Antonio Brown, Derek Carr work out at Oakland park

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Yes, Antonio Brown and Derek Carr worked out together Tuesday. No, they didn’t do it at the team facility, which would have been a violation of league rules since the trade doesn’t become official until this afternoon.

In an Instagram video Tuesday, Brown said he was heading to the team’s facility to meet with the coaches and workout with Carr. He was only permitted to have a physical and meet with coaches at the facility until the trade was official.

Brown and the Raiders adhered to the rules.

TMZ published a video of Brown catching passes from Carr at a park near the team facility in Oakland. Brown slid down a light pole at one point, drawing laughter from a handful of onlookers.

It is interesting that Carr and Brown got to work on Brown’s first day in town given one of the Pro Bowl receiver’s complaints about Ben Roethlisberger was that the Steelers quarterback didn’t work out with Brown in the offseason.

“I would’ve liked for me and Ben to be cool. I thought we was cool,” Brown said in an interview with ESPN earlier this month. “When I think, I been to his house one time; he’s been to my house one time. We don’t work out in the offseason. It’s like, yo, if we really want to win, you think that’s winning? That’s not winning; that’s not winning culture.”

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  1. Ben was a lazy turd who didn’t want to put the work in. Carr won’t have that problem

  2. Inevitable scenario
    (1) Carr overthrows AB for INT
    (2) AB flips out on Carr
    (3) Carr cries again on national TV
    (4) AB grows a yellow mustache, throws furniture off balcony, goes AWOL, demands trade conditional on negotiating a pay raise, and starts referring to himself as Mr Flat Abs

  3. Brown continues to make Ben the bad guy, everyone it Pittsburgh knows the Brown saga for last two years and his crying and blaming.

  4. Brown will hate Carr by seasons end when he realizes Carr has a spaghetti arm. Not to mnetion he played on a team that had a top O line and gave Ben a lot of time to through and Brown to run his route. May not be that calm in Raider land.

  5. Sure, keep quoting Antonio’s manufactured criticisms as if they had any merit.
    No tandem had better timing and chemistry than Ben to Brown over
    the last 6 years. The numbers back it up.

    That lasted up until Brown became a distraction and quit on the team,
    in order to get out of the contract he had signed. A contract which
    at the time, made Brown the highest paid receiver in the league.

    Keep sliding down and riding that pole, AB. You’re gonna love the West Coast.

  6. Brown whining about not getting invited to Ben’s house is as silly as most of Brown’s grievances. But Ben’s never been much of a work horse. Several years ago he did some useful off-season work with a quarterback coach, but for the most part he’s always relied on natural talent and instinct over relentless preparation. He’s a really good quarterback, and I’ve always wondered what he might have been if he’d had a fraction of Brady’s work ethic. Having said that, I’d be curious to know how many top-tier veteran quarterbacks do a lot of work with their receivers in the off-season. Nothing would surprise me where Brady’s concerned–the guy really is in a class of his own. But I wonder if that’s the norm with others.

  7. Pretty sure Brown never even considered that, just maybe, his teammates didn’t want to be around him when not at work. Because why wouldn’t they want to be in the presence of his greatness?

  8. Agree with everything that Deb says, except Ben is a GREAT quarterback. His stats prove that. Personal opinion shouldn’t factor in to the assessment.

  9. lp0320 says:

    Agree with everything that Deb says, except Ben is a GREAT quarterback. His stats prove that. Personal opinion shouldn’t factor in to the assessment.

    Personal opinions always factor into QB assessments. That’s why people keep arguing over Montana and Brady.

  10. AB got invited to Derek’s house yesterday aswell.

    Looks like the Raiders are putting together alot of publicity stunts for this new signing.

    Im not a 100% on board with the AB acquisition as a Raiders fan but i can see why AB wanted out from Pitt. He obviously feels disrespected in his old lockeroom, which shouldnt surprise anyone considering whos in that lockeroom with him. AB hasnt been much of a diva until recently hes not TO and his play is still at a high level. Him and Carr have been buds for a few years now and i think for the most part it will work out if Derek actually has time to throw to him.

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