Kwon Alexander will sign with the 49ers

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The 49ers spent plenty of money on the offensive side of the ball last year. This year, they’re getting started with the defense.

Per a league source, the 49ers will sign former Bucs linebacker Kwon Alexander when the free-agency signing period opens on Wednesday.

Alexander will receive $54 million over four years, with $27 million in rolling guarantees. He’ll make $13.5 million per year, a new high-water mark for inside linebackers.

Alexander is recovering from a torn ACL suffered last October. The top two players paid by the 49ers last year — quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and running back Jerick McKinnon — also are recovering from torn ACLs.

A four-year starter in Tampa, Alexander has 46 starts with the Bucs. He made it to the Pro Bowl in 2017.

28 responses to “Kwon Alexander will sign with the 49ers

  1. Taking a chapter from ol Baalke and signing players coming off acl injuries. If they don’t make bigger splashes than this, Lynch is going to be in big trouble.

  2. You will love him Niner fans! Been my favorite Buc since he was drafted and laid McCown out in the preseason. Was really hoping to get him resigned….way to be Jason….this should be the final straw with Jason Licht…fire him now.

  3. You will love his fiery attitude but love his coverage skills even more! He has trouble staying healthy but is fun to watch. Licht did the right thing.

  4. He is not worth anywhere near that. He makes big plays at times, but also disappears because of his size. He is ineffective in many situations.

  5. The Bucs have VERY FEW excellent players…this was ONE of them! How can they let him go? Geez. Mike Evans and Adam Humphries are the other two, & Adam is going to book out of their also.

  6. So let me get this straight there Jason….Kwon is the heartbeat of our defense but you let him walk all the while we keep over the hill oh sorry I hit you Ben softie McCoy to the tune of 13 million? Man you suck Jason!

  7. Love his passion as a player, but $13.5mil to miss a boatload of tackles, get bit by play-action EVERY time, and have little awareness in coverage – I’ll take Devon at #5 thank you

    Appreciate the heart Kwon, best of luck on the left coast!

  8. Big loss for Tampa. But Lightbulb thinks Winston was worth a $20 million 5th year option. So sad. How could the Dim GM have not made some other moves to get some decent cap space to use in Free Agency. No the 25th rated OT had to be resigned to crew everything up.

  9. This kid is a great player, there’s no doubting that, but shouldn’t teams get some kind of a discount when the guy’s coming off a major injury. Amazing to think you can tear your ACL and then become the highest paid ILB in history before you’ve even shown that you can recover and still be the player you were prior to the injury

  10. “Heartbeat of the defense”? Hahaha!

    Worst defense in the NFL.

    This wasn’t a Licht decision. It was Arians. Licht is merely a puppet at this point.

  11. I understand that every year w the cap rising it will always set new position record setting contracts but no matter how talented Alexander is and he is a very talented leader on defense but coming off an ACL injury no way u give him that contract. If he was healthy of course but not off an ACL same injury ur QB who was for a min highest paid at position

  12. bucnbutfan says:
    March 11, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    Big loss for Tampa. But Lightbulb thinks Winston was worth a $20 million 5th year option. So sad. How could the Dim GM have not made some other moves to get some decent cap space to use in Free Agency. No the 25th rated OT had to be resigned to crew everything up


    Well when the most position on their offensive line is ranked 25th as you pointed out… kinda hard to point that on a quarterback that lacks protection, a run game and help on defense.

  13. Winston’s fifth year option wasn’t negotiated by Licht. It’s slotted by where he was drafted.

    Funny how clueless how some “fans” are on how the NFL works.

  14. I love Kwon’s attitude and drive.

    As others have pointed out above, not a fan of him being out of position so consistently, whether through play-action or over-pursuit. Also, way too many missed arm-tackles for an MLB in the NFL.

    Good luck to him and good luck to the Bucs.

    LSU’s White at #5? Trade back?

  15. Lynch continues to overpay for players, team is comprised of 6 guys making 75% of your cap. This strategy guarantees one thing: SF will continue to pick in the top 5 of the draft every year. Your process is not sustainable!

  16. He’s a good player, but the 49ers are used to what they had with Bowman and Willis just a few years ago, and he’s not in that zip code as a player, but the 49ers just paid him like he is. These are the situations when you’re the former team, that you let them walk.

  17. Matt Millen is no longer the all time worst GM in NFL history.
    John Lynch – take a bow

  18. I think its getting to that time where we need to start thinking about showing the doors to Lynch. Overpaying midlevel players like they are all pro’s, its just a waste of money. If there are no results this year, he needs to go.

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