Trey Flowers reaches deal with Detroit

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Defensive end Trey Flowers has agreed to terms on a five-year deal with the Lions, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

It reunites Flowers with Matt Patricia, formerly the defensive coordinator in New England and now the Lions’ head coach.

The Lions had a need at the position with Ziggy Ansah a free agent. Detroit used the franchise tag on Ansah last year, and he played in only seven games with four sacks.

Flowers became one of the top free agents when the Patriots chose not to franchise him, trading for Michael Bennett instead. Flowers ranks third on PFT’s list of top-100 free agents, the top available free agent with DeMarcus Lawrence and Jadeveon Clowney having received the franchise tag from their teams.

Flowers, 25, has had 164 tackles, 21 sacks and five forced fumbles the past three seasons.

In three postseason games this year, he had six tackles, two sacks and six quarterback hits.

67 responses to “Trey Flowers reaches deal with Detroit

  1. He had a great postseason I’m still suprised the Patriots did not keep him. Now we will see if he was a product of the Patriots system.

  2. Good for him, got his rings and now time to cash in. Best of luck, and thanks for the Super Bowls!

  3. Yay for Trey! Great 4 years here, Buddy. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping the Pats on top!!

  4. They got a great player. Us Pats fans will miss him…

    Wonder how much he is going to make.

    Good luck Trey.

  5. He has gotten his 2 rings… Now he has his money… all that is left is some real sack numbers and this kid will be viewed as a complete success.

    Loved his work ethic and his drive. No questions about his character and his motor. Never took off any plays.

    Solid draft pick. Best of luck Trey.

  6. That didn’t take long. Glad it wasn’t the Jets, Bills or Fins. Good player entering his prime and Pats won’t have to face him for 4 years. And will net a 3rd round comp pick next year.

  7. Hes a very balanced player, alot of money to pay an non elite pass rusher. Dont get me wrong Flowers is good but that is alot of money and Bill obviously thinks Bennett can replace a chunk of what Flowers does for 50% of the cost. Pats pick up a 3rd next year and will probably draft a younger DE this year and have him controlled for 4-5 years. Bennett leaves and the DE steps in cycle keeps going.

  8. This is a horrible day for the Patriots. Trent Brown signed with the Raiders and both Trey Flowers and Danny Amendola signed with the Lions. Now, players can be replaced, but this news is still a bit of a let down for them. They better hope their starters stay healthy, much like this past season.

  9. As a Pats fan all I can say is thank you Trey for everything you did for this team. You played every snap like it was your last and made some memorable plays in the postseason. A very consistent player that carries himself like a true professional. Congratulations and good luck and thank you again

  10. Not a Pats fan, but you gotta hand it to BB. He will get about the same production out of MB at a much better price.

  11. Good luck Trey!
    Hope the money is worth it.
    At least you can save wear and tear on your body by only playing 16 games a year.

  12. Good for Trey. He deserved the payday. Wish it made sense for him to stay in NE but this is how the system works. Belichick will mix and match to find a replacement. I have faith in the NE process.

  13. The Lions defense was pretty good towards in the latter half of the season. This make them better.

  14. Is he good…yep. Was Bill gonna give him that deal…nope. Writing was on the wall with the Bennett trade. Same goes with the Trent Brown Raiders deal. Doesn’t mean they weren’t good, just means Bill wasn’t gonna give them the money they got.

  15. Ty flowers for your patriots service keeping the machine like dynasty going enjoy the money !

  16. Finally, a player where I thought ‘I really wish the Lions would step up and get this guy’ and we actually did. The Rams and Seahawks have been selectively aggressive in free agency and it has worked. The Lions weren’t going to accomplish anything by sitting back with all their cap space and watching the top FAs sign with other teams. You have the space, time to spend it. I like this move.

  17. Very happy for Flowers and Brown and LOL at the comment “this is a horrible day for the Pats”.

    This is business as usual for the Pats, looking forward to another deep playoff run for the Pats in 2020 and, hopefully, a shot at #7

  18. This move, and getting Snacks Harrison, were excellent. I am still bitter about trading Golden Tate, but I understand.

  19. The signings in free agency so far are starting to feel like someone buying Gary Kasparov’s personal chess pieces and expecting to be a grand master in a few months.

    Hey, NFL owners: this isn’t how it works.

  20. superpatriotsfan says:
    March 11, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    Im not even sure which team you mean but either way you are incorrect.

  21. Some people commenting here obviously did not watch a lot of Patriot games and are just reading clips. The man is a very very good player on the verge of breaking out as consistently All-Pro caliber.

  22. Flowers, Coleman, James…….all young up and comers. Good day for the Lions!

  23. I am happier that he didn’t sign with Miami than I am sad he didn’t sign with NE.

    Can’t keep everyone.

  24. whywerule says:
    March 11, 2019 at 4:22 pm

    Very happy for Flowers and Brown and LOL at the comment “this is a horrible day for the Pats”.

    This is business as usual for the Pats, looking forward to another deep playoff run for the Pats in 2020 and, hopefully, a shot at #7


    Was it business as usual when Belichick decided to bench his number one CB in Super Bowl LII five minutes before the game? The same guy that was the 2nd ranked Patriots’ CB in the 2017 season right next to Stephon Gilmore? It’s only a solid move letting Flowers walk if they still have a pass rush next season. If they rank 30th or worse for quarterback sacks next season, no, it won’t be considered a good move. Perhaps, he’s looking to draft his defensive tackles. We’ll see.

  25. Pats go through this every year and adjust. But man, are they losing some skill – and we still don’t know about Gronkowski.

    It’s not really a “just add water” thing. They weren’t as good last year. I know they got a ring – but they needed more luck, especially on the injury front.

    Things will catch up with them eventually.

  26. The Pats have never been a dominant pass rushing team, and paying Flowers $17 million or so a year was not worth it to Bill. Their defense is highly based on players following assignments and holding lanes, they may reach the QB on occasion because of the process. When they blitz it is about making the QB throw to who Bill wants him to throw to…has a team ever won a Superbowl after signing a high dollar, day one free agent? I can only think of Reggie White with Green Bay.

  27. Rules.. To answer your convoluted number 1 CB benching who was actually number 2 but may have been 3 or 4.. Headache..

    Yes, it’s business..

  28. oiler1980 says:
    March 11, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Rules.. To answer your convoluted number 1 CB benching who was actually number 2 but may have been 3 or 4.. Headache..

    Yes, it’s business..


    Yes, it’s a business and Bill Belichick is still human. He makes mistakes. According to Pro Football Focus, Malcolm Butler was the second best Patriots’ CB in the NFL behind Stephon Gilmore. Butler didn’t play a single snap in that super bowl. You think he would have helped on 3rd and 1 or when the Eagles decided to go for it on 4th down in the second half of the game? The point is that it would have been better had the Patriots kept Trey Flowers and signed Michael Bennett. Not one or the other. As I said before, let’s see what they decide to do in this upcoming draft. The Patriots have like 12 draft picks.

  29. Pats can’t sign and keep players. They have to let some walk unfortunately. That’s their system. They would rather pay for depth. They will get another 3rd round pick in 2020 for Flowers.

    As for the Super Bowl, sure I would have liked to have seen Butler out there. I just think they didn’t game plan right for the Iggles like they did for the Rams.

    I’ve complained way too much on what Bill did in the past. Now I just sit back and try to enjoy it because hes proven us all wrong year after year..

  30. The Patriots made him rich. I remember his first couple of years. I was wondering why he wasn’t cut. He just did not produce or look that good. Obviously I don’t know what they know, but they got a few years of production from him, but he’s too expensive to keep now. Good luck, and I’m sure Bill will keep a candle in the window for him.

  31. Signing an offensive and defensive veteran who used to be a Patriot seems a little odd. Not to say that Flowers and Amendola won’t be good players, but you could also look at it as something you would do if your current players weren’t buying into your coaching style. Bring in a couple of guys that will hopefully have your back?

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