Cameron Wake agrees to three-year deal with Titans

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The Titans have agreed to terms with defensive end Cameron Wake on a three-year, $23 million deal that includes $10 million guaranteed, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The Dolphins did not make a serious attempt to re-sign Wake, who spent 10 seasons in Miami, played 146 games and made 98 sacks.

Wake, 37, made 36 tackles and six sacks last season while playing 47.5 percent of the team’s defensive snaps.

He ranks second all-time in sacks in Dolphins’ history and was a member of the team’s 50th Season All-Time Team.

23 responses to “Cameron Wake agrees to three-year deal with Titans

  1. I remember when this guy was just a kid playing for the BC Lions in the CFL. What a beast!!!

    One of the best transforming from the CFL to the NFL.

  2. A 3 year deal for Cameron, too bad he didn’t go somewhere better than this.
    He’s not winning a Super Bowl there right now. He deserves better after his stay
    With the Dolphins.

  3. Cam Wake is a class act; sorry to see him leave Davie but happy that he could finagle this kind of deal as his curtain call. See you in the Ring Of Honor Cam

  4. Hate to see him go, but definitely way too much to pay a 37 year old DE. Best of luck Cam..

  5. The dolphins can show some class and match the Titans offer and keep Cam Wake in Miami! Cam Wake got a late start in the NFL and a healthy diet. This is why he can still play at a high level at his age.

  6. Love this guy, but 3 yrs, I think that’s pushing it a bit. Was hoping on a 1 yr with the fish, but not today. Not much talent left in Phin land. I guess continue the building of the Miami Patriots.

  7. I don’t get it. I liked the other Titans signings, but I don’t understand the addition of an old D-lineman who should probably be hated by Titans fans for taking cheap shots at Mariota…

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him play well finishing out this contract, The guy is a physical freak just look at any picture or image search. I loved watching him take over after Jason Taylor and if he had been in the NFL since college he may have matched or passed JT’s all time fins sack record.

    JT was all about speed,Quickness and Technique.. Wake is more like a pitbull quick and able to physically abuse Olinemen much bigger then him… He has amazing power to go with the burst and i’ve heard more then a few Olinemen describe him as the worst in the NFL to block.

  9. Sad sad day…I’m shocked! Cam Wake out of Miami.Somewhere Tom Brady is smiling. Nobody in history have sacked Brady more than Wake. I did not want him to leave definitely one of my all time favorite Dolphins. I’m not happy at all don’t care if he was 37 the Dolphins just don’t seem like the Dolphins without Cam Wake

  10. Hate to see Cam go but this is a young mans game. Fins rebuild project couldn’t match a 3 year contract for him at age 37. Hopefully he gets to play at the Hard Rock again where I know this fan will be giving him a standing ovation.

  11. The hardest part of this new NFL season. Wake is a class act and a fan favorite. The Dolphins did the right ( businness) thing here. Still it is sad. I wish him the best with the Titans.

  12. Brother will be missed. I was hoping Wake was going to get resigned. 37 years old is just a number he’s still got alot left in the tank! He will get the job done in Tennessee that is for sure. Unlike this dolphlopins team purging the roster in favor of a NE based one. Ross needs to wake up! But it’s already too late, just cause you get personnel from a successful winning team does not turn a organization around. This coaching staff will be lucky to last 2 years if not only 1. Ross is a impatient old man and has no clue what he is doing weather he gets a QB this year or next year will be expected to win period.25+ year fan this is just his M.O.
    Seems like all this being done on purpose to make sure Brady and the pats get yet another afc title. But the Jets didn’t get that memo. Congrats to Tennessee they got a great player and worth every cent! 91 will always be my Bro I’ll be rooting for ya!

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