Report: Broncos to sign tackle Ja’Waun James

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The Denver Broncos are getting set to sign former Miami Dolphins right tackle Ja’Waun James, according to Adam Schefter of

James has agreed to a four-year deal worth $52 million with $32 million in guaranteed money. James will make an average of $13 million a year. The deal will make James the highest paid right tackle in the league, surpassing Lane Johnson of the Philadelphia Eagles and his $11.25 million a year average.

James has started all 62 games he’s appeared in over five years in the NFL with the Dolphins. He missed eight games in 2017 and nine games in 2015. He has never made a Pro Bowl or All-Pro team, but right tackles tend to lose out in the voting for such accolades to their left side counterparts.

James was the 19th overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft by Miami. He will take the place of Jared Veldheer at right tackle for Denver. Veldheer is an unrestricted free agent.

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  1. Well at least the fins will get a compensatory pick next year. They didn’t get any this year. I feel a whole lot better knowing the Dolphins didn’t over pay for him.

  2. The Vikings are so desperate for OL I thought they’d overpay this kid but John Elway beat them to the punch! Horrible contract.

  3. It’s probably only worth it because they have Mike Munchak who can make him into a top tier RT. He just has to stay healthy…

  4. I’ll take a 3rd round compensation pick instead over paying for him. He is solid but he makes some mental mistakes.

  5. Nice get for the Broncos,

    As a Dolphins fan, he played well when he was healthy. Key word, when healthy.

    For Miami, Tank for Tua is in full affect, and after years of mediocrity and watching guys like Henne and Tannehill try to be the ‘guy’, I am all on board for this

  6. I heard the Vikings were interested in him as well. Rick Spielman must be waiting for the best available high school player to surface.

  7. Completely overpaid. I’ve watched him for 5 years and he’s inconsistent. He had a nice run of games last year but not enough to pay him $13m. Well done to him and his agent though.

  8. Miami is clearly clearing everyone out and completely starting over. They must be shooting for the number 1 pick next season.
    Next it will be Howard because he will want a huge contract and also want to play for a team that has some chance to win. This team is a complete fire sale.
    I sure hope Grier and Ross know what they are doing. Because the stadium will be empty this upcoming season so that revenue will not be there.
    Flores will start out 2 and 14 in his 1st season at best.
    I just hope those 2 wins are vs the Jets and that smug coach Gase.
    He single handedly tore this franchise apart and brought on this now fire sale.

  9. That’s A TON of money for a solid average NFL RT. Makes me much happier Arizona went w/ trading a 6th rd pick for a guy like RT Marcus Gilbert who on the field is an elite caliber RT especially as a pass protector w/ a 97.5 pass blocking efficency grade via PFF. He is under contract for just $5 Million this season and is now fully healthy. I’d much rather have a guy like Marcus Gilbert starting at RT & draft a young RT in the upcoming draft to start developing behind Gilbert than paying all that money $32 of which is guaranteed to an Average RT. He makes more than the best RT in the NFL in Lane Johnson problem is James is no Lane Johnson.

  10. This Bronco fan has a real life and cannot justify studying the rosters of every team, but it seems unwise to commit 5% of your cap money to a B- level lineman.

  11. If you have more cap room you up the price to keep away from the competition. What looks like a big contract now is not even top 10 in a couple years. That’s how it always goes.

  12. He probably won’t be the best paid right tackle for long, but in my opinion The Broncos overpaid because he is an inconsistent pass blocker. He has also been injury prone the last couple of years.

  13. Overpaid? Absolutely. But if he stays healthy, he’s still young and Munchak has proven to be one of the best OLine coaches in the league to develop this guy and fill a huge hole for the donkeys

  14. Highest paid right tackle in the league…Yes. Best right tackle in the league… No.

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