Cowboys sign tight end Codey McElroy

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The Cowboys announced they have signed tight end Codey McElroy.

McElroy, 26, first played football in 2017 at Southeastern Oklahoma. He never played high school football, instead playing baseball.

He played junior college baseball, then one year at the University of Texas before transferring to Division II Cameron University. The Atlanta Braves drafted him in the 19th round, and McElroy spent two years in the Braves’ system.

He then walked on to the basketball team at Oklahoma State, missing his only two field goal attempts in the 2015-16 season.

Then, he spent a season playing tight end at Southeastern Oklahoma, where he caught 14 passes for 173 yards and five touchdowns.

McElroy got a chance with the Rams in 2018, but the team waived him out of the preseason.

10 responses to “Cowboys sign tight end Codey McElroy

  1. This isn’t Jerry- this is his penny pinching short sighted son Stephen. He’s the reason Dez is gone & he’ll be the reason why Beasley leaves( even though I don’t want him) guy needs to open up the wallet. Why they signed this TE I have no idea. You just got Witt back, you have 3 other TEs on the roster, plus you’re waiting to see what Swaim does. Not to mention the draft has many more experienced options than a guy who hasn’t played much football. This move has Stephen Jones written all over it!

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