Giants paid OBJ $21.459 million for one year

Getty Images

The Giants claimed repeatedly that they didn’t sign Odell Beckham to trade him. And they’ve now traded him. After paying him $21.459 million for one year.

That’s the final total of the money paid by the Giants to Beckham under the terms of the new contract, coming from a $20 million signing bonus and a base salary of $1.459 million.

The Giants will absorb a cap charge of $16 million in connection with the trade, which is a lot but still less than the $21.12 million the Steelers will eat for trading the Antonio Brown contract.

Whether that’s worth a first-round pick, a third-round pick, and safety Jabrill Peppers remains to be seen. But the Giants have removed from the franchise a highly talented player who nevertheless had been from time to time a high-profile distraction. If they didn’t think that, they wouldn’t have traded him.