Report: Saints want Dez Bryant back


Dez Bryant, 30, is rehabbing after Achilles surgery. He said in December he hoped to continue his career.

Bryant might get that chance.

The Saints want Bryant back, Jane Slater of NFL Media reports.

Bryant never played for the Saints last season, tearing his Achilles on the last play of his second practice.

Bryant found the free agent market lacking a year ago after the Cowboys cut him. The Ravens offered a multi-year deal and the Browns a one-year deal. He turned down both, while seeking a one-year deal with a contender.

The Saints signed Bryant in November. Could they sign him again when he’s healthy?

He has not had a 1,000-yard season since 2014. He even has gone 23 games without a 100-yard game, with his last one coming against Pittsburgh on Nov. 13, 2016.

8 responses to “Report: Saints want Dez Bryant back

  1. See…ya have sympathy for the Saints and that bad no-call, and then Sean Payton reverse to his old weirdo self with crap like this, and BOOM…hating the Saints is easy again.

  2. He didn’t drop off fast as a Cowboy, he just didn’t have a QB who can pass.
    His old QB can’t even control his dogs, so Dez should have a good year with the best passer in history !!!!

  3. douce54 says:

    He didn’t drop off fast as a Cowboy, he just didn’t have a QB who can pass.

    No, he just didn’t have the ability to get separation so the quarterback could throw him a pass. He telegraphs his every move.

  4. As a Cowboys fan, I wish Dez the best. I sincerely hope he does get to play this season with the Saints. I’m curious to see if it was him, or his previous QB holding him back.

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