Louis Riddick suggests he’s reached out to Nick Saban

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ESPN analyst Louis Riddick has interviewed for General Manager jobs lately, and is on the suggested list of guys to interview for any such opening in the future.

And in a crowded field, it helps to give yourself any edge.

Riddick was recently singing the praises of Alabama coach Nick Saban on The Peter King Podcast, and dropped an interesting nugget at the end.

“He would have been a fantastic head coach. Look, let’s just put it this way: If I was running a team, and I came close, he’d be the first guy I’d call,” Riddick said. “He’d still be the first guy I’d call. ‘Can we get you out of Tuscaloosa?’ I hold him in that high a regard.”

King then asked if Riddick had another shot to interview, if he’d reach out to Saban.

Who’s to say I haven’t already?” Riddick replied.

Of course, what we don’t know is whether he did or not, or whether Saban showed any interest whatsoever, or whether Riddick got the look of someone trying to steal the last Little Debbie cake from the Crimson Tide coach.

Saban has said recently that his experience with the Dolphins showed him he’s perhaps a better fit for the college game than the pros. Then again, he told us he wasn’t going to be the coach at Alabama, and then he was, so perhaps a bright, up-and-coming executive such as Riddick could make a convincing pitch.

Riddick interviewed for the Giants job a year ago (which went to Dave Gettleman), and will likely get more interviews in the future. Having potential employers know he’s willing to aim high can’t hurt his own prospects.