Report: Frank Clark won’t go to training camp without a new deal

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It’s quite a while before training camps open around the league, but one of the players given a franchise tag last week has reportedly started making plans for the summer.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark has no plans to sign the tag and does not plan to attend training camp with the team if it is not replaced by a new, multi-year contract. Rapoport indicates that Clark would return to play out the season with Seattle, but it’s a good bet that all things are up in the air until closer to decision points.

The tag comes with a one-year salary of $17.128 million.

Clark and the Seahawks have until July 15 to talk about a longer deal, assuming he remains under Seattle’s control. The Bills are reportedly one of several teams interested in trading for Clark and his plans to stay away from the Seahawks indefinitely might make that option an appealing one.


25 responses to “Report: Frank Clark won’t go to training camp without a new deal

  1. I understand that these players want a long term deal for “security” but that 17 million that he’ll receive for just that one year to any of us “normal” people means never working again (unless you want to) and you and your kids and their kids are set for life…

  2. He doesn’t have to take this. He should walk away from football and get into some other profession where he’ll be more appreciated. Go back and get your degree. Show them.

  3. Guys in the aaf are laying it on the line for $75k a year and this chump won’t show up for $17 million. It’s only going to get worse…

  4. There are several reasons why a team would tag a player. Regardless of which reason, it’s a considerable amount for one season and indicates the team finds value in that player.

    Except for place kickers. Teams that tag kickers are insane.

  5. The way Seattle is going about things…..I see Wildcard Weekend as their ceiling the next 3-4 years. Currently 4 draft picks and 4 main guys needing extensions. So far they have held on to the talent and gotten nothing back once they have left. Meanwhile they have nullified the compensatory pick possibility by filling out depth with low end free agents while their big named free agents exit. Not exactly smart business.

  6. @jackedupboonie

    You obviously know more than Schneider and Carroll on how to run a football team….which GM opening did you interview for?

  7. In case you haven’t noticed, the NFL and the AAF are forming a pretty strong relationship. It’s pretty good timing for the NFL as the CBA is due to expire in a couple years, and the NFLPA might be considering a work stoppage. I see a lot of those AAF players who would be happy to jump at the opportunity to make more money, and possibly take someone’s job who might be misinformed enough to join in the strike. If the players strike, the games will continue without them. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  8. The Seahawks are well within their right to slap the franchise tag on Clark, however, Clark is well within his right to refuse to sign that tag absent a long term deal. The article indicated that Clark would show up for the season to collect his paychecks but sit out the entire off season program. If the Seahawks want him around for the off season they know what they need to do. Give him a long term deal.

  9. seahawks80 says:
    March 10, 2019 at 4:03 pm

    You obviously know more than Schneider and Carroll on how to run a football team….which GM opening did you interview for?
    I’m just pointing out the ‘obvious’. The Packers and the Seahawks are starting to look like mirror images of eachother. Great QB at the highest premium cost, and a C to C+ roster surrounding him.

  10. Stop being greedy. It’s $17 million per year. That’s way more than most pepole make in a year.

    Regards, ,

    Owners that threatened to leave unless public builds them a stadium

  11. He doesn’t want to leave Seattle and Seahawks want him to stay. With no bad blood, lots of cap space, the chances of a long term deal seems certain.

  12. Mayock and Gruden let’s offer up that 2nd round pick (35th overall) this year for Frank Clark and lock him down for a few years.

  13. Why do fans always take the ownership’s side in these deals? So you are criticizing a player that is a millionaire, but not an owner that is a billionaire??? Furthermore, the players are putting their health at risk while the owners don’t. Finally, this argument is not valid – they compare themselves to other NFL players not an average joe. For everyone criticizing the players, do you compare yourself to someone living in a third world country? I didn’t think so.

  14. Hey Frank, remember when teams were passing on you in the draft because of your character issues? Remember those first two years when your on-field performance was average? You gratitude is underwhelming.

  15. The games may go on if if the players strike but the NFL will see a major ratings decline if they think people are going to tune in droves to watch the Christian Hackenbergs of the world because they are “willing to lay it on the line” and because it is football. This is not 1987, sports fans have way more entertainment options to occupy their time .There is a reason these AAF guys are not on NFL rosters right now. Frank Clark is not doing anything hundreds of other players in the history of the NFL have not done in his position. There has been no reports that I’ve seen that says he is going to sit out the season, so unless Seattle offers him a long-term deal that works for both parties then expect him to skip training camp and possibly the preseason only to show up week 1.

  16. This guy should quietly take his 17 million and shut his trap. After all, he should be behind bars for beating up his girlfriend a few years ago……

  17. Call it a hunch … but I think every free agent lands in Philly on a sweet, team friendly deal for the honor of playing for the Eagles.

  18. This is more agent talk than player talk. His agent is advising him to seek a long term deal outside of the tag. The more a player makes the more the agent makes.

    I understand both sides. The player takes all the physical risks, along with potential life long health issues/concerns.

    Meanwhile, the team takes a financial risk. That’s it.

    Clark will get 17 million for the year. Seattle would like a long term deal, like other franchises would but, not at an exceptional price.

    Hope it works out. I understand both sides but, we as fans root more for the team than players, because players come and go.

  19. “Guys in the aaf are laying it on the line for $75k a year”

    Believe every player in the AAF gets 250k per season, it doesn’t matter what position they play all get the same contract.

    But your point is still valid, 250k vs 17 million.

  20. Deja vu all over again for Penny-pinching Mode. Kam Chancellor held out, and then it was ET, and now it is Frank Clark Kent’s turn. Who is Next? Russell (I am taller than Kyler Murray by 1 inch) Wilson?

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