Steelers get a third-round pick and a fifth-round pick for Antonio Brown

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The terms are in, and the Steelers did not get a first-round pick for receiver Antonio Brown.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Raiders will send to Pittsburgh a 2019 third-round pick and a 2019 fifth-round pick for Brown.

Last year, the Raiders sent a third-round pick to the Steelers for receiver Martavis Bryant.

The Steelers had insisted that they would not trade Brown without “significant compensation.” Whether the compensation received was significant is in the eye of the beholder. However, for a player of Brown’s caliber, a three and a five doesn’t seem all that significant.

In the end, the Raiders traded Amari Cooper, a third-round pick, and a fifth-round pick for Antonio Brown and a first-round pick. Looking at it that way, that looks like a great deal for Oakland.

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  1. Are we disregarding Antonio Brown’s contract, poor attitude which will likely get worse on a losing team and his being on the wrong side of 30? I’m in hurry to call this a great deal for the Raiders

  2. If he doesn’t cause problems off the field that is a steal for the Raiders even with the new contract restructure they gave him. Pittsburgh lost Brown and Bell for third and fifth round picks this year and likely a third round comp pick next year depending on how active they are in free agency. That’s gotta hurt.

  3. Whoever guaranteed that the Steelers would get at least a first round pick for AB must be drooling all over himself right about now. It’s amazing how little some people actually know about a team that they purport to follow so closely. It’d be sad if it wasn’t so funny.

  4. Took 9 seasons for his relationship with the Steelers to sour. If we can get 3 or 4 years out of him without the BS it’s worth a 3rd and 5th all day. Of course the haters will say other wise but the Raiders stole him.

  5. well at first I heard it was 22 million per season for the next three seasons, and I was totally against it. But to know the Steelers are on the hook for 20+, and the raiders only have to pay 12 per season for the next three years , its a good value. Especially for a receiver who is a 7x pro bowler, 4x all pro, and to know that no other receiver has more total yards since he has come into the league. Comparison to Amari Cooper is mute. Cooper is going to make 2 million more than Brown this year if he does not report until he gets a new contract

    Since #84 is already taken, maybe the Raiders will give him #81, and we can see all kinds of Brown jersey’s in Oakland again.

  6. It’s a good deal for the Raiders, in terms of what they’re giving the Steelers. In fact, as a Steelers fan, I wish we could have straight up traded Brown for Cooper last season. Then we really would have come out ahead. As it is, we didn’t get adequate compensation for a player of Brown’s caliber at this point in his career, nor adequate return on the monetary investment the team has already made. But I’m still glad to be rid of him. Time will tell whether he’ll turn out to be worth what the Raiders are paying him.

  7. I love the worth ethic and time he spent with the Steelers. However, I’ve been a Steelers fan since they won a Super Bowl the day I was born. I’ve been in corporate America and am sick of the way the world has become. I’ve lost respect for Antonio and his blonde mustache, blue hair, and the lies he tells. All I hear is passion for winning and how he becomes an a-hole because he can’t handle losing. Enjoy Oakland for a year with a terrible qb, move to Las Vegas and lose again, and when your guaranteed money runs out enjoy the rest of your career hanging on with whatever franchise decides to sign you for another losing season. I’m not a Big Ben fan, but you could have had a legacy in Pittsburgh as one of the best Steelers ever, but now you will get booed when you return. I’m glad you got more guaranteed money so you can afford to pay your baby mama that you throw out of your hotel room, pay your speeding tickets, and your attorney to fight your legal battles for smashing up a condo. Good luck.

  8. If AB had it bad with a Hall of Famer throwing to him. What going to happen when Carr can’t get the ball too him. Disappointed the Steelers didn’t a 1st but they’ll take a 3rd and 5th for this headcase.

  9. Good luck with Mr. Big Mouth Raiders, he should fit right into your dysfunctional organization, lmao

  10. The Steelers lost this deal just like they lost the last decade.

    Really pathetic.

  11. Wow, for once the Raiders actually did something smart. Got themselves a top 3 receiver in the league and were able to do it without screwing themselves over by over bidding. Well done Mayock.

  12. Ju Ju is going to find out how hard it is to dominate when all the attention is on you now. AB is the best receiver in the league and has been the past few years. I cannot believe he was to be had for only a 3/5. Pitt is going to learn the hard way by having a separate set of rules for their qb is going to be their downfall.

  13. While I’m happy Brown is gone, I can’t believe the Raiders reworked his contract and he has guaranteed money up front again.

    It’s hard to believe that Art Rooney caved … not my money, but really thought he should have held his ground and sat this clown’s butt via suspension and clawed back some of his signing bonus. Sets a precedent for the rest of these divas.

  14. AB screwed the Steelers, it’s as simple as that.

    He demanded a trade and then acted like such a petulant jerk that he made the return on said trade much lower than it could have been.

    Now they eat the cap hit while he gets 30 mil more in guarantees.

  15. So the Raiders trade an absolute monster in Khalil Mack at age 26, got a couple of picks, then trade them for a 31 year old troublemaker diva receiver and a qb who can’t get the ball to him…Gruden will be a train wreck…he is Jeff Fisher lite

  16. Let me get this straight: last year the Raiders unloaded Kahlil Mack and Andre Cooper to stack up picks and build for the future. They implode over the regular season. They’re now a rebuilding project.

    This year they trade picks for an aging veteran that has a problem with authority and pair him with a coach who’s patience with divas ends with the player put on ice for the rest of a season? (See Johnson, Keyshawn)

    Yeah, this will work.

  17. I was hopeful of a 2nd, but realized there weren’t many real bidders for this man child. For the Steelers: Addition by subtraction, as Brown’s and Bell’s selfishness ruined the Steelers 2018 season
    For the Raiders: This makes them a little relevant. Hope they sign Bell too.

  18. So many people only focusing on Brown’s talent, and not all the mess that comes with him. *If* he acts right, this is a steal for the Raiders, but that depends entirely on how Brown chooses to behave. Given his history, that is not a great bet, in my opinion.

    I think Brown knows he is nearing the end of his prime years, and he wants to win right away, which is what spurring so much of his terrible behavior. He’ll behave for a year or two, but the if the Raiders aren’t seriously competing by 2020, he’ll start in with the tantrums again. Then he’ll end up in Dallas where Jerrah will promise him the moon and say that Dak, Zeke, and AB will be “Triplets II.” Dallas will make a couple of decent playoff runs but never reach the NFC Championship. Brown will spend his age-37 year on some desperate team that will try anything to put together some wins (Buffalo or the Jets or something). He’ll have 9 catches, and that will be the end of him.

  19. That is freakin’ ridiculous. A 3rd and a 5th round?!! At the very least it should have been a 2nd and a 5th or better yet, swap first round picks and another pick. Especially with the amount of money the Steelers have to carry on the 2019 cap space. This was an idiotic trade. The only thing that would make this a good trade is if that 2nd or 5th round pick turns out to be a premier player. Highly unlikely though. Maybe this is payback for the Martavis Bryant trade.

  20. bcraze says:
    March 10, 2019 at 1:08 am
    So Antonio Brown is worth slightly more than Martavis Bryant in the Raiders eyes… Got it…

    Doubtful, but no one else wanted him so the Raiders had all the leverage. They made a great deal for a top 5 WR, winning season or not.

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