Report: C.J. Mosley agrees to five-year deal with Jets

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A report indicated linebacker C.J. Mosley‘s preference was to return to the Ravens as long as there wasn’t a huge gap between what they were offering and what another team was willing to pay him as a free agent.

We’re not sure what the Ravens were offering, but it appears they weren’t able to close enough of that gap. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Mosley has agreed to a massive five-year deal with the Jets.

Rapoport reports that the deal is worth $85 million with $51 million in guaranteed money. That’s bigger than the four-year, $54 million deal that Kwon Alexander agreed to with the 49ers and would set a new standard for inside linebackers.

As expected, the Jets have been busy in free agency since the legal tampering window opened on Monday. Mosley is joined at linebacker by Anthony Barr and the team has also reached agreements with wide receivers Jamison Crowder and Josh Bellamy.

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  1. Too much cash for Mosley. He’s a very good, but not great LB especially in coverage. He will help the Jets from a leadership perspective, but won’t live up to this contract.

  2. Hate to see him go but at last the Ravens aren’t overpaying for him like the Jets

  3. Oh baby not bad at all. Not a great sign for lee which is a little sad but Mosley is a beast

  4. Shoot, the Jets look like they might know what they’re doing. This will upset the annual AFC East battle for second place.

  5. Wow. CJ is a good, not great LB with strong leadership skills. Also had a great scheme to work with in Baltimore. Won’t play up to this contract, but Jets are getting a solid player even if they overpaid.

  6. Everyone is signing a record setting contract these days and the record only stands for 24 hours.

    A good player got franchise player money. They will be trying to trade him after 2 years.

  7. Jets were (are) very weak at WR & needed upgrades at LB where they’ve been needing help for years. So far pretty good grade with 3 of 4 signings. Josh B might be questionable but when you need big time help on offense, almost anyone is welcome. My wish list: 2 more O linemen and Le’Veon Bell please.

  8. “Rapoport reports that the deal is worth $85 million with $51 million in guaranteed money.”

    Wow – quite a chunk of change. I know the salary cap keeps going up and there’s more and more inflation each year, but some of these contracts so far…and the league year doesn’t even begin until tomorrow.

  9. Second year QB’s usually make huge strides, and the Jets are going to be a completely different team next year. It will take 4 or 5 games for all these guys to jell, but these are all smart veterans they’re adding, and they’ll be rolling by December. If you want to laugh at the Jets, do it now. That window is closing fast.

  10. Bart Scott 2.0
    Love the guy, wish he had stayed, but he’s simply not good against the pass, as Jets fans will soon learn.

  11. Jets are putting together a solid front 7. If they land a top tier edge rusher or DL in the draft [Bosa, Williams, or Allen] – this front 7 will be very scary.

  12. I am now firmly convinced the greed of the football player, owners, and agents is totally ridiculous. 5 years, 85 million. I could go on and on. I would love to see some teams play hardball with players. Then should NOT be paying those amounts of money to mostly uneducated payers.
    I would settle for more losses but more enthusiasm from players that want to be there and to continue to make their team successful.
    The money doesn’t mean anything anymore. The numbers don’t mean anything anymore. Everything is out of sight.
    Free agency will tribute to the fall of major league football. No longer do you have teams you can follow and know your players. They are now like college teams. You have your players for a few years and they’re gone. Zero continuity.
    Totally, Disgusted, David

  13. Well that escalated quickly. Wish CJ all the best and don’t begrudge him for getting his money. I don’t see then highest paid ILB in him though. Get to work DeCosta, you now have some holes to fill. Let’s see your game plan, I’m excited and will reserve judgment until the season starts.

  14. Mosley is a great run stopper… Tight Ends are another story. Jets fans will quickly get tired of him, sad to see him leave Baltimore though. EDC seems to be tearing down the Old guard and getting younger. Kenny Young will be the new face of that defense.

  15. This will be interesting to watch play out, but good for The Jets for not standing pat on the status quo. So many teams are too proud or arrogant to make moves, but even if this doesn’t work Jets fans have to like the effort. As for Ravens fans, welcome to re-building. I’m not a fan of either team but Baltimore looks to be in “punt mode”.

  16. Great pairing with Barr. Big money, but this is the NFL. You can get out of these deals any time you want if it doesn’t work out, and you gotta spend it somewhere. Good moves.

  17. jman967 says:
    March 12, 2019 at 8:38 am
    The Ravens exodus continues. Looks like Decosta is doing a bang up job there
    Meanwhile Colbert is chasing away the few good players he has left and calling the rest kids lol. At least he’s got his life partner Boswillmiss still.

  18. Pro Sports are like our Government, people are fooled into thinking its a 2 party system (Players vs. Owners), when there is actually a 3rd party majority (Fans).

    As soon as fans start to realize every single dime paid to these players comes out of their pocket, these absurd contracts in all sports will stop quickly. Attendance across the board is down, so where the leagues get you is the bloated television contracts. Meanwhile everyone is cutting the chord, so what do the broadcast companies do?, they include Sports broadcast fees and other nonsense to all customers. We are paying for this crap. Taking the side of a player or ownership is no different than pissing and moaning about the terrible options we have in our elections, and then just voting for one of them at your own peril.

  19. Linebackers who can also cover are valuable and worth a lot of money. CJ Mosley simply is not that guy. Nice player to have for sure, but at that money it makes little sense.

  20. Cue the annual – “XXXX team has killed it in free agency by signing so many of the top free agents”, which inevitably leads to next January’s article – “Same XXX team overpaid for high-priced free agents who didn’t live up to the deals and have now submarined the team’s cap for years to come”

    Every year the media does this – inflates the teams that spend big in free agency. When the real winners are the ones that stand back, find solid free agents on good deals, and kill it in the draft and developing their own guys.

    Lather – rinse – repeat

  21. Teams that sign players to record setting contracts rarely end up winning the Super Bowl. There are a few who win their division but they rarely go far in the playoffs.

    The super bowl winners usually have a well rounded team and good depth at each position. That doesn’t happen when your cap space is is eaten up by record contracts to a few players.

  22. That’s stupid money. He’s a good player but not THAT good. Don’t blame him for taking the money but this is the downfall of his NFL career.

  23. “Meanwhile Colbert is chasing away the few good players he has left and calling the rest kids lol. At least he’s got his life partner Boswillmiss still.”

    Ben, Pouncey, Heyward, Watt, Haden, Juju, Connor, Vance, DeCastro. Yeah “few good players”
    Apparently you don’t know much Football. It’s all good though. Kraft just brough in Michael Bennett. Stand up community leader, both of them 🙂

  24. No, the Jets troll does not know much about football. All he knows is ANY move New England makes, good, everybody else, bad. I wonder if Brady will “shred this one too.”

  25. ajg314 says:
    March 12, 2019 at 10:59 am
    No, the Jets troll does not know much about football. All he knows is ANY move New England makes, good, everybody else, bad. I wonder if Brady will “shred this one too.”

    Well, this depends – do you consider CJ to be a good coverage LB? Because against the Pats he’ll have to cover Gronk and/or James White. As a Pats fan, I’m happy with either of those scenarios.

  26. The Jets may have done more for their front seven than the Browns did. Expensive risks for sure, but in the right places. Now go get your LT for Darnold and we will be seeing you all soon in the AFC championship…. Cleveland Browns Fan…

  27. tylawspick6 says:
    March 12, 2019 at 11:36 am

    WHat an overpayment for one of the dumbest and most overrated players in the NFL.

    He can’t cover either.

    Is trolling articles about the Jets a full-time job for you?

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