiders offered then it really makes Pittsburgh look desperate.

  3. Let’s see who’s going to take that safety off him or if he going to get one on one coverages. Oh last I also check was that he played the slot position a lot too. Most position players get assisted a lot by another players and they seem to never try to give out credit but then realize when that player is gone they can’t produce anymore like prior years with the talents around them.

  4. JUJU will do just fine and help will be on the way via free agency/or the draft. Steelers don’t need ME players on the team anymore. Time to be more balanced attack.

  5. Love how everyone looks at Steelers as if they did something wrong, duh Brown veto move to Bills, he got what he wanted… gone and he used the social media, downfall of this county, platform to get the Steelers less for him. Yet not word of his actions this year, speeding over 100 in residential area, trashing rooms and throwing TV out window, domestic squabble over of all things paying for a haircut for his daughter. Now on the field, coming to games late as team is dressed to warm up, his throwing water kegs on sidelines, hiding his lips as he runs down his team mates, lies to team, coaches and does not go get an MRI as told by ownership. So yes lets make this character some kind of saint.

  6. The Steelers are a dead team walking. Ben has killed this team with his diva ways. He should look to Brady for tips on how to be a leader of a team

  7. Next man up! Started back in the day when WR depth chart was Hines Ward, Emanuel Sanders, Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown. Ben isn’t the best QB in the NFL but he’s top 10 and consistently gets stats for his WR’s

  8. “He’s very good, but may also find things tougher when he’s the main focus for every pass defense.”

    As a Pats fan I have to say I’m a bit envious at the Steeler’s ability to find excellent receivers through the draft. That’s one position Belichick has not drafted as well at.

    I would be surprised if Pittsburgh didn’t draft a receiver this year and he doesn’t turn out to be pretty good. JuJu will have someone good lining up across from him to share the load.

  9. The Steelers will be just fine without Brown. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for some, but one wide receiver doesn’t make or break your offense. All you have to do is look at the Pats for reference.

    As a Steelers fan, all I can hope for is they have learned a lesson from all of this nonsense, and they get back to playing football, not placating divas.

  10. Since JuJu will be playing the part of Antonio, let’s hope someone else comes in to play the part of JuJu. Otherwise, JuJu will be double-teamed as Antonio was, and our passing game will suffer. It really does take a team.

  11. JuJu proved he’s more than ready when he made his presence known his rookie year w/ the Steelers then this past season when Big Ben targeted him more than he did the veteran WR he’s been throwing to consistently for 9 years. JuJu will continue to be a playmaker and now the #1 WR w/ a chip on his shoulder he will be an absolute beast

  12. Samuels might catch 80 passes next year. Conner might catch 50. Guessing they’ll draft a wideout. No sense in overpaying a vet like Williams from SD for $10m a year for 45 catches.

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