Frank Gore heads to Buffalo

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The NFL’s oldest running back is heading to Buffalo.

Frank Gore and the Bills have agreed to terms on a one-year, $2 million contract, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Gore, who will turn 36 in May, started 14 games for the Dolphins last year and had 156 carries for 722 yards. In Buffalo he’ll join a backfield that also has a couple of 30-year-olds, LeSean McCoy and Chris Ivory.

Adding running backs on the wrong side of 30 isn’t usually the way to build an NFL roster, but the Bills will hope that Gore, McCoy and Ivory can provide veteran leadership and help take some pressure off quarterback Josh Allen.

43 responses to “Frank Gore heads to Buffalo

  1. Frank Gore can still ball! Like the one year signing of a consummate pro and a quality leader!

  2. I would rather have Frank Gore then Chris Ivory. Seems pretty simple. We need a RB who can tote the rock should Shady go down for 1 year.. I will take it

  3. Very experienced backfield will help out the young QB provided that we still can get some use out of those old legs. Frank Gore is great change of pace for Lesean McCoy, as long as he stays on the roster himself. Lesean runs sideways, Gore runs straight.

  4. Frank will do a good job in Buffalo. He can make 5yds when needed as the Dolphins found out. Too bad
    They let him go, because they are ‘tanking’ or ‘ rebuilding’ whatever you want to call it.
    Dolphins will be horrible next season, too bad the season ticket holders have to suffer again.

  5. Wow, $2M! I remember when it was a big thing that the Cowboys signed Emmitt Smith to a $2M extension right after the ‘boys first SuperBowl.

  6. This makes no sense for either party….The bills should be trying to go younger at the position and Gore should be waiting to sign for a team that can actually have a chance at the playoffs..unless he is broke…..

  7. It’s apparently easy to are why Bills fans arw so disliked with all the clueless whiners. This guy is good enough(still) to help every team in the league in multiple aspects.

  8. Great signing, now Buffalo fans don’t have to wait until the Old Timers Game to see their favorite RBs.

  9. Bills attendance peaked at an average of 71.4k in 2008, it was 65.0k last year and has dropped each of the last 3 seasons.

    Gore is 525 yards away from being the 3rd all-time leader rusher; passing Barry Sanders and only behind Emmitt and Sweetness.

    Don’t be surprised to see the Bills manipulate things so that Gore passes Sanders in Buffalo….late in the season, colder weather, my guess is that equals a lot otherwise unsold tickets.

  10. I think there is so much more that goes into the RB position that RB’s sometimes get credit for. With their eyes in the backfield, they help with analyzing pressure and coverages and blocking assignments. Plus, they themselves have to be great at checks, picking up blocks and the like. Gore, Ivory, may not be able to be dynamic playmakers, but they won’t miss blocking assignments and they’ll help the young QB know where the pressure is coming from and what the checks should be, and probably not just during games, but teach him during the week, too. Great signing. One of those under the radar type of signing that should add value everywhere. Not a homerun signing, but solid, especially for so little.

  11. Good pick up. Just about every other move they’ve made has been about youth – this is a good,cheap vet signing. He brings leadership and some depth.

    Beane is just getting started. So many drafts picks, so much to spend. By September, this team will be a legit contender.

  12. It would be fun if signing with the Bills for millions and retiring at halftime of week 1 became an ongoing thing. Hey, it worked out well for Vontae Davis.

  13. happy1114 says:
    March 11, 2019 at 5:14 pm
    This makes no sense for either party….The bills should be trying to go younger at the position and Gore should be waiting to sign for a team that can actually have a chance at the playoffs..unless he is broke…..


    Playoff contenders typically don’t roster 36 year old running backs. Just saying.

  14. Frank must have wanted to go to Buffalo. Because nobody tells Frank no. He is the man.

  15. The Tank keeps rolling. Was still PFF’s #11 overall RB last year despite the poor Oline in Miami.

    Idk how many carries he’ll get if Shady is healthy, but his pass blocking will really help out Allen, who tends to hold the ball too long and doesn’t read blitzes well yet.

  16. joetorontoisaclown says:
    March 11, 2019 at 4:46 pm
    I’ll take a guy at any age who averages over 4 yards a carry. We all would love to have Leveon Bell, but the price tag is too much.


    WOW.. a positive comment from joe..

  17. Buff gonna go Ravens plus this season. Need to draft/sign two ass kicking TEs, and some big wideouts. And pound people into submission

  18. Young guys make mistakes. There is no substitute for experience. He;s still got the fire and fury of a 25 year old. He played well last year.

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