Tyrann Mathieu’s arrival likely means Eric Berry’s exit

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The Chiefs will be paying $14 million per year over three years to safety Tyrann Mathieu. They also are paying $13 million per year to safety Eric Berry. For now.

The arrival of Mathieu likely means that Berry will be gone, a development that wouldn’t surprise many due to the injuries that have plagued Berry over the past two years. Berry has played in only three games since rupturing an Achilles tendon in Week One of the 2017 season.

Already owed $2.95 million in guaranteed money for 2019, another $7.25 million of Berry’s base salary becomes fully guaranteed on March 15. Which means that, if the Chiefs will be pulling the plug on Berry’s deal, they need to do it sooner than later.

Cutting Berry without a post-June 1 designation would trigger a $14.95 million cap charge for 2019. Of that amount $8 million could be pushed to 2020 by using the post-June 1 designation.

Keeping Berry would result in a cap charge of $16.5 million, and a cash expenditure of $12.5 million. Which makes it very difficult to justify keeping him on the roster, especially with so much invested in Mathieu.

10 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu’s arrival likely means Eric Berry’s exit

  1. So you suggest cutting Berry to save the $1.55 million dollar difference between cutting him or keeping him??? Ya, that doesn’t make much sense….not to mention the fact that they would complement each other quite nicely. They are going to have the cap hit for Berry either way….might as well take the chance at seeing if he might be able to actually play, particularly since the (non-post-June designation route) cost is so similar whether he is cut or not.

  2. I don’t think his body will hold up through a full season any longer. Would love to see him come back in some sort of coaching capacity whenever he decides to give up on playing.

  3. Berry isn’t going anywhere. In spags defense they don’t play the same position. Houston’s money goes to Mathieu and expect them to shed see Ford’s 15m as well.

  4. They keep him in 2019. That 14 million is what they would have paid Houston so there is no change from last year, really. 2020 however is not likely.

  5. Dude sits out all season cause his heel hurt and then decides NOT to get the the surgery after the season?? Good riddance ya f’in thief. You stole 13mil from the Chiefs last year and cost them a trip to SB. Learn how to cover a tight end jack hole. Jesse James owned you!

  6. In the immediate aftermath of the AFCCG Andy Reid made it clear that Berry wasn’t going anywhere.

  7. The team IMO screwed up royally by not putting him on IR this past season and filling that roster spot with a player who could help that sad excuse for a D.

    Berry has played 3 games total in 2 seasons. He opted not to have surgery on the heel.
    How can anyone feel comfortable at this point that he’ll be able to play at all next season? Regardless of what Andy said after the AFCCG, you know that signing honey badger is a move made at least in part because the team has no idea at this point if Berry will be able to play. If he can’t, they will IR him and he’ll never see the field in Red and Gold again.

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